‘Historian’ Avi Shlaim goes to St. James’s Church in London to slam Israel’s creation.

Written by Richard Millett

Rt Rev Michael Langrish appealing for money for Palestinians in northern Israel's

Rt Rev Michael Langrish appealing for money for Palestinians in northern Israel’s “refugee camps”.

Historian Avi Shlaim was invited to speak on Balfour and Palestine: From Balfour to May on Tuesday night at St James’s Church in central London.

St James’s is a church hostile to Israel and no expense is spared. In 2013 St James’s dedicated its entire Christmas to demonising Israel’s security wall at a cost of £30,000.

St James’s knows how to harness extremists’ hatred for Israel and on the way out on Tuesday The Rev Lucy Winkett was beaming with pride at seeing 300 people in her church. One can only imagine the usual turnout on Sunday mornings.

Su McClellan, of Embrace the Middle East (see below), set the dire tone for the evening when she described Shlaim’s family as simply having “left Iraq for Israel for various reasons”.

Those “various reasons” might have included the Farhud massacre visited on Baghdad’s Jewish community in 1941 which was followed up with continued oppression and confiscation of property by the Iraqi government. Shlaim’s father lost everything it seems. None of this was mentioned.

Farhud and Hamas were the main words totally absent from Shlaim’s talk. He blamed the lack of peace between Israel and the Palestinians solely on Israel. He claimed “settlements only are continuing the conflict.”

Shlaim seems proud to be a part of the British establishment. Throughout the evening he repeated that he married the great-grand-daughter of David Lloyd George and said that although “his wife was proud of her great-grand-father she was ashamed of the role he played in Palestine”. Palestine, he said, had been “wiped off the map”.

Lloyd George was Britain’s PM at the time of the Balfour Declaration which promised a national home to the Jewish people “in Palestine”. Shlaim ascribed the Declaration to Lloyd George’s “anti-semitic view that the Jews were uniquely influential.”

Meanwhile, Shlaim repeated Christian metaphors to appeal to his audience. He condemned Winston Churchill as a “dog in a manger” for overly praising Jews during the 1936 Peel Commission and he criticised the “old historians who stick to Israel’s beginning as one of immaculate conception”.

Quite incredibly Shlaim then praised Ilan Pappe as his inspiration. Pappe has been described by Benny Morris as “one of the world’s sloppiest historians”. Pappe has also been caught on film agreeing propaganda may be more important than facts.

Shlaim then claimed the Balfour Declaration meant Palestine had been “twice promised”, having already been promised by the British to the leader of the Arab world, via an exchange of letters, in return for Arabs fighting the Muslim Ottomans during World War One.

Shlaim continued that the “intrusion of a foreign entity in the shape of the Zionist movement showed a total disregard (by the British) for the indigenous population”.

He concluded by praising the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC dedicates itself to the demonisation and eradication of Israel) and saying that only recognition of a Palestinian state as a UN member can “save Israel from itself”.

During the Q&A Shlaim defended the Labour Party against “alleged anti-semitism within the Labour Party” and praised Jeremy Corbyn (warning: this kicks off a bit):

Shlaim should watch the film Whitewashed: Anti Semitism in the Labour Party.

At the end Rt Rev Michael Langrish gave a fundraising appeal for the church’s Embrace the Middle East charity to raise money for the Palestinians (this despite the Palestinian Authority having paid out $1bn to Palestinian terrorists over the last four years).

Last year the appeal was for Gaza. This year it was for Palestinians in the “occupied West Bank” and….Israel.

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  1. So Shlaim, never one to waste an opportunity to his brother, is at it again. What I am noticing is that the lies he tells, which have been debunked, now sound a bit time worn. It all used to sound so new and fresh. What happened, Avi?
    Palestine wiped off the map and immaculate conceptions? This hilarious stuff.

  2. ‘ “old historians who stick to Israel’s beginning as one of immaculate conception”. ‘

    As opposed to Shlaim and his fellow travellers who believe in the grubby misconception of an alleged Palestinian state.

  3. Let’s see, the Jewish diaspora manages to return to their ancestral lands, continuously populated by at least some Jews in numerous towns and cities throughout the time since 70 C.E., and invaded in the meantime by numerous outsiders, they — the Zionists — garner the support of the League of Nations as the erstwhile invading forces who transmogrified into the Ottoman Empire collapse in the aftermath of the First World War, they are designated to obtain about 17% of the Palestine Mandate while the Arabs get about 83%, they agree to allow all the contending religions (that they are contending while allegedly worshipping one God is itself astonishing) access to their holy sites. they agree to negotiate about all the key issues, they allow for basic human rights including the rights of nonbelievers, they are immediately invaded by numerous armies, who they defeat more than once, they are attacked by terrorist organizations, with whom they have to cope as best they can — yet it is the ISRAELIS who are uniquely to blame in this long saga???

  4. Slaim ( slime) is the kind of self-hating Jew who is doing everything in his power to “cleanse” himself of the “stigma” of being Jewish. I, too, wish he hadn’t been born Jewish. His comments would be objectionable no matter what, but his being Jewish adds extra vitriol to what he says. And the anti-semites lap it up . “If a Jew says all these things, they must be true.” He is obviously suffering for being Jewish. When an animal is suffering, we put it out of its misery. Unfortunately, euthanasia is forbidden for humans.

  5. ” Shlaim should watch the film Whitewashed: Antisemitism in the Labour Party “.

    Well I just watched it and I can’t stop laughing. A more amateurish piece of raw propaganda from a bunch of usual suspects it is difficult to imagine.

  6. Anti-Semites will be our best friends”
    -T Herzl. Of course, London was sending warships to Haifa 1840s, Jew-less in Parliament until 1895

    • “Jew-less in Parliament until 1895”
      Is that a fact Matt?
      Clearly it is not a fact, if you had bothered to check you would have read the following.
      “In 1858, after a ten-year campaign led by David Salomons, the first Jewish lord mayor of London, the Jewish Relief Act was passed granting full civil and political rights to Jews. The first Jewish MP, Baron Lionel de Rothschild, took his seat the same year. Benjamin Disraeli, who was from a Jewish family, became Prime Minister in 1868. ”

      To further enlighten your dismal knowledge of Parliamentary History, Lionel de Rothschild was first elected in 1847 but was not allowed to take his seat until 1858. But why let a little thing such as fact, history or the truth get in the way Matt McLaughlin clue-less since birth.

        • Stephen if you have ANY evidence that the content of my post is incorrect, or that the link to the website of Parliament is incorrect, then either put it up or shut up!

          • Stephen just to save you attempting to dig yourself even deeper into that pit of your own ignorance, and a very deep pit it is.
            This is a link to the debate in Hansard when Baron Lionel de Rothschild was finally allowed to take up his seat in the House of Commons.

            If I have a choice between the incontrovertible record and history of Parliament and a lying, cowardly, sack of anti-Semitic pus such as you Stephen, then I choose the records and history of Parliament.

            But, thank you again Stephen for clearly demonstrating why your credibility is lower than a snake’s belly in a wheel rut.

  7. Weren’t Pappe and Shlaim Communists? By definition, that would make their writing unreliable.