Indy tries to tie Trump ‘Muslim ban’ to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians

A Jan. 31st article at The Independent’s BuzzFeed style website (i100) tried to tie President Trump’s new ban on immigration from seven Muslim countries to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. 


After providing a few paragraphs of background on Trump’s policy, the i100 journalist (Jarjas Zatat) awkwardly pivots to Israel.

For Palestinians, freedom of movement is a challenge. Palestine has been subject to over fifty years of Israeli military occupation…

Israeli law requires everyone to carry an ID pass – Israeli citizens and permanent residents tend to have a blue cover. Residents of the West Bank and the Gaza strip tend to have green covers. Palestinians wishing to travel abroad are required to apply for a visa. In the case of Hashem, his parents made an appointment with the US consulate in Jerusalem for Friday, so that they could travel to the US for their son’s graduation.

On Friday, when mosques in Jerusalem hold prayers, people over the age of 60 are generally allowed inside the city.  According to Hashem, despite the fact that both his mum (60) and his dad (65) had their permit, a letter from the US consulate and all other “proper documentation”, the father was prevented from crossing the checkpoint at Bethlehem into Jerusalem. As a result, they missed their appointment, and could not get a visa.  

He talks about it in his Facebook post.

Here’s a screenshot of the Facebook post by Hashem Abu Sham’a:


We’re later informed by i100 that “his parents were successful in passing Bethlehem checkpoint” and will be able to make his graduation in Earlham College, Indiana (where he’s a Rhodes Scholar) after all. (Of course, we don’t know why his father was initially unable to pass the checkpoint in the first place.)

First, contrary to the suggestion by the i100 journalist, Israelis also require a visa when travelling abroad to most countries.   

Moreover, the update by Hashem – an active member of the pro-terror, extremist group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) –  is chock full of propaganda to evoke Trump ‘Muslim ban’ comparison that isn’t critically examined by i100.   For starters, he makes the nearly unintelligible claim that an “Israeli ban against Palestinians of all faiths has been in place for decades”, a “ban”, he then surreally claims, has “escaped scrutiny from the international community”! 

However, Trump’s ban on citizens of seven foreign countries from entering the US represents a completely different dynamic than what he’s trying to describe in the Palestinian territories. There’s no Israeli “ban” on Palestinians. There are checkpoints and other security measures erected to prevent terrorism on both sides of the green line, but tens of thousands of Palestinians pass into Israel each day to work, visit family and receive medical care. Further, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem are free to travel anywhere in Israel and in the territories. 

But, of course, the elephant in the room ignored by i100 is the fact that it is Israelis who are strictly banned from entering 16 Muslim majority countries.  (In fact, many of these countries ban non-Israelis who merely have an Israeli stamp in their passport.)  

Additionally, Israelis are forbidden from entering major Palestinian cities (Area A) in the West Bank.  Indeed, ror Israelis, freedom of movement throughout most of their region is not merely a “challenge”. It’s practically impossible.  

To be fair, the i100 journalist is not alone in her selective reporting. The deafening silence by most progressive commentators – in the context of the debate about the ‘Muslim ban’ – over the decades long ‘Jew ban’ in much of the Muslim world is ubiquitous, and represents another example of the egregious double standards infecting so much reporting about the region in the UK media.

It seems reasonable to ask those speaking out most passionately and eloquently in the press and on social media against Trump’s ban to at least show consistency and hold Muslims in the Middle East to same moral standards they hold non-Muslims in the West.

You can Tweet the journalist @NtheodoraK to express your concerns about the article.

As always, when communicating (including on Twitter) with journalists, editors or presenters, be polite and stick to the facts.

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  1. I live in Spain. Every person, whether resident or not, who owns property or engages in any economic activity Buying a car, renting a flat, owning a house or earning money), has to have a fiscal identification number, issued by the Spanish government. Sounds reasonable.
    Except that all non-Spanish persons get a fiscal identification number that begins with the letter “X” (short for “extranjero” or foreigner). How is that for discrimination, eh? The moment you quote your “eckis number” prices over the phone are changed – and that is in a European Community country!

