UKMW prompts two Indy corrections to misleading headlines

On Dec. 17th, we tweeted the following in response to an article in The Independent concerning Donald Trump’s nomination of David Friedman to be the new US Ambassador to Israel.

As we noted in our Tweet, you have to read several paragraphs down to see that the “declaration of war” comment was made by the Imam of the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The headline – at least the way the text and punctuation is arranged – almost made it seem as if Friedman himself made the comments.

Though The Independent’s response to our email over the headline was delayed due to the holidays, they recently informed us that they upheld our complaint, and revised the headline thusly:


In December, we also complained to The Independent over the following headline accompanying this article about a dress code in the Israeli Knesset.

However, as the text in the article eventually makes clear, the ban applies only to mini skirts worn in the Knesset. An average reader would see the headline and likely believe that the ban applies to wearing mini skirts anywhere in the country. 

The Independent upheld this complaint as well, and revised it thusly:


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  1. The Independent: Israel bans doctors then corrects Israel bans doctors watching TV when operating on a patient.
    The head line is the textbook example of the so called “fake news”. This is not a wcoincidence – looking at the history of fake news the first examples were Catholic Church published leaflets (only a decade later than the use of the printing press) accusing the Jews with killing gentile children

  2. This blog must be something special.

    Often comment after malicious comment appears under the name of MichaelFarmer only to disappear by the time I look again, probably moderated out, but the sucker goes on giving the site hits