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Jews blamed for the Holocaust at British Parliament event hosted by Jenny Tonge

As first reported by blogger David Collier last night, and picked up by Times of London and The Jewish Chronicle today, a Palestine Return Centre meeting at the House of Lords hosted by Baroness Jenny Tonge included the accusation that world Jewry was responsible for inciting Adolf Hitler to launch the Holocaust.

The charge was made from an attendee reportedly affiliated with the extremist ultra-orthodox anti-Zionist sect, Neturei Karta.  

Here’s the clip: 

Note that not one participant or audience member at the event raised objections to this morally grotesque charge.

Please read Collier’s full account of the event, here.

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  1. Bl**dy woman! If any proof was needed that the Liberal Democrats are rotten to the core and that Jew-hatred is so commonplace among them and in UK society generally that it’s become acceptable, it’s her latest faux-pas. Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe it!

    • Can’t really blame them. They have a lot of covering up to do about British history in Palestine and the antisemitism that drove that policy. This is what antisemites do, i.e., blame Jews for others suffering and blame Jews for their own persecution and suffering. Jenny Tonge is simply carrying on the tradition of the British elite. She’s old, she’ll die, and Israel and the Jews will go on, but will Britain?

  2. Very worrying that these anti-Semites….no, let’s call them by their proper name ‘racists’…..are given the facilities in the House of Lords to spout such putrid things.

    • I agree Babs….I was trying to be as diplomatic as I could…why? I have no idea. What I thought had far more angst!

  3. Unless I missed it somewhere there is no report of exactly how many people formed the audience at this ‘event’. The meeting appears on page 2 of the Times but, so far as I can ascertain, is nowhere to be seen in the Guardian or the Indy. There is always the danger of giving such hate fests the oxygen of publicity by drawing undue attention to them. One of the problems is that such occasions invariably seem to include Jewish speakers who participate enthusiastically in denouncing Israel and the part that world Jewry plays in support of a homeland. These people are the worst offenders giving succour to the others. Within world Jewry as well as Israel there is a tolerance of all opinions and of freedom of speech. It should be remembered that those qualities of civilisation do not extend to the non-Jewish enemies of Israel where freedom of speech and expression is forbidden. Those who ignore this fact render themselves liable to a death sentence without due legal process being involved.

  4. Everyone knows that Jammy Tongue is an anti-semite, but it seems to me that most of the talking in this clip came from an almost unintelligible male who is not shown. I should have thought that he was the one who was deserving of the most criticism here.

    • Wrong. He’s a nobody. Without Jenny the Tongue this event would not happen. Her f___ed up brain belongs in a jar.

      • That may be true. However, trouble is, he’s a nobody dressed up like an Orthodox Jew, and the non-Jews on committees and meetings look at his garb and make assumptions based on that. He looks like one of us, and they don’t realise that his thought processes are so far off the rails that they should have crashed and burned a long time ago.

          • Neither do I, but what I said was “he looks like one of us”. Sadly, to outsiders, he would be readily identifiable as a classically-garbed religious Jew. We can see the chasm between us, but outsiders can’t be expected to have that level of knowledge, and that was my point about why he was so dangerous to those of us who are ardent Zionists. And here, I do mean “us” !

            • neteuri karta are the Jews version of the westboro baptist church moron. Both are morons.

              And the kook koufaxmitvah is the proverbial broken clock. Correct twice a day, and wrong the other 1438 minutes of the day.

        • Some Jew haters dress up like Englishmen. Some dress up like Christian ministers. What am I to make of that? Now, maybe you dress up like an Orthodox Jew, (whatever that means – my brother is orthodox and doesn’t dress up in any particular way), but I don’t, so how does this gentlemen look like ‘one of us’? The non-Jews on these committees and their stereotypes of Jews, Israelis, etc. ARE the problem. Anyone who thinks to him/her self that because someone ‘looks like’ an Orthodox Jew and says vile things, that they should be believed on that basis, is someone who is already there for his/her own confirmation bias.
          In any case Jenny Tonge, set the stage for him. Without the influential in politics and the media creating the illusion that Jewish support for the rightness of the Zionist cause is some sort of 50-50 proposition amongst Jews, this guy would be standing on a street somewhere murmuring to himself, seen by passersby at most as a curiosity if not outright ignored. Putting Jews who denounce their fellow Jews in the limelight is an old sport for antisemites.
          Why not just have a fat guy with a white beard in a red suit yelling ho, ho, ho show up to denounce Israel? I’m sure the people at this event would have their childhood belief in Santa Claus completely rekindled.

  5. I need to admit not knowing the smallest thing about how your government works. I don’t know what this meeting is even for. I don’t know proper and respectful response in this environment. But I do know something about the dangers of such utter nonsense being spoken in a group and not one, not one person haven taken the floor and openly denounce that individual. To call him a delusional liar that is circling the drain of a sociopath sounds like an understatement.
    You have a beautiful country that has many great and honorable men and women, both past and present. I would hope you are able to fight the constant trickle of Liberals into your groups, churches, businesses, government and even your families. They only hamper good men and women from doing what is right. These individuals will dilute your law. They are a plague. A true danger stronger than any military weapon. They take advantage of good people until their numbers are overwhelming. They take goodness, love of God and county, and yes, love of our fellow man. And they twist it all until they see a weakness to take advantage and you will be left with nothing. Just hatred. Hatred for ourselves.
    We here in the U.S. are fighting to keep our freedoms as I speak. It’s said that these liberals are fighting for a ” One World Rule “. The liberal running for President has said as much. She wants all open boarders. The way to accomplish this is war, or have many, many groups of people take control of cities around the globe, one city at a time. It would be our own military deciding to fight their own. Then *poof* what seems to be overnight the invaders are in control. All those little groups become one. Then we lower our flag and raise theirs, around the globe, and have One World Order. I even read somewhere that there is a group that has sworn to do just that, for a couple thousand of years now.
    I do hope all that has happened here is a clever hoax. And I was able to exercise my typing.
    My best to all of you and God Bless,
    Don Lynch
    Your neighbor across the pond.

    • Don, I’m voting for Donald Trump for President, because Hillary Clinton and her many scandals, her advisors (Carlotta Danger) and cavalier mishandling of classified documents make her unfit to be President.

      • Crazy Eddie is also a sociopath, which makes him perfect fodder for a demagogue. Drumpf loves anti-Semites so much that he tweets their messages to thousands of brain dead Drumpfsteins, but it’s the Clintons who hate Israel because they’ve had conversations with Sidney Blumenthal.

        Don’t you get it? It’s absolutely IN-SANE!!!

        • Why don’t both of you stop hijacking the discussion? It’s really annoying.
          And, koufaxmitzvah, your harping on this election year campaign crap that Trump is the worst antisemite since Adolf Hitler is crazier than anything I’ve ever heard ‘Crazy Eddie’ say. Please spare me any sources trying to prove it. It’s b.s. And the “Drumpfstein” stuff is as childish as “Hitlery Clinton.”