Hezbollah humiliated on streets of London as their Al Quds Day protest is blocked by pro-Israel activists.

Written by Richard Millett

Hezbollah terror flag at front of Al Quds Day parade.

Hezbollah terror flag at front of Al Quds Day parade in London

We came we saw we conquered! While the Hezbollah Al Quds Day terror parade was allowed to take place on Sunday 18th June in the heart of London’s West End a group of 20 to 30 pro-Israel activists stepped out into the road to block the march no sooner than after it had just started.

The 300 or so Hezbollah supporters looked frustrated and bemused after expecting their usual easy ride shouting their slogans calling for Israel’s destruction.

Anti-semites will continue to block us from their anti-Israel meetings and have us thrown out of their anti-Israel events by making up accusations that we “disrupt” but they can’t stop us taking it to them on the streets of London.

As soon as the Iranian-regime inspired terror parade had set off down Portland Place from the BBC we stepped out in front of the Hezbollah supporters and for the next hour all they could do was watch as we chanted at them “TERRORISTS, OFF OUR STREETS!” while we walked slowly and danced to Israeli tunes down Portland Place and Oxford Street to the old American Embassy where Hezbollah held their terror rally accusing “Zionists”, inter alia, of causing the tragic Grenfell fire.

How in 2017 is a terror organisation like Hezbollah with a rifle emblazoned on its flag allowed to parade through London?

Is the British Jewish community so ill-considered, so small that we are so easily sacrificed? Would the authorities allow Al Qaiada or ISIS parades?

There is no political wing of Hezbollah. It is impossible. The movement has targeted and murdered so many Jews throughout the years that it is incredible that in 2017 our mayor and government allows a terror group with blood on its hands to parade through London.

Lets hope this is the last year this parade of hate is allowed. If not then we need everyone out next year to oppose this terror movement.

With thanks to Israel Advocacy Group and Yochy who put their heart and soul into today and to Kay Wilson who survived a terror attack in Israel, eventhough her friend didn’t, and who spoke at today’s pro-Israel rally while bravely having to confront, once again, the same terror mindset which targeted her and her friend in Israel.

Photos and footage:

This is just after we step out in front of them:

Al Quds Day paraders are clueless as we step out in front of them.

Al Quds Day paraders are clueless as we step out in front of them.

Al Quds Day paraders on their way as we walk slowly in front.

Al Quds Day paraders on their way as we walk slowly in front.

Al Quds Day paraders were stopped for about 15 minutes here as they turned into Oxford Street.

Al Quds Day paraders were stopped for about 15 minutes here as they turned into Oxford Street.

It becomes our march, not theirs.

It becomes our march, not theirs.

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  1. Just how can a Hezbollah march be openly allowed in the UK? The Mayor should ban them both as hate speech and as provocation to public order.

    I don’t expect he’d allow a “we love London Bridge killers” parade.

    • Reason – because they have been permitted by the authorities, the Home Office and the Met Police to do so for over 20 years and the Board of Deputies refused to call for their banning!
      Outside the Syrian Embassy in Belgrave Sq many years ago the Jewish Students held a protest demanding the release of the MIA’s captured by Syria at the battle of Sultan Yaakob in 1982. Instead of just permitting Jews to demonstrate for a humanitarian cause the Met Police permitted Hezbollah to demonstrate as well and brought in 3 40ft containers stacked one on top of another as a dividing wall. When the Met Officer in charge was asked why the Hezbollah flags were permitted as they were a prescribed terrorist organization in the UK, the female officer said she was in charge and it was OK. Is this the same women now in charge of the Met Police?

    • It was NOT a Hezbollah march. The flag is also a symbol of the political wing.

      ““The number one duty of the Mayor is to ensure that Londoners are safe. “? Had the pro-Israeli faction stayed home it would have been safer, surely.

      Note that no rubber bullets, tear gas and the occasional live fire was not used on the demonstrators as happens regularly in Israel.

        • Excuse me while I wipe the Michael Farmer off the bottom of my shoe. Yes you would have loved the pro-Israel faction to have stayed at home after all your object is to prevent the voice of truth being heard so you can propagate your terrorist lies. So infected with the constant drip drip of lies are you that right now you probably do not know what the truth is anymore.

      • Hezbollah translated means Party of God. You’re with the Party of God, MFer? That’s cute. You think God loves you? You think you do God’s work? You think your bloated ignorance and dipshit thinking is what God put you here for? So that you can portray yourself as a thinker and not a stinker?

        That’s so funny, I think you made God laugh.

        The rubber bullets come when there’s a riot and Molotov cocktails. Or when Party of God folk decide to start stabbing people. Anyone stabbed during this march? Ergo, no rubber bullets.

        But why don’t you go blow up a pizzeria? That’ll show God how much you love Him.

