BDS is failing – a continuing series (May 2017)

Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing series documenting BDS fails and exposing the spectacularly misleading media narrative on the alleged successes of the campaign to economically and socially isolate the Jewish state.

Political BDS fails

Bassem Eid of Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group explains why BDS is bad for Palestinains

All 100 US senators sign letter asking for equal treatment of Israel at the U.N.

All 100 U.S. senators signed a letter released Friday asking U.N. Secretary General António Guterres to address what the lawmakers call entrenched bias against Israel at the world body.

The unanimous message notes that the United States is the largest contributor to the United Nations but does not threaten the withholding of U.S. dues. Still, it uses strong language to insist that the United Nations rectify what the senators said is unequal treatment of Israel on human rights and other grounds.

“Through words and actions, we urge you to ensure that Israel is treated neither better nor worse than any other U.N. member in good standing,” the letter said.

Texas House committee unanimously passes anti-BDS bill

The Texas Senate passed on March 23 a similar bill opposing BDS by a 25-4 vote. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign a finalized anti-BDS law from the legislative chambers.

Kansas House votes to block contracting with Israel boycotters

A measure that would block the state from contracting with those who boycott Israel has won approval in the Kansas House.

HB 2409 would prohibit state agencies and departments from entering into contracts with anyone who is boycotting Israel. The state would require written certificates from service, supply, IT and construction contractors that they weren’t boycotting the Jewish state.

House members approved it 116-9 Wednesday. The bill now goes to the Senate.

French bank said to have dropped major BDS account

NEW YORK – One of the world’s largest banks, the Paris-based BNP Paribas, may have closed the account last year of a French organization that advocates boycotting Israel. After the former president of the  Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF) sent a letter to BNP in May 2016, the donation section on the organization’s CAPJPO-Europalestine website was scrubbed of the BNP account.

Israeli journalist Jean Patrick Grumberg, a reporter for the French-language American website, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday that “CAPJPO removed the link to the page with their bank information…  It’s possible that BNP quietly closed the CAPJPO bank account after receiving the letter from CRIF.”

Economic BDS fails

Phenomenal economic growth picked up after #BDS began its smear.

See full presentation here.

Invest in BDS-banned companies and make LOTS of money! (Elder of Ziyon)

Here are all of the publicly traded companies I could find listed on the site, and their stock prices from a year ago and today, with the percentage gain or loss. (Some are only listed on the Tel Aviv Exchange.)

Post and graphic by Elder of Ziyon.

If you would have invested equal amounts in all these companies a year ago, you would have made an astounding 50% profit. (The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 16% in that time period. The top funds rated by Kiplinger for the past year made about 30%.)

Israeli SaaS co dapulse raises $25m

Israeli SaaS startup dapulse has announced that it has raised $25 million in its Series B financing round, bringing its total funding to $34.1 million. The round was led by New York-based private equity and venture capital firm Insight Venture Partners with participation from existing Series A investors Genesis and Entree Capital. The company will use the funding to scale its rapid growth, expand its product offering, and ultimately, impact thousands of new businesses.

Bucking boycotts, Ohio to snap up record $61 million in Israel bonds

State of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel said Monday he will purchase an unmatched $61 million in Israel bonds to hit back at the boycott movement against the Jewish state, and because the bonds are a good investment.

The purchase will be the largest single government purchase of Israel bonds in Ohio history and, following acquisitions in previous years, will leave the the state with more Israel bonds than any other US government body in the country.

Air Malta to launch Tel Aviv route

Air Malta will begin scheduled services between Malta and Tel Aviv from April 21. The Maltese carrier will operate up to three weekly flights during the summer 2017 between Ben Gurion international airport and Valletta.

Air Malta chief commercial officer Paul Sies said, “We are thrilled that we can announce Tel Aviv as our new destination for this season. We have been operating regularly on this route offering Malta as a charter destination in Israel for years, working closely with leading Israeli tour operators. Now the market has matured enough that we can start offering this destination as a scheduled service, providing opportunities to visit the rest of Israel including Jerusalem and the Holy Land.”

SeatGeek buys Israeli ticketing co TopTix for $56m

TopTix, which processes 80 million tickets annually in 16 countries, will continue operating in Israel.

New York based ticketing platform company SeatGeek has announced the acquisition of Israeli ticketing software company TopTix for $56 million. The acquisition by SeatGeek was financed by a new $57 million Series D investment round in SeatGeek led by Glynn Capital, with participation from existing investors Accel, Causeway Media Partners, Haystack Partners, Mousse Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures.

