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Helpless before the hatred at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

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19th January 2017. QMUL. This was my first anti-Israel university event of 2017. The start of an extremely busy time in the annual calendar. Apartheid Week, an intensive period of vicious anti-Israel activity on campus is only a month away. To highlight this intensity, this was one of only three events taking place I could have chosen. The other two were at SOAS, and Salisbury.

It was also my first event since Al -Jazeera launched a visible attack on British Jews, via an undercover operation driven from within a deeply antisemitic paradigm. As I pointed out at the time, even though sane people watched the show and saw nothing, for the antisemite, the show was the delivery of proof of Jewish conspiracy.  So how would this play out on the UK campus?

The event itself was at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) campus, ‘discussing the BDS movement, its impact and importance’. Hosted by the QMUL Friends of Palestine Society, it was a Friends of Al Aqsa (FOA) event, and a bag of FOA material was handed out to all attendees.

On the panel was Ben White, Malaka Mohammed, Prof. Moshe Machover and Shamiul Joarder. The range of hate that lines up against Israel. Islamic thought, the Palestinian, the Marxist Jew, and well, the other, the British guy who attaches himself to Islamic thought and Jewish Marxists, to push a highly dubious and quintessentially hypocritical humanitarian cause.

The evening began with a short clip. I have provided just 10 seconds below, all that is needed to highlight the disgraceful distortion of history that is behind the BDS campaign:

Notice the conflict begins in 1948. There is no history here, no Jews living in the land, no Balfour, no partition. But then the really abusive twist. Notice the attack comes from the outside. In 1948, Jews invaded Palestine with tanks and ethnically cleansed the Palestinians. The historical reality was that the only invading tanks in 1948 were those of the Arab armies who had come to commit genocide against Jews living in British Palestine / Israel. This lie is vile, shameful, and being shown on a university campus near you today to persuade students to boycott the Jewish nation.

Yet the evening had only started. What I witnessed at QMUL was a disgrace. A room full of people, almost all of them fully believing, that the Jewish students of QMUL were planted operatives instructed by another government. Jewish students who had turned up, *on their own university campus*, to argue against lies being spread by a vicious propaganda machine were in the eyes of the audience, foreign agents, spies. The classic role of ‘the alien Jew’

The attack did not only come from the audience, it was driven from within the panel. The first question came from someone wearing a Jewish head covering, who questioned why BDS was so single minded, in focusing only on Israel. The response he received, rather than a direct answer, was truly shocking:

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    • Thank you for your report. Question is what authority can one contact to make a complaint and demand end of permits to have
      “conferences” like this on campus. Doesn’t this contradict values of the university – as it propagates lies, encourages hatred and makes the campus unsafe for some of its students? Would be great if the report ended with information: name of University president, of deans, people in charge of ethics and maintenance of university values an protections.

    • From Japan, obviously. The Jews are really Japanese, not indigenous at all.
      More to the point: how come they had tanks in the first place?

  1. I have provided just 10 seconds below, all that is needed to highlight the disgraceful distortion of history
    – In fact the very mention of Ben White in the preceding paragraph meant that I needed just a tenth of that time to assume the same conclusion. And then the laughably repulsive reponse (“the kind of questions the Israeli propaganda machine breeds its representatives to ask”) from this Machover bloke.
    Although I feel David goes OTT with his interpretation. Then again: not as OTT as that stupid graphic about 1948.

    Btw I studied at Queen Mary many eons ago – but can assure you this sort of thing was certainly not going on back then. The sames goes for SOAS.

    • That “stupid graphic” shows an attack on the West Bank of the Jordan river (Israel) originating from the East Bank (AKA Jordan).

  2. Please do step forward, those intellectually deficient specimens who agreed with a bigoted post that refers to “Pal-e-SWINE” …

      • Actually Edward, I’m with Pretz on this one. Tepid it may be, but it’s still unhelpful (at best).To liken Palestinian national identity (with its obvious and predominant Islamic element) to pigs is as wrong as comparing Israel to pigs. It is as wrong to deny the Palestinians the right to self-determination as it is to deny that right to Jews. I believe we should support those in both nations who desire a peaceful, two-state solution. And yes, I hear and largely agree with comments you might make about both the recently constructed nature of Palestinian national identity and the fact that the Palestinians have generally failed to show that they are ready for statehood. That doesn’t mean that we/they should stop trying.

        • Exactly. Edward is stooping to the same level as the anti-Semites. And in addition to (and indeed due to) being offensive, it’s counter-productive.