      • Are you naturally stupid and bigoted or do you have to work hard at it? So the flag of the ‘political wing’ features a rifle. What does the flag of the militant wing feature?

    • Why not? If he tried to stop one he’d be accused of Islamophobia. Same applies to Cressida Dick and Amber Rudd.

      • I’m a dog owner. My dogs are not treated like Hezbollah. My dogs get food, fresh water, and exercise. They have a comfortable home and live out their lives quite happily. Are you sure Israel treats Palestinians like dogs?

        MFer, you’re so bitter! You hate dogs. You hate Palestinians. You hate Jews. Is there anyone but the Party of God you are willing to give any credence to?

        • Hezbollah is Lebanese, not palestinian. They are essentially the terrorist arm of Iran. You’re so racist, you think all arabs are the same. I assure you, are a very diverse culture. Groups like Hezbollah make it harder for peaceful Muslims.

          • Hezbollah means Party of God. That was pretty much the crux of my argument.

            As to my “racism”, I don’t like particular people. As in, Individuals. In the world of this chatter box board, those people are currently MFer and Shit Stain. If you’re so full of yourself that you think a direct response to one of two hate monger cowards is my general perspective to the entire Arabian peninsula, then you surely are mistaken.

            “Groups like Hezbollah make it harder for peaceful Muslims.” <<< Could the be why I said MFer hates Palestinians?

            You either need a reading class or reading glasses. Best of luck!

            • Hezbollah does not mean ” Party of God”. It is a name. Names don’t have meaning. They are not really part of language at all.

              • You obviously don’t know any Arabic. This is no crime. But your making assumptions without having a knowledge of the language confirms my previous opinion of you.

                It also explains your political stance – based on ignorance

                • Margie I am not talking about Arabic but the nature of referring expressions. Read your Saul Kripke young lady.

                  • LOL
                    A party called PartyofGod in English would mean PartyofGod just as Labour’s name signals its proletarian concerns, Really you are a disappointment.

              • I’m sure the members of Hezbollah appreciate your lack of appreciation for their love of self-identification.

                Shit Stain, are you familiar with Alex Jones? He seems to be your kind of news reporter.

              • “Names don’t have meaning. They are not really part of language at all.” – congratulations, you have now posted the stupidest comment on the internet.

                • Leah I am happy to be in the company of the greatest living philosopher. Perhaps the greatest of all time.

      • Then you blame your leadership who steal the international aid funds, who use these to line their own pockets, to buy rockets and build assault tunnels instead of housing, who apply them to warfare instead of welfare. And you blame your self for electing them.

  2. Also at Richard’s latest brave effort to stand up for Israel, the Grenfell fire was used by a speaker s a way of attacking Israel.

    No chance of prosecuting this speaker for hate speech, I suppose:

    At a rally outside the US Embassy following the march, one speaker blamed this week’s tragic fire at west London’s Grenfell Tower public housing project on “Zionists.”

    “Some of the biggest supporters of the Conservative Party are Zionists,” the speaker ranted. “They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell. The Zionist supporters of the Tory Party.”

    Many of the marchers brandished signs calling for a boycott of the State of Israel. A number of flags of the Lebanese Islamist terror organization Hezbollah were also in evidence, including one at the front of the protest that was tied atop a Palestinian flag.

    An energetic counter-rally organized by British Jewish organizations under the banner “Stand Against Hate” was staged close to the route of the march. Protesters waved Israeli flags and chanted “terrorists, off our streets.”

  3. A city that allows the hatred and intolerance of Hezbollah to fill its streets deserves no sympathy when Islamist savages commit terrorism on its soil or Islamist barbarism is met by revenge attacks. The first step to stopping the attacks is to not tolerate hatred and incitement in the first place

    • If you let hatred in, don’t protest when the hatred is directed at the ‘wrong’ target

    • it’s not the city that gets murdered, idiot, it’s people- including those that have nothing but contempt for khan

      • The city’s job should be to protect its citizens, not let Islamist thugs walk its streets. You tolerate Islamist thugs, you get what Islamist thugs offer

  4. what about that video circulating at present showing someone trying to report a crime and the copper condescendingly sending her along, telling her to go educate herself, when, by all evidence on the video, he’s the one who doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what the law provides and his key function in enforcing the law? did the police hinder the Israel counter demo at all, in light of this background and that which regularly sees stuff cancelled on campus because there’s not enough security personnel to guarantee student safety in exercising the basic and fundamental freedoms of association and speech?

    • sorry, meant to specify at the end: free speech and association when it comes to anything remotely favorable about Israel. The freedoms are guaranteed for everyone else, as authorization for this march confirms.

  5. Is it any wonder that we have terrorist attacks in London, Manchester, Westminster, Borough Market, when these hate marches are free to spew their hate in the streets? The London Mayor and the British Government are in part guilty of these attacks, as they allow this kind of hate marches. They should remember, what you allow = what you sow, you will reap.