Why doesn’t the Guardian’s hate crime coverage mention Christian victims?

In a recent article in The Spectator, Ross Clark asked a very good question: why has the Guardian ignored hate crimes against Nissar Hussain, a former Muslim from Bradford who converted to Christianity and has been the victim of constant threats and attacks over the past few years.

[Hussain] has already had to move house once. Last November, he was attacked in the street by louts who left him with a broken kneecap and a fractured forearm. Last Thursday, police had to move him to a safe house outside Yorkshire.

That someone in Britain can be subjected to a hate campaign, over so many years and by different people, based purely on their choice of religion is shocking. But not apparently newsworthy enough to qualify for coverage in the Guardian. Neither does the BBC appear to consider Nissar Hussain’s case to be newsworthy – you had to read the Mail, the Telegraph or the Mirror to find out about it.

In the Guardian mentality, you cannot carry a story of an ex-muslim persecuted for his apostasy for fear of inspiring hate against muslims.  Thus a genuine case of hate crime is ignored on the grounds it could lead to other, imagined hate crimes.

Read the rest of the article, here.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, The Guardian of Propaganda has also ignored Muslim attacks against Christians in Israel including Bethlehem.

  2. I’m sure BBC Look North, announced this as top of the news….then! There was nothing about it throughout the whole programme! Somebody must have pulled it!

  3. The question rightly is if the Guardian like Muslims believe that a convert from Islam to Christianity isn’t an apostate and anti “socialist”? They did not simply attack him they were trying to cripple him with an ax pick handle or kill him. He has been a convert for 20 years, why attack him now: After 20 years of harassment? Mr. Hussain is a nurse, he has dedicated his life to helping people. What have the thugs devoted their lives to? Are they religious police? Is this what Islams Revolutionary religious police do? Supposedly it is being treated as a hate crime and the town of Bedford is disappointed that Mr. Hussain is moving away because they claim other converts have not been treated in this manner. That leaves a big big question mark as this hate crime has been gaining speed for the last 20 years. Mr. Hussain was a target of beatings by his father and the leaders of his Madarassa in Pakistan ever since he was a child. He was punished for reading the Bible, a forbidden book. No wonder the liberals of Bedford don;t get it and think everything is really hunky dory it must be the victim.

    Sign the petition to support Mr. Hussain.