In the Indy, Roger Waters suggests US media conspiracy to silence his anti-Israel views.

Roger Waters isn’t given the opportunity to discuss his anti-Israel activism in the US media or on late night talk shows because of a conspiracy to silence him, according to an interview the former Pink Floyd front man gave to RT, as reported by The Independent.

Here’s the opening of the Indy article by Clarisse Loughrey (Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters says US media ignores anti-Israel sentiment, Aug. 11th):

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has criticised the stances of both the US media, and fellow musicians, on Israel.  When asked by RT why the issue isn’t more openly discussed by the US media, he answered with what a producer for PBS reporter Charlie Rose had allegedly told him: “We’re not quite sure, but it comes from above. So, you can figure it out for yourself. It’s not rocket science.”

Now, here’s a clip of the RT interview to hear his response in context, and learn that the question specifically pertained to why Roger Waters’ anti-Israel activism “isn’t more openly discussed” in the media.

First, the complaint by Waters, who has an estimated net worth of $245 million, that he’s being effectively ‘silenced’ is absurd.

Moreover, Waters’ belief in some sort of media conspiracy (“from above”) to avoid giving him airtime needs to be seen in the context of other risible assertions, including his complaint that the “extraordinarily powerful Jewish lobby” frightens many celebrities away from joining BDS, his claim that Israel was arguably the most oppressive regime on the planet and that the state’s oppression of the Palestinians is on par with the Nazis’ treatment of Jews.

Perhaps the reason why editors, producers and executives don’t want Waters discussing BDS is quite simple:  As much as they may love the music of Pink Floyd, they’re understandably hesitant to amplify and legitimise political views which are unhinged, conspiratorial and sometimes antisemitic.  The anonymous source cited by Waters is certainly right about one thing: it sure isn’t rocket science. 

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  1. Waters is a racist and bigot. It is his hatred of Jews that is the one on par with the Nazis

  2. When he’s invited on a talk show, it’s because of his artistry not for an exploration of his political views. That his views on the Israeli-Arab conflict are deeply uninformed and arise from an ill-disguised anti-Jewish animus, which is why he resorts to antisemitic tropes and to believe such errant nonsense, suggests that to the extent the “Media” is uniformly disinterested in asking him about, it is best seen as a tender mercy accorded him. His legacy should be his music though he’s trying hard to replace it with a legacy of support, in the face of facts, history and common sense, for undeserving, illiberal, anti-Western entities. Waters is living proof of Mark Twain’s observation that it’s not what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, but what you know that “ain’t so.”

  3. Who else thinks there’s a conspiracy to silence them? A conspiracy that is, in effect, a power of the Jews? Why the Klan, and neo-Nazis, and the jokers on the alt-Right: Alex Jones, David Duke, Steve Bannon.

    Roger is no different than the losers chanting Nazi slogans and (eventually) murdering folks via car ramming yesterday. He just won’t admit it.

    Because Roger Waters is an uneducated buffoon who actually can’t do anything but promote violence. He is, in effect, just like one Donald J Trump.

    That Kill-the-Israeli really looks great on you, Rog. Stay KKKlassy and useless.

      • I’m sorry, but can you show me the leaders of BLM or Antifa? No, you can’t. But I can name you David Duke as the Klanman, and Omar Barghouti as BDS. I will show you how weak those movements are by explaining the hypocrisies and weaknesses of those specific people.

        To me, the Antifa are the kids who dress up in black and hide their faces and destroy buildings and storefronts. Those were not the people run over in Charlottesville on Saturday. Furthermore, Black Lives Matter isn’t an organized group; they have no leadership. It is a movement, a saying, an acknowledgement that police forces in America have a hard time dealing with black people.

        So take that as you will. I have no idea what you’re trying to prove to me other than you want to lash out at the Left. To which I say, what else is new, and how do you think that’s going to help?

          • If you want to talk extremists, be specific. The two groups you pointed are far from specific. BLM and Antifa didn’t die at Charlottesville; Heather Heyer did. As far as I know, the people who were called Antifa by the Fascists themselves were simply people against the Fascists.

            The Right has this problem of wanting to silence all dissent by grouping them under one name, one wing. Your political opponents are not that simple, Jeff. We are multi-functional with concerns that span the spectrum. Don’t peg your political enemies because it’s only a hop, skip, and jump to you getting pegged in much the same way.