Israeli economy ranked 3rd most stable in the world for 2016

Index published by Bloomberg financial news agency cites near-zero inflation and a low unemployment rate as stabilizing factors • Israel follows Hong Kong, South Korea in the rankings • Oil-rich Venezuela named least stable economy for 2016.

Check Point beats the analysts again

Check Point provides cyber security solutions. The company outperformed the forecasts in both its top and bottom lines, with $435 million in revenue, 8% more than in the first quarter of 2016, and a non-GAAP net profit of $202 million, $1.20 per share, also 8% more than in the corresponding quarter last year. Cash flow was up 10% to $355 million

Cultural and Technological BDS fails

European Judo Championships to be held in Israel

The European Judo Union has confirmed that Israel will host the European Championships next year.

However, the approval comes with a receipt of NIS 6 million worth of guarantees by the Israeli government, who must demonstrate the economic ability to host the event.

In May, the President of the European Judo Union, Sergey Soloveychik, will arrive in Israel to meet with Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev in order to finalize details.

 ‘Bobbi Jene”  about Israeli dancer wins Tribeca Best Documentary

All five of this year’s feature category winners are from female directors including Best International Narrative Feature Son of Sofia, the Albert Maysles New Documentary Director Award for A Suitable Girl and Best Documentary Feature Bobbi Jene.

The docu follows dancer Bobbi Jene Smith returning to the U.S. after starring for the famous Israeli dance company Batsheva. The Elvira Lind-helmed docu also won the cinematography and editing prize in the Documentary competition.

The world’s eyes are on Israel for photonics innovations

OASIS 2017 in February attracted 1,500 academics, researchers and industrialists – about 100 of them from Europe – and 60 exhibitors, half of them Israeli. American physicist William Moerner, 2014 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, was a keynote speaker.

“There are very few conferences of this size in Europe, so it’s amazing for a tiny country like Israel,” says Katzir, who received an award at the conference for his scientific achievements.

Oops! Britney Spears gig forces Israeli Labour party to delay leadership contest

…the Spears concert appears to have cornered the market in security guards and ushers, leaving Labour unable to find staff to secure its election event as well as concern over heavy traffic anticipated from those attending her gig.

The party will now hold its primary a day later.

A Labour party spokesperson told the Times of Israel that the decision to postpone would “make it easier for people to reach polling stations”, and confirmed “a difficulty in recruiting security guards”.

Glowing bacteria are used to hunt landmines in Hebrew U study

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem say they may have found a way to remotely detect unexploded landmines by using a combination of lasers and molecularly engineered bacteria that glow in proximity to the explosives.

They enclosed the bacteria in small polymeric beads, which were then scattered across the surface of a test field in which real antipersonnel landmines were buried. Using a laser-based scanning system, the test field was remotely scanned and the researchers were able to determine the location of the buried explosives.

Israeli MRI co Aspect Imaging raises $30m

Israeli compact MRI systems developer Aspect Imaging has announced the closing of a $30 million financing round. The funds, raised from previous investors, will be used to complete development of Aspect’s Embrace™ Neonatal MRI system and its new Stroke-dedicated MRI System. Founded in 2014, and based in Hevel Modi’in near Tel Aviv, the company has raised $150 million to date including the latest round and $20 million last July.

New film Boycott THIS! had its initial theatrical release at the end of March

“If you don’t know what BDS stands for, remove the ‘D,’” conservative Christian comedian Brad Stine says in the new film Boycott THIS! which had its initial theatrical release at the end of March.

In the Proclaiming Justice to The Nations “docu-tainment,” Stine and the animated “Facts Man” travel around Israel and the rest of the world speaking to those on the front lines of those targeted by the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Colored with clips from comedic films and popular songs, Stine takes his act to Palestinians working in Israeli companies in Judea and Samaria, students on American college campuses and Israeli rescue teams such as ISRAID, speaking to a wide array of leading figures who help make sense of this anti-Jewish crusade.

Log intelligence co OverOps raises $30m

Israeli application reliability and log intelligence company OverOps announced today that it has closed a $30 million Series C financing round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from Menlo Ventures. Both were previous investors in OverOps, which has now raised $52 million.

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  1. Interesting little piece on the website of the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (, a creature of the Palestinian government:

    “An increasing number of Palestinian companies are exporting directly to the USA, Europe and surrounding Arab countries. While a significant percentage of the 80% of production goes to Israel.”

