UKMW prompts Guardian correction – editors acknowledge there’s no wall around Haifa

We recently posted about a Guardian article (I’m the only trip-hop artist in Palestine! The musicians shaking up the occupied territories, April 11th) so error-ridden that editors temporarily removed it from their website “pending review”. We complained to the Readers’ Editor office about several errors, two of which – an erroneous Palestinian unemployment statistic and a suggestion that the IDF engages in “summary killings” – were promptly corrected once the piece was restored. 

However, they failed to address the most egregiously inaccurate claim we had complained about, that the Israeli city of Haifa – yes, Haifa! – is surrounded by 8 metre high walls.

This morning (a week after the article was published), we saw that the false claim still hadn’t been corrected. So, we had some fun with it on Twitter.

Within the past hour, we finally received a reply from the Guardian Readers’ Editor, informing us that the correction was made.  Editors removed the sentence in question, and added the following addendum.

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    • The Guardian being under a microscope, has led to all kinds of news placement manipulations. Their Islam page has no reference to the following article: Amina al-Jeffery told school of father’s threats, charity says. It is about a Saudi/British father with a Saudi/British father who took his daughter, from Swansey, presumably against her will, to her grandmother in Saudi Arabia bekuz she was getting … too Western.

      The Guardian is clearly hiding the article. It should be referenced on the Islam page. But it isn’t. It is referenced on the ‘world’ page, quite a way down, under the ‘Around the world’ heading.

      This is now how The Guardian handles negative Muslim related material. You have to look for it. But you don’t have to look for negative material about Israel. Just go to the Israel page and see it. Often on the ‘world’ page among the top items.

      This is the ‘new Guardian’. At least, until it finally uses up all the Scott fund money paying editors their enormous salaries and pensions.

  1. What’s really appalling is that some Israel-hater concocts a totally and absurdly false anti-Israel story and the Guardian accepts it without demur. If an Israel-hater says it, it must be true.

  2. In their alternative universe, it exists.

    Amazing example of the low caliber of the Guardian’s editorial staff, or perhaps the sheer blind hatred of Israel (and other democratic, Western or Westernized countries, like the US, UK, etc.) that allowed this patently false and ridiculous claim to go through and stand for a week while, I assume, they sent Beaumont out to look for the wall around Haifa and advise them that he was unable to find it.

    And they have the cheek to fill their blog with begging requests for more money to create their alternative facts!!

  3. It’s not a “separation barrier”. It’s a security barrier

    “Seperation” implies “apartheid”.

    • Well we do like be separated from the Islamofascist terrorists. They all ban Jews and have ethnically cleansed their stolen lands of all the Jews, yet we are the ones accused of apartheid.

    • Like all the Muslim countries have–only Muslims allowed!
      What asinine hypocrites these Guardian toadies are.

  4. According to the former version of the article, Odai not only claimed that Haifa had a wall around it, it said that he fell off it and broke his leg! This goes a lot further than “mistakenly associat[ing]” the Separation Barrier with Haifa; it makes it clear that their subject is an unreliable fantasist who reinforces the prejudice of his interviewer. Who knows how many other lies there are in that article. The only decent thing would be for The Guardian to remove it altogether.

  5. Good that your forced a correction, but shows only too clearly how desperately dishonest and biased against Israel this rag remains.
    How can people who write this bigoted trash have any respect for themselves?