            If you’re not an Infowarrior, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you that you sound like one? So that you can smooth out those batshit edges?

            If so, then please understand that not everyone fighting Fascists is part of Antifa.

            • Someone very well could have died from antifa violence. Many were injured. Please don’t call them kids.
              I don’t need to prove my revulsion of white supremacists for you.
              And there is nothing heroic about about destroying property either, nor vigilantism.

              • It’s nice to see how you group people you don’t like into bite sized portions of understanding. And you still have enough time to read in-between the lines.

                Do you live in the South? How would you feel about Germany keeping its Nazi statues up for historical purposes? You ought to look up the mayor of New Orleans speech on why he decided to take down Conferdate statues in New Orleans.

                Don’t group me with racists, but I don’t care what Black people think about Confederate monuments. That’s a great way to live.

                • Oh, I see, you want to bring the statue issue into this. All of a sudden statues need to be brought down and “peaceful protesters” get the government contract for demolition, is that right? IMV, some of those statues really ought to come down, but some others perhaps shouldn’t. War memorials are not necessarily celebrations of support for a cause. But, it really shouldn’t be up to a mob to decide that, should it? It’s not about whom I like or don’t like in this case, it’s about good, stable, democratic governance over mob rule.

                  “Don’t group me with racists, but I don’t care what Black people think about Confederate monuments.”
                  No, don’t group ME with racists, don’t put words in MY mouth, and grow up.

            • “The Right has this problem of wanting to silence all dissent by grouping them under one name, one wing” – oh, the left doesn’t do it,eh? Your total lack of self-awareness is no longer surprising, but pathetic nonetheless.

              • All Right Wingers on this site consider all anti-Israel journalists and activists to be part of the Left Wing, is that fair to say? Even when those anti-Israel journalists and activists are themselves acting like Right Wing Nationalist Fascists. Case in point is Electronic Intifada (who echo the Klan in every aspect of anti-Semitic rhetoric) and the Tamimis. Those players are not Left Wing any more than you, Leah, are a Nazi sympathizer.

                That was the original point I tried to make for Jeff as he sat at his keyboard and made the cool assessment that BLM and Antifa are not only one and the same with the marchers marching against neo-Nazis, but that they are hypocrites too.

                So if you read the thread, the question is, How surprising is it NOT to hear this lack of logic from fellow posters on this site who happen to be Right Wing; and, What good did you think that was going to do? You know, make the association between those who fight Fascists as being all of Antifa.

                But you don’t like to read. You just like to whine about the Left. Like Jeff. Which means, I shouldn’t be surprised that you decided to weasel in with some noted disdain. Trust me, Hon, it goes both ways.

                  • jeff21st and koufaxmitzvah it isn’t important whether someone considers, or describes themselves, as being Right or Left.
                    What is important is whether their actions and what they say or write is Right or Wrong.
                    Being labelled ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ doesn’t mean a lot as most of us, apart from those who are unable to think for themselves and automatically support a cause if it is described as ‘Right’ or ‘Left’, tend to vary on any spectrum depending on the issue.
                    For example when it come to economics I support a mixed economy with the state playing a major role in it. But when it comes to Law and Order because of the work I used to do and my experiences with victims of crime, I am not Victorian in my approach I am Medieval.

                    • The point seems to be elusive. If one is going to group people for criticism, then one will get grouped himself. If Jeff wants to talk about BLM and Antif as if he understands everything about them and the people who support them, then he should expect the same in return. Simple stuff.

                    • koufaxmitzvah off topic I know but with all we see on TV and online about the Hurricane that is devastating parts of Texas I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and well.

                • “All Right Wingers on this site consider all anti-Israel journalists and activists to be part of the Left Wing, is that fair to say? ”

                  No, it isn’t. Not that I’m a “Right Winger” which I believe you mean anyone to the right of center. But, what I think they see is what I and other liberals I know see, namely, that anti-Israel campaigning has become quite prominent on the left. That is where it is becoming mainstreamed. It’s a problem you seem unwilling to grapple with.

                  • Okay, Jeff. You’re a liberal. Sure. And all of BLM is under one blanket. Same with Antifa. And the Nazis storming Charlottesville just represent one side of an argument.

                    I guess I got confused when, during the Obama years, you spent so much time bashing Obama for being anti-Israel, like a lot of the posters here did.

                    No matter what you say, it’s still fair for me to say. And that’s pretty much all I’ll say other than, if you think you’re actually a liberal, then it’s a wonder that you can blanket The Left as willingly as you do.