  2. The Indy is another pathetically dishonest, terminally p.c. left wing bunch of liars.

    As for Trump’s “widely criticized” immigration policy, every poll has shown the majority of American support it!
    You just wouldn’t know that by the howling from the liberal media and their useful idiots protesting sensible restrictions on those who would harm Americans.

    • Funny thing about Donald J Trump and his presidency, but when counting every ballot, Hillary Clinton beats him by 2.8 million votes.

      But back to your baseless point that “every poll” conducted shows favorability for this Muslim Ban. Show me just ONE poll indicating this and see if you can avoid Breitbart or Fox as the source. Thanks!

        • No one would put voting for Drumpf past a bonafide dipshit such as yourself, Shitstain.

          You two have a lot in common. Both of you like being pissed on. Both of you are idiots. Both of you rely on other people’s creativity. Both of you invoke the Klan. Both of you are highly unqualified for what you are currently allotted to do in this life.

      • Just for the record, Right Wingers, no one has evidence of how the majority of Americans support President Bannon’s Muslim ban.

        Republicans and Palestinian Nationalists both make up their own facts to support their own ignorance. Mazel Tov, ya’ll!

    • Considering that nobody was running for the popular vote and she didn’t even get a majority of the vote – that is complete nonsense.

      A majority of ALL Americans do in fact support the ban. Just like a vast majority of people in California oppose the sanctuary policies of the leftists that control the state.

      • Maybe you need help with English? A majority of votes is indicated by her receiving the lion’s share of the popular vote.

        Now, you can be all Fox News and say that 3 million people voted illegally, and not provide any evidence. That would put you on par with the tactics the UN and Palestinian leadership use when they complain about Israel.

        Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

        • Presidential campaigns look at only one map for an electoral strategy, i.e., the electoral map. Hilary ran an awful campaign, always has been a terrible candidate. Her nomination was rigged and her campaign was overconfident due to a blatantly biased media who had spent an intoxicating 8 years parked in Obama’s butt, taking in the aromatic flavor. That’s guaranteed to distort the senses. Whilst Trump had electrified the rest of the country, people in California, New York, and Massachusetts were overwhelmingly excited and turned on by Hilary’s dynamic magnetism, her ability to, you know, connect the with average person, who was thrilled at the prospect of a Hilary Clinton presidency. I mean, who wouldn’t be, right? :0)

          • As terrible as Hillary Clinton’s campaign was, she still won the pop vote by 3 million, and that was despite overt Russian hacking and influence.

            Now, if you want to bend over backwards for a man who invoked the Klan, and who ignored the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, then that’s your business. I’m not flexible in that regard.

            • kf,
              I’m not bending over backwards, (or forwards), for anybody. I’m stating facts, and critiquing the Democratic campaign and election. You don’t seem to be flexible in that regard.
              Re: Russian hacking
              One could easily claim as counterargument that Trump despite spending half as much money, and with most of the MSM quite blatantly in the tank for Hilary Clinton, raking him over the coals on occasions where it was not warranted, managed 62,000,000 votes and an electoral victory. Of course, the MSM’s hysteria might have also been a contributing factor to his victory. There were plenty of damning facts, they should have stuck to those, rather than what you have done here, claim that he is a klansman.

              Had the election results been exactly the opposite we would see the Right now making the Left’s argument and the Left would not be crying about who won the popular vote, except maybe to get hysterical that there were 3 million more “racists” voting for Trump. And they would both be doing this, just as they are now, for political reasons.

              • There’s nothing less genuine than taking a stance that states if the opposite was true, your opponent in the discussion/politics/etc would behave differently. That brings to mind the saying, If your Uncle was a lady she’d be your Aunt.

                DJT’s behavior during his campaign led directly to a rise in anti-Semitism across America and online, in particular. When I point this fact out, I’m told that I’m overreacting. I’m not overreacting. Since DJT’s inauguration, there have been over 60 bomb threats sent to JCCs. Would that have happened with Hillary as prez? It didn’t happen when Obama was prez, and he hates Israel, right?

