UKMW prompts Indy correction over Shai Masot claim

On Feb. 6th, we posted about several false claims in an op-ed at the Independent by Ryvka Barnard (Senior Campaigns Officer at War on Want). One of the errors (which we complained about in an email to Indy editors) pertained to this passage:

oldThe Israeli in question is Shai Masot, who was the subject of a highly dubious Al Jazeera investigation last month into the Israel lobby’s alleged ‘penetration’ of the UK.  Masot was filmed during a private dinner conversation boasting that he’d love to take down Alan Duncan, MP.  However, Barnard’s claim that Masot, a low-level employee of the Israeli embassy, was an “emissary” of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs (written as if it was an undisputed fact) was contradicted in a tweet by the minister himself, Gilad Erdan. 

Indy editors upheld our complaint and amended the passage, which now at least includes Erdan’s unequivocal denial of Masot’s alleged affiliation with his ministry.


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  1. To quote what was said on an earlier delicate occasion “Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?” That particular way of amending the article leaves a smear, no doubt the intention of a paper like the Independent