Telegraph claim: ‘With few exceptions, no one’s been allowed in or out of Gaza since 2007’

A May 13th article at The Telegraph, “Meet the Palestinian family who have tended the graves of our war dead for 60 years”, by correspondent Tom Rowley, focuses on a Gazan who works as a gardener for Commonwealth Graves Commission tending to a First and Second World War cemetery in the strip.  

Ten paragraphs down, the Telegraph provides the following context on the location of the cemetery.

In the middle of the cramped concrete prison that is Gaza (with few exceptions, no one has been allowed in or out since Hamas came to power in 2007)…

This is extraordinarily misleading. In addition to the false suggestion that there’s a “concrete” wall surrounding Gaza, the claim that “with few exceptions, no one has been allowed in or out since…2007” is absurd, as data from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territory (OCHA oPt) demonstrates.

Here’s the OCHA oPt graph for the movement of people through the Erez crossing (run by Israel), in the north, between 2008 and 2017.

Here’s the graph for the movement of people through the Rafah crossing (run by Egypt), in the south, during the same time period:

Here’s a graph from COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories) illustrating the most recent figures – Feb. 2017:

As you can see, whilst the crossings vary at both Erez and Rafah each year, the number of Gazans (Merchants, medical patients, etc.) “allowed in and out” yearly often reaches the hundreds of thousands. In fact, a very large number of Gazans have been “allowed in an out” of the strip even when Israel was at war with Hamas.  The broader narrative being advanced, suggesting Gaza is an open-air prison, has no basis in reality. 

(Additionally, you can see the graph for the movement of commodities to and from Gaza here.)

We have complained to Telegraph editors about this egregious error.

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  1. And I dont suspect the Fake News ‘Telegraph’ to even mention the thousands and thousands of rockets, aimed at Jewish children in their OWN country, that have come out of GAZA, which, in my opinion, Israel should never have left in the killing hands of Hamas and their enablers at the UN in exchange for yet another Arabo-Islamo-Palestino lie and false promise of “peace”.

  2. I’m not surprised. Britain is by far the most pro-Arab and pro-Muslim country in Western Europe.
    I don’t include Sweden as this little unimportant madhouse is in a class by itself in its open Islamophilia and anti-Semitism.

  3. Reblogged this on fritzwunderlich and commented:
    Die Häufigkeit, mit der Israel in und von den Medien falsch dargestellt wird, ist kein Versehen, nicht zufällige Inkompetenz so vieler Journalistinnen, sondern gewollte Propaganda, ideologiegeleiteter oder von Hass getriebener Fanatismus.

  4. If one totaled up the numbers they would find that there were more crossings than the total Gaza population.

  5. “In the middle of the cramped concrete prison that is Gaza”

    This is already b.s. with wings.