Guardian evokes ‘Bibi puppeteer’ controlling Trump’s policy towards Iran

An official editorial in The Observer – sister site of the Guardian – focused on President Trump’s recent visit to the Middle East (The Observer view on Donald Trump’s Middle East visit, May 28th).  The editorial was, unsurprisingly, highly critical of the US president’s performance, but also somehow managed to tie in Israel in to one component of Trump’s views on the region – concerning the threat posed by Iran.

Here are the relevant paragraphs:

Ignoring the fact that most of the region’s terror victims, for example in Iraq, are Shias, ignoring the reality that both al-Qaida and Islamic State are hardline Sunni groups and ignoring Saudi complicity in the spread of extremist beliefs, Trump chose instead to direct his fire at Shia Iran. All “nations of conscience”, he said, should band together to isolate Iran and “pray for the day when the Iranian people have the just and righteous government they deserve”.

Does Trump understand what he is saying? Was he aware that days before he spoke, Iran held nationwide, democratic polls and re-elected a reformist president? Does he really believe that Iran, not Isis, is the foremost sponsor of terrorism? 

First, if Trump “really” believes that Iran is the foremost sponsor of terrorism, that’s because this is precisely what the most recent US State Department Report on Terrorism in fact concludes that “Iran remained the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in 2015, providing a range of support, including financial, training, and equipment, to groups around the world – particularly Hizballah”. 

The Observer editorial then  suggested that Trump’s view on Iran’s involvement in global terror may have a foreign root cause.

Or is he responding blindly to middle America’s perennial need for international bogeymen, to his own irrational hatred of Obama’s landmark nuclear deal and to overstated Saudi and Israeli fears? Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s fiercely anti-Iran prime minister, must be in the running for string-puller of the year. Trump is a bit big to be a puppet but he certainly acts like one at times.

Readers of this blog would of course recall that this odious suggestion, that Israeli and or Jewish politicians pull the strings of US foreign policy, was criticised by the Guardian’s own readers’ editor following the publication of this 2012 cartoon by Steve Bell.

The Guardian’s then readers’ editor Chris Elliott wrote, in response to criticism of the cartoon, that “the image of Jews having a disproportionate influence over the US and British governments” has a clear antisemitic history.  He concluded by cautioning Guardian journalists and cartoonists to avoid the language (including but not limited to visual language) of antisemitic stereotypes in the future.  (Note also that such narratives evoking the idea of Jewish control over non-Jewish world leaders are considered antisemitic under the Working Definition of Antisemitism recently adopted by the British government.)

The text in The Observer editorial may not pack the same emotional punch as the imagery in the Bell cartoon, but the tropes within the former – based on historical calumnies about the Jewish people – are no less offensive than the latter.  We have lodged a complaint with The Observer readers’ editor and will update this post when we receive a reply.

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  1. Antisemitic poison from these sources? Shome Mishtake, surely.
    “Iran held nationwide, democratic polls” – ROFL. These people are truly demented.

  2. If Israel and/or Jews had such power over Western governments – then why the hell are those same governments voting 100% of the time to support and give financial aid to Islamofascist terrorists?

  3. You know who else thought Jews controlled all the US foreign policy strings? The dude who stabbed three people in Portland, OR, for one. The guy who blew up the Manchester concert for another.

    Fun times on planet Earth.

      • Stephen you are being hypocritical asking questions of others when you have, time and time again, demonstrated that you are incapable or unwilling to answer questions when they are put to you.
        But I suppose that hypocrisy pales into insignificance when compared to the ignorant, and fact free, anti-Semitic fantasies you indulge yourself in on this and other websites.

        Get well soon Stephen, or failing that do humanity a favour and ‘top’ yourself.

      • I have a brain, Shitstain. Which means I read stuff. The Portland stabber posted many comments about the Zionist Occupied Government, i.e. the ZOG. I would think the ZOG joins you in bed every night. Or at least creeps into your room and move your shoes around.

        As for your boy in Manchester, do you really doubt he believes Israel is a White Man’s Paradise taking over land from the Brown Arabs of the world so as to implement some kind of Imperialist entity backed by all the Jewish Bankers on Planet Earth? I mean, how is that unreasonable to assume our Manchester bomber and his buddies would think what all anti-Semitic douchecanoes have to say?

        I think the bigger question, Shistain, is why do you always have to broadcast your batshittery? What makes you so special other than the ability to think via your asshole and not your brain? Sure, it’s a trick until you realize there is no brain, and that all there is is an asshole.

  4. Yes, um…of course. The Observer knows that middle America has a perennial need for bogeymen and the Jews are pulling the strings. Fascinating.

  5. The UK government has also adopted the position that Israeli colonies east of the green line are illegal. I guess y’all have adopted that position too ?

    • False statement. The US government’s official position that that Jewish communities east of the green line are problematic in terms of resolving the conflict, but not that they are illegal.

      One must add that EU funded Palestinian settlements in Area C are completely illegal and a flagrant violation of international law as they violate that Oslo Accords, which up building and infill construction in Israeli towns and villages do not. Were the same standards of hyperbole to be applied, the EU is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide, it’s leaders are guilty of war crimes and should be brought up on charges at the ICC court in the Hague.

      Thank god the UK is leaving the EU so as not to be implicated in that mess!

    • Obviously, if there are colonies in Israel, then there must be some banana boats. Where are the banana boats?

      Maybe you’ve got a colonoscopy on your mind. Which makes sense since your brain (as we’ve established) is really your asshole.

      So prodding your brain (thinking) means prodding your asshole (colonoscopy)…..

      It’s great so see you live up to your nickname, Shitstain.

      • I’m just wondering how many Britain’s colonies were found to be illegal by the British gov’t., and do they know that their trousers are around their ankles.