MP calls armed police to evict Jewish blogger from Parliament event on ‘Palestine’

Written by Richard Millett

Prof. Wendy Pullan, Kamel Hawwash, Mark Hendrick MP, Prof. Penny Green.

At the Houses of Parliament last night the Palestine Return Centre (PRC) held an event called The Question of Jerusalem. It was hosted and chaired by Mark Hendrick, Labour MP for Preston.

Prof. Wendy Pullan, Senior Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Architecture at the University of Cambridge, went first and described Jerusalem as “a badly damaged city” the blame for which she lumped on Israel due to “50 years of conflict and occupation”.

She explained that Israel’s urban planning had led to Israelis and Palestinians vilifying each other and she compared Israel’s security barrier to the Berlin Wall.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Kamel Hawwash then told of how he had recently been refused entry to Israel and treated badly at Tel Aviv airport while his wife and child were let through. He was put on a plane back to the UK. He said “Israel was an expert at inciting hatred and was not a country that wanted peace.”

Finally, Prof. Penny Green, Professor of Law and Globalisation at Queen Mary University of London, described how one of her friends who works at Hebrew University was attacked and “called a filthy Arab which is very common”.

She described the “segregation wall” and road network in the Palestinian territories as “apartheid” and said that the wall “is not about security”. She also condemned the checkpoints where Palestinians queue before they can enter Israel to work saying they are where “humans are treated worse than cattle”.

She compared the barrier to the Berlin Wall as well.

During the Q&A I got to ask a question. It isn’t easy asking a question surrounded by people trying to heckle you and drown you out but mine was aimed at Prof. Green.

I asked whether she had any sympathy with Israelis left bereaved and disabled by suicide bombers who got into Israel before the wall, which she condemned, had been built?

Hendrick immediately intervened on her behalf saying that this was a meeting about Palestine, not Israel. When I pressed that she should be allowed to answer he went outside to call armed police as you can see from these photos:

Mark Hendrick points me out to armed police.

Armed police looking for me.

Armed police getting a better sight.

Hendrick pinpoints me to police.

Meanwhile, the one person who did respond to my question was Hawwash who said “If Israel had been created in Uganda does anyone believe the Palestinians would have cause for political groups to go and kill Jews?”

I was then politely asked to leave the room by police and then asked to give my personal details. At one stage I was surrounded by seven heavily armed police. Then my friends Jonathan, Sharon and Mandy were all similarly led out.

One neutral elderly lady who had been in the room came out to complain to PRC representative Sameh Habeeb about how badly we had been treated.

What a total waste of police resources and time by this MP especially considering that literally outside the front door of the building two months ago a terrorist drove into and killed four tourists before then stabbing an unarmed policemen to death.

But Mark Hendrick, Labour MP for Preston, doesn’t have to campaign. He will undoubtedly be re-elected on June 8th as he has a 12,000 majority. So while all other MPs are currently back in their constituencies working hard to keep their jobs Hendrick is in London helping the Palestine Return Centre pursue its ultimate goal; the annihilation of Israel.

That’s Labour politics under Jeremy Corbyn for you.

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  1. “Prof. Penny Green, Professor of Law and Globalisation at Queen Mary University of London” – LOL. That says it all.

  2. No thoughts on how the civil war in Syria is affecting the population of that bedevilled country then? No thoughts on why the rich Arab states are not providing aid and shelter to the Arabs displaced by civil war in that bedevilled country. No thoughts on the persecution of Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East or Pakistan. What and miss having a go at the only democracy in the Middle East and a country that has religious freedom.

    • If the illustrious panel felt it was “inappropriate” for anyone in the audience to ask a question about the violence aimed at Israel and Israeli’s because the discussion was supposedly about “Palestine and Palestinians”, then why were THEY spending all their time verbally attacking Israel? Ah, it seems that all those inconvenient elephants in room have already sat on their heads to such a degree that their brains have been squeezed out of any ability to deal with the obvious.

  3. These people want an echo chamber not a debate. Disturbing how many academics are associated with this cause – what is “philosophy of architecture”, btw? – no wonder our universities are rife with anti-semitism which those in charge do nothing to suppress but instead actively encourage, poisoning the minds of the young. One caveat – there is a great deal of doubt whether Hendrick will be re-elected. In the present climate of opinion a 12,000 majority is no barrier to displacement. Preston has elected Conservative MPs before and could well do so again. In Hendrick’s case it would be rough, but extremely fitting, justice.

    • “Richard Millet was arrested for trying to disrupt a memorial meeting.”
      Stephen as usual when you can’t contradict the substance of the post you resort to wild accusations that are devoid of any substance, or truth, or reality.

      So tell me Stephen as an outsider what do you think of the Planet Earth and humanity?
      It must seem strange to a visitor from Planet Bellamy how these humans rely on concepts such as truth, fact and reality. Clearly those concepts are alien to you. Do send us all a postcard when you return to your own Planet.

              • If you were there Stephen I would love to see a video or a certified transcript of the proceedings. If you weren’t stop trying to display muscles you don’t have.

                  • Stephen so as usual your attempt to avoid answering a straight question is confirmation that you do not want to answer it.
                    Clearly YOU were not where the alleged event happened and once again you are spouting second or third hand nonsense.

                    What a repugnant individual you are.

          • Stephen you are still trying to dodge dealing with the substance of the post.
            Are you ever going to behave in an intellectually honest fashion when dealing with the subject of Israel and or Jewish people, or is your anti-Semitism that deeply ingrained into your psyche that you can’t stop it bubbling to the surface?

  4. “If Israel had been created in Uganda does anyone believe the Palestinians would have cause for political groups to go and kill Jews?”
    It never stopped them before.

    A far more interesting question would be to ask why are Arabs so phobic about seeing Jews as independent and equal within their own historic homeland.
    Another somewhat less interesting but important question is why the term Palestine is awarded exclusively and authentically to Arabs, when they themselves are non-indigenous, and didn’t invent the name.