                I’m not one to say that everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, but I am saying his entire campaign was based on inflaming racial tensions, including against Jews. Do you think not acknowledging Jews during his Holocaust speech was a good thing? A minor thing? Because the White Nationalists saw that speech as how it was meant to be: A message from the Pres to racists saying, “KKKeep up the good work.”

                • “There’s nothing less genuine than taking a stance that states if the opposite was true, your opponent in the discussion/politics/etc would behave differently. ”
                  I’ll take the first part of that sentence as ad hominem. But I’m not being ingenuous, I’ve just been around the block a few times. If your uncle was a lady he would be your aunt. And if Hillary had lost the PV but won the election, the sides would have reversed roles, and for purely political reasons. Your uncle cannot become a lady, er…at least as far as I’m concerned (don’t tell Gabby), but an election can go either way.

                  “DJT’s behavior during his campaign led directly to a rise in anti-Semitism…”
                  That is a bold claim. If I remember correctly the entire campaign against him was based on the meme that he is an anti-Semite and worst racist since Hitler. We heard a constant stream of this from the media, on social media, and from the DNC. Maybe some people got the wrong idea about a guy who has surrounded himself with Jews for years and years, so maybe the left and the media have some responsibility there as well. (Please don’t tell me, oh, they were just pointing it out. That is not what they were doing.)

                  “I’m not overreacting.” You’re known for overreacting.
                  “Since DJT’s inauguration, there have been over 60 bomb threats sent to JCCs.”
                  Really? From whom? How many were credible? Were they all white supremacists? How many people were involved? Antisemitism has been coming from the extremes for a while now, but mostly from the left. The regressive left made this ground fertile far more than anything Trump has ever said or done. I don’t like the right wing nuts who do this stuff, but they are far fewer in number. Been to a college campus lately? Did Obama ever raise his voice about that?

                  I don’t know how many bomb threats there were during the Obama administration. But I do know there were actual attempts by some members of that religion about which Obama said, “terrorism has less to do with than any other religion.” Really.
                  “Would that have happened with Hillary as prez?”
                  One can’t be sure. But maybe white supremacists would have been just as upset about Hillary winning because of her closeness to champions of Jewish rights, like Sydney and Max Blumenthal, for instance.

                  “It didn’t happen when Obama was prez, and he hates Israel, right?” He sure isn’t in love with it. Most Israelis agree with that assessment.

                  “I’m not one to say that everyone who voted for Trump is a racist,..”
                  This akin to saying not everyone who voted for Obama belonged Jeremiah Right’s church.

                  “but I am saying his entire campaign was based on inflaming racial tensions, including against Jews.”

                  Perhaps you have somewhat of a point, but that was not his entire campaign. He hardly spoke of it, unless you’re talking about the right of anyone to completely ignore our immigration laws to come here. But you ought to look at Bernie’s views about illegal immigration. Of course, he couches it in somewhat more left friendly euphemisms.
                  When you talk about Trump, racism, and an entire campaign, what you are talking about is the left’s (authoritarian) campaign against Trump which we heard every single day. And shows up now in the streets as mass hysteria and fascist type violence, against anyone thought to have voted for Mr. Trump, and even for those who hold mainstream and benign conservative views. This is an unfortunate trait, this calling opponents “racists” at every turn. It’s unfortunate for free speech rights, (the life blood of our way of life), even when they are not, but it seems to work. After the regressive left drove me and many others away with its antisemitic anti-Zionism, I think it is rich that they now have such a deep concern.

                  “Do you think not acknowledging Jews during his Holocaust speech was a good thing? ”
                  No. I didn’t like it just as I didn’t like “a bunch of random folks in a deli.” I didn’t like it as I didn’t like, “No one has suffered more than the Palestinian People, oh, and BTW some folks dumped a bunch of European invaders into “Palestine” because of that Holocaust thing happening.” I didn’t like that either. But, you know, right wing antisemites, like Muslim Brotherhood members and assorted other “freedom fighters” dabble in Holocaust denial. The left has put a lot of energy over the decades of universalizing it. Looks like they did a good job.

