Guardian manages to ruin an accurate EPA photo caption on Al-Aqsa protests

As  you’ll see, all the Guardian had to do to avoid misleading readers in a photo they recently published (The 20 photographs of the week, July 29th), depicting protests over Israeli security measures at the Temple Mount, was to use the original EPA photo caption.

Here’s the original EPA photo and caption we’re referring to:


We’ve highlighted nine particular words in the caption for a reason which will become clear when you read the Guardian’s version of the caption:


Their caption omitted the key words “following an attack on Israeli police at the site” from the original EPA version, thus giving readers who didn’t closely follow events in Jerusalem that week no idea why the security measures, including the temporary closure of the mosque, were implemented. 

The Guardian continues to excel at finding new and creative ways to distort the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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  1. The Guardian lies and misrepresents. Nothing new here. Just that it wasn’t like that 50 years ago.

  2. Of course they wouldn’t mention that. Or the fact that weapons were stockpiled in the mosques. Or that two Israeli police were murdered in cold blood at the holiest site in Judaism and supposedly one of the holiest sites in Islam. Let alone that what these masked terrorists were “protesting” were measures that you’d see in any airport, sporting event or large convention.

  3. Weren’t all Palestinian Arab “armed wings” of Fatah and other non-governmental groups banned under the Oslo Accord so that the PA retained a state-like monopoly on legitimate coercive power? That terror groups such as the Al-Aqsa Brigades continue to exist, and that the West ignores this obvious violation, is one key indicator among many that Palestinian Arabs have no interest in building their own Arab state but are intent on destroying the world’s only Jewish one.
    If nothing else, the Waqf’s response to the unprovoked terror murders of the Israeli Druze police confirms that the Muslims simply cannot be trusted with the religious rights of any non-Muslim groups. Again, to the West’s disinterest – until, that is, Muslim supremacist replacement theology establishes itself a bit more firmly in Europe. Then only will things begin to change.