UKMW prompts Telegraph correction to erroneous headline on Israel embassy row

Yesterday, we posted and tweeted about the following egregious error in a report at The Telegraph on the scandal surrounding comments by a low-level Israeli employee, Shai Masot, uncovered by an Al Jazeera investigation on “the lobby”.

The Telegraph’s report on the comments of the employee was accompanied by a headline which claimed that the embassy official was Ambassador Mark Regev.

This afternoon, we heard back from Telegraph editors, who informed us that they corrected the headline.

Here it is:


They also added the following addendum:


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  1. Telegraph should further add: “As White Western Reporters, we have a hard time taking Jews in general, and Israelis in particular, seriously. But as commonly remarked by bad break up artists, it’s not them, it’s us. We have nothing further to add to our weak-ass attempt at creating more anti-Israel hysteria and aggression.”