    Hmm. Is this what BDS looks like? 80% of your output goes to Israel?

  2. I particularly enjoyed reports that showed that trade has improved markedly since BDS began.

    The lesson is not to give Israelis a challenge, they take it seriously

  3. My Response to the BDS Gang:
    Dear BDS gang members, be true to yourself.
    Please do not use and do not allow your love ones to use the following medical or life saving devices since they were built, invented, or developed in Israel and/or Jewish researchers:
    1. The PillCam (capsule endoscopy) for detecting blockages or other problems in the intestine and esophagus. Blockages are what you deserve. (Made in Israel).
    2. TA Count-A Real-Time Microbiology—Detection and Counting Harmful Microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, food and drink which are complete in minutes and not days as the antiquated cell culture procedures require. BDS gang members, live with your tissue destructive microorganisms. (Made in Israel).
    3. Mazor Robotics’ Spine and other Surgery Robots—a highly accurate procedure that requires less time and less intense radiation. BDS gang members, you’re spineless anyway. (Guess where it is made).
    4. Optical Heartbeat Monitor—a fast and accurate camera with a small laser to assess patients heart health. Why should you use this monitor BDS fans since you’re heartless (Don’t let your doctor use it to save your life since it was made in Israel).
    5. Itamar’s Medical Watch Pad—Diagnose and treat sleep apnea in persons own bedroom; during sleep walking don’t worry, you are not walking in much traffic in Times Square, NY.
    6. EarlySense allows nurses in cardiac wards to monitor patients’ heart rate, respiration, and movements remotely. So don’t let the nurses of your hospitalized father, spouse, mother, or any other of your relatives monitor her/his heart after cardiac arrest.
    7. BabySense is a non-touch, no radiation device designed to prevent crib deaths by monitoring a baby’s breathing. Don’t use this devise to protect your child because it was made in Israel.
    8. AIDS treatment that targets and destroys more than 40% of HIV-infected cells without affecting healthy cells. Stay infected BDS members. (Made in Israel).
    9. Salvarsan discovered by the Jewish researcher, Dr. Ehrlich, for the treatment of Syphilis, should never be used by the BDS gang members and loved ones.
    10. By the way the Syphilis diagnostic tool, the Wasserman test was discovered by the Jewish doctor. His name is Wasserman.
    11. An Israeli company, Nano Retina, has developed an artificial retina to restore sight to visually impaired people. No one you care about should ever use this device; remain blind to your anti-Jewish hate.
    12. Dr. Weisser discovered a method to diagnose Gonorrhea; so avoid use of this diagnostic since Dr. Weisser is Jewish.
    13. There should be a warning label on Digitalis since it was discovered by the Jewish researcher Dr. Ludwig Traube; and, Insulin for diabetes treatment should never be used by the BDS gang since Dr. Minkowisky invented it.
    14. Israeli organization, the “Save a Child’s Heart” program, performs free open heart surgery on underprivileged children around the world. NOTE: 50% of the patients are from Judea-Samaria, Jordan, Iraq, and Morocco. A SECOND NOTE NOT PUBLICIZED: Many children and adults from Gaza who are seriously ill received treatment in Israeli hospitals. Why don’t you protest this?
    15. What a tragedy it would be if a BDS leader to accept the recommendation of his/her doctor or dentist of Novocain since the Jewish team of Drs. Weil and Widal were the discoverers. You BDS hate mongers enjoy your pain.
    16. BDS gang leaders and advocates do not let your children take the Diphtheria treatment Schick vaccine (Bella Schick). And by all means do let them administer the anti-Polio vaccine discovered by the Jewish researcher, Jonas Salk a half a century ago.
    17. Dear BDS advocates did you know that Dr. Zalman Waxman invented the drug Streptomycin for the treatment of Tuberculosis—using it is a ‘no, no’ since Waxman is Jewish.
    18. An Israeli company has developed RE-WALK, an upright walking assistance tool enabling paraplegics to stand, walk, and climb stairs.
    19. BDS gang members please refrain from using Chloral Hydrate when you have uncontrollable convulsions, WHY? Because its discoverer, Dr. Oscar Leibreich, is Jewish. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF
    20. By the way you BDS gang members are emulating the former KKK Grand Dragon, David Dukes. Are you not proud of yourself?
    Charles L. Richman, PhD
    Professor Emeritus, Wake Forest University
    Former US Army Paratrooper Officer