                  All that being said, Trump is not ideal by a long shot (“huge”). I have some real problems with his demeanor, and vulgarity, and Steve Bannon, who is a take no prisoners hater of liberals – far more than he is of anything else.

                  I’m just not going to take it on faith that Trump is Hitler, because I think that is unhinged, and people who engage in that are unhinged and are deadening the free exchange of ideas in civil discourse.

                  And as all this unfolds I will be sitting back and observing, with my bag of popcorn.

                  • I’m not going to pick apart your entire message, but one part interests me enough for a response. “A bunch of guys in a deli….” Is this the official Barack H Obama pronouncement of the Kasher Deli attack? Because not mentioning Jews in the Holocaust speech was actually an official statement and large dog whistle for White Nationalists (in large order because it was written by an avowed White Nationalist, Steve Bannon). As for those bomb threats phoned in at JCCs across the country over the past 3 weeks, the fact that these buildings with our kids in them didn’t, in the end, blow the hell up, doesn’t quite remove the criminality of phoning in such threats.

                    I’m not sure what bee got up your bun, but you sure to have a lot of frustrations over me seeing Donald J Trump as a vile lunatic who has lived a political life filled with created conspiracies (from fake birth certificates to Bowling State Massacres) and flat out lies (not to mention all those wonderful Executive Orders!!).

                    Yes, these first 15 days have been SOMETHING…..

                    • Yes, of course,… er the White Nationalists…their…everywhere.

                      It was actually, “A bunch of folks in a deli.” Obama likes to invoke “folks” with his signature whistling s’s to sound more “folksy.” It was what Obama said, on the record, and that is official. The world was listening.
                      Barack Obama’s first call to a foreign leader when he took office was to Mahmoud Abbas. During his last few hours as President he sent $221,000,000 of your money to…Mahmoud Abbas. One month before that he “abstained” from SCR2334, an Orwellian rewriting of history which is harmful to Israel and Jews. He made a deal and gave $150 billion to a country that is quite open about its genocidal intentions against Israel, one of roughly 200 nations on earth, a small sliver of a country, and the only one whose existence is thought to be at all controversial. He made up and pushed memes to the hilt such as “’67 borders plus land swaps.” He and Kerry justified SCR2334 by lying about “unprecedented settlement construction and expansion.”

                      If you’re not going to read my posts thoroughly for meaning, and treat them honestly, then why bother answering?

                    • So you’re saying that Obama’s actions embolden Hamas. I always saw him as not so hot in foreign policy. A nuanced perspective. You’re welcome to take Obama’s whole world view personally, but at least give the guy credit for signing the $36 billion aid package as well.

                      While you do that, I will continue to wonder aloud how a man who can’t possibly be anti-Semitic bc his daughter converted to Orthodox Judaism (and Jared Kushner such a nice Jewish boy, willing to leave refugees like his grandmother hanging off the ledge) actually cavorts with White Nationalists, so much as putting one on the National Security Council.

                      Nothing to be worried about, Jeff. This will all blow over…. one day.

                    • “If you’re not going to read my posts thoroughly for meaning, and treat them honestly, then why bother answering?”

                      FFS, Jeff, did you see the length of your post? I guess if I don’t respond to it all, I’m supposed to not respond at all? And that makes you a victim? Or a moralist?

                      Such a mature man.

                    • “FFS, Jeff, did you see the length of your post? ”
                      I’m not referring to volume but to accuracy.

    • “A nuanced perspective.”
      No. A pro-Palestinian bias that he tried to present as pro-Israel yet ‘objective’, but Obama’s push for a Palestinian state was ideological.

  3. Sorry for the OT response to the ongoing debate about the election, and those who cannot let go and recognize reality.

    Palestinians have an antisemitic problem it seems. A majority of muslims and Arabs do, but I’ve seen polling data indicating that it’s worse with the Palestinians.

  4. Well I think if you only Jews you ever met were bull dozing your house, burning your olive groves, kidnapping your children and whisking them off to a foreign land to torture them, you might be a bit pissed with Jews too.