            • My political opponents, as you call them, are antisemites, racists, the historically illiterate for the sake of political convenience, connivance and expediency, and your garden variety totalitarians. The left/right thing is your obsession.

      • You seem as shocked as I would be if I saw you pouring Russian hooker piss all over your face so that you could obtain that special orange glow of our Dear Leader.

        You also seem to support Nazis marching through Charlottesville. I mean, that’s a shocker.

        But, yes, Leah, let’s play identity politics. I spy a dipshit with a one-line brain who hates Obama so she voted for a White Supremacist.

    • At least Waters seems to be consistent – plagiarise antisemites, (allegedly) plagiarise cover art. Wonder which one might have given him the idea for the other?

  4. Nazi Farmer claims to not be a Nazi. Nazi Farmer claims Israel doesn’t equate Jews. Nazi Farmer claims Israel is the land where Jews behave like Nazis.

    Nazi Farmer claims that other people don’t think clearly.

    I did Nazi that coming.

  5. Roger is right any one with half a brain need only research this information to find the truth.the media in America is run by Jews. Not all Jews support the zionist semitic refers to a language .which turns out to be the Arabs. So don’t trust my word or Rogers .get of your lazy arses and find out for yourselfs. And don’t call me antisemitic I like arabs

    • “..any one with half a brain..”
      Dear Barmy based on your post that is all you posses.
      Get well soon, or sit quietly In a corner, eat your own excrement and choke on it.

  6. Evidently roger waters doesn’t know much about why Israel has to defend themselves against muslims/Palestinians and has not studied history.

    This is not really a question of “Palestine” it is about “islam”
    And the forced conversion to islam or die.
    Israel, an insignificant country slightly smaller than New Jersey in square miles is beset on all sides by over 400 million muslims who have repeated said they want to annihilate Israel (Iran for example)
    History lesson for roger
    Israel has their country taken from them by the Romans in 72AD
    Centuries before the first crusade, there were already over 500 jihads within a thousand mile radius, to just about every European country committing rapine, torture, human dismemberment, murder, be-headings and all the victim’s of these atrocities had to be guilty of was simply not wanting to convert to islam.
    Forced conversion, just as they are doing now in countries like Sudan, like Egypt and many others.
    All you have to do is google victims wouldn’t convert to islam so they were killed.

    Take London as an example (whether Palestinian or not is irrelevant)
    of how muslims act around “infidels” with over 1400 rapes and branding’s with the letter “M”(mohammad) to 6 and 7 year old little girls just because they are “infidels”-ALL by muslim gangs. LITTLE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Before the Jews even got their country back on May 14, 1948, lets go back 19 years to 1929.
    Riots and massacres, i.e. atrocities committed by the Palestinians to their Jewish victims.
    Study these ROGER!

    Riots & Massacres of 1929-
    Hebron Massacre 1929 -Arab Revolt of 1936-1939
    Qassam rockets Fired at Sderot & other towns
    Since the Palestinian terrorists targeted mostly civilians, thousands of Israeli civilians were killed by the Palestinians roger seems to want to protect.
    What happened back in 1929, the 6 day war in 1967, and any other muslim country, Palestinian or not, all all connected.
    History is not merely repeating itself because for that to happen, the implication is that there would have to be and end and a beginning.
    Not so with islam.
    The religion of violence has never stopped it’s murderous atrocities so that it CAN begin anew.

    We see islamic motto’s such as “Act like you are his friend. Then kill him,” said by Mubarak Ali Gilani in his recruitment video
    Holy Islamville Community center in York County, South Carolina
    The religion is all about rapine, murder, violence, torture, subjugation and slavery throughout the world.
    Not to mention the incestuous marriages resulting in birth defects and limited mentalities, 40 to 50 percent in some countries in the middle east and up to 80% in Sudan. Yet this mindset thinks it has the right to attack anything that resembles a Jew!
    Islam is the epitome of deception and human pain, bent on world domination.
    Are the torture’s, the be-headings, human dismemberment, rapine and murders done in the name of islam whether they are Palestinian or not, evil?

  7. Roger Waters stays completely silenot about Arab violence and anti Semitic incitement, maximalist goals, human rights violations, educational malfeasance, etc. I wonder why? Is there anyone twisting his arm that kees him from expounding on those important subject? Or is he just your run of the mill you know what?