Guardian derides Israeli bomb shelters as evidence of the nation’s paranoia.

A photo story about Israeli bomb shelters in today’s Guardian derided this basic security precaution as evidence of the nation’s “siege mentality” – a term denoting unwarranted fears or paranoia.

The caption accompanying the first example continues with this theme:

Of course, bomb shelters were built not because Israelis merely “felt” under threat.  They were constructed because its enemies have, since the state’s founding, launched thousands of rockets into Israeli territory – representing an entirely rational security measure than any nation facing a comparable threat would implement.  

Today, terrorist groups positioned on Israel’s borders (such as Hezbollah) continue to threaten the state with huge arsenals of increasingly sophisticated long-range rockets, and Iran issues bellicose threats to annihilate the ‘Zionist entity’ while developing the means to do so. 

The Guardian has again demonstrated its unique capacity to impute pathos to nearly every aspect of Israeli life.

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  1. This must have been written by someone who was never in Israel. Using emotional and pathological psychology terms to describe the quantity of Israel’s effective defensive measures against irrational, implacable and violent neighbors is just another Jew-hater technique to position Israelis as anti-peace, because it justifies for them why Israel is always irrationally resistant to peace efforts of their benign Arab neighbors.

  2. How the need for the shelters in the case of rocket attacks not being obvious is beyond delusional. I would bet that they argue, “but the rockets hardly ever kill anyone.” Of course, these egregious hypocrites would never put themselves in the same situation.

  3. Nest time a journalist whose writings can be shown to be dishonest or biased wants an interview or meeting with some high ranking Israeli official he/she should be granted it only under the condition that it takes place in Sderot or some other place in Israel on the “front line”.

    (The same practice could perhaps also be adopted for visiting anti-Israel politicians or functionaries – whether national or trans-national – e.g European Union or UN – inflicting themselves upon the Israelis by dint of their official positions or areas of activities.)

    • It would have to be conducted with secrecy. The terrorists waited until western cameras left Gaza to start rocket attacks. If word gets out that a high-profile western journalist is in Sderot, then they’ll probably delay again.

    • Hard to think of a journalist that couldn’t get by without interviews with ” some high ranking Israeli official”. Who cares about high ranking Israeli officials. Heard one heard them all. Same old, same old.

      • No one should care about inane statements from libero-fascists obsessed with looking for angles to demonize Israel. Heard one, heard them all. Same old, same old.

              • Ha! It’s our diversity and robust internal debates that comprise part of our strength. Unlike leftist Brits, we tolerate others and don’t have debate shut-downs.

              • You’re on this site solely to be a jerk: your statements are baseless and you’re always playing the victim when everyone says they hate you. In Internet terms, you’re a mosquito, but please keep thinking of yourself as someone powerful b/c it makes your trolling more amusing

              • You idiot Stephen Bellamy again. Poor baby. By the way, the word you meant is its, not it’s. Learn some facts about Israel and some grammar.

      • Again, who cares about *you,* Stephen Bellamy, and your same old, same old garbage? Go write your anti-Israel garbage somewhere where people will actually believe your lies. You really have nothing better to do than constantly troll this page? Poor, pathetic hater.

  4. One kassam on Guardian HQ would have them running to the basement of their building like frightened mice.

  5. I disagree. I think this was an interesting photography exhibit that for once showed the Israeli side of life. I wouldn’t nitpick the captions–that distracts from the more important points you make with other articles. Just my opinion, of course.