Following UKMW tweet, Independent updates story on death of Palestinian girl

Fatal Palestinian road accidents are, sadly, all too common, and it seems unlikely that The Independent would have reported on the tragic death, on Saturday, of a young Palestinian girl in the West Bank if there wasn’t a ‘settler’ angle.  The girl, Aseel Abu Oun, was killed after an Israeli vehicle struck her on a road which runs through the Jordan Valley.  

Here’s the Indy’s headline accompanying their story on the incident.

The article opens thusly:

An Israeli settler has reportedly been questioned by police after running over and killing an eight-year-old Palestinian girl. Aseel Abu Oun was killed near her village of Furush Beit Dajan in the occupied West Bank. She was leaving a supermarket with a friend when she was hit by the car, Al Jazeera reported.

Then, after citing a Haaretz report that “police detained the driver for questioning and had opened an investigation”, this tendentious paragraph appears:

Members of Aseel’s family told Al Jazeera they had asked for an independent actor to oversee the investigation. “We are used to the Israeli police and their ways of dealing with settler aggression or attacks on Palestinians,” Jawdat Abu Oun, one of Aseel’s relatives said.

So, we decided to contact Mickey Rosenfeld, spokesperson for the Israeli Police, to check on the results of their investigation.  Sure enough, Rosenfeld told us that that police determined it was merely a tragic accident, and they ruled out the possibility of any negligence or criminal actions by the driver .  Since we were doubtful that the Indy was going to follow-up on their own, we relayed this news to the journalist who wrote the article, Samuel Osborne:

A couple of hours later, the Indy added text noting the police conclusion that it was “a regular road accident.”  Though the headline wasn’t changed, the strap line was updated and now reads:

Israeli police say event was ‘regular road accident’


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  1. It is sad that a little girl died as a result of the accident and my heart goes out to her family. I trust that the investigation will look for ways to prevent a similar accident occurring.

    It is a shame that the Palestinians will use her death as a political weapon to bash Israel and Israelis. However, the Palestinians keep looking for reasons and excuses to do so and, if they don’t find any, will make them up.

    • It is a shame that this cageliner pretending to be a newspaper used her death as a political weapon to bash Israel and Israelis.

      • Especially when quite intentional vehicular ramming of Israelis are treated so lightly, whereas when they happen in Europe they’re called terrorist acts. But it all goes along with their use of the word ‘settler’, meant to convey a malevolent alien presence. Quite disgusting.

  2. This “result” was worse than the original. They left the headline, but then included a variation on the “Israel says” meme that so often litters their coverage. A better result would have been for them to just delete the story altogether, and to follow what you described as “their usual practice” for any Pal story that doesn’t have an anti-settler peg to hang it on.

    • You discovered the truth of every Jew-hating shit Bellamy – the Jews are a lying and cheating bunch.
      Sometimes I feel some mild sorry for your kind, not only your utter failures in your private lives on professional, marital, sexual and social fronts, now the cause of your failures – the Jews – are strong and your only way to vent your frustration is trolling on the web.

      • “You are equating a police spokesman in an open, democratic society with that of a totalitarian state.”?

        Ridiculous dishonest reply given that the settler can vote for who rules him yet the Palestinian can’t. Also, the settler was there illegally.

        Suggest that you research ‘democracy’, Jeff.

        • Farmer when did the Palestinian Authority last hold elections?
          When was Abbas last elected to the office of President?
          When did Hamas last hold elections and what happens to you if you vote or campaign against Hamas?

          Suggest you, the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, and Hamas all research ‘democracy’ Farmer.

          • The PA do NOT rule the Palestinians. The Israelis do. The PA police the Palestinians on behalf of Israel who have the ultimate say and action.

            Tell me Gerald, what do you think happens if you vote against Hamas? We all know what Israel and its keeper, the US, do if people DO vote for Hamas.

            So, is that Israel, PA, US and Hamas should ALL research ‘democracy’, Gerald?

              • To be helpful Farmer, as you clearly have the intelligence and attention span of a moth, the questions are;

                “Farmer when did the Palestinian Authority last hold elections?
                When was Abbas last elected to the office of President?
                When did Hamas last hold elections and what happens to you if you vote or campaign against Hamas?”

                Let me know when you have answered them.

              • Local elections were held in the West Bank on 20 October 2012.

                Mahmoud Abbas was elected President of the Palestinian National Authority on 9 January 2005.

                Hamas wished to hold the elections 4 years later in January 2009. Both Hamas and the PA are the Palestinians.

                If you vote against Hamas you will probably get another term of policing for the Israelis by Fatah. We know that if you DO vote for Hamas that Israel and the US will ignore ‘democracy’ and impose restrictions on you. Either way you won’t get democracy because both the West Bank and Gaza are occupied by Israel, as is recognised by the EU.

                Now, is that Israel, PA, US and Hamas should ALL research ‘democracy’, Gerald?

                • “Now, is that Israel, PA, US and Hamas should ALL research ‘democracy’, Gerald?”
                  No, Farmer it is still you, the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas that clearly need to research ‘democracy’.
                  When is Abbas’s Presidential term over? Twelve years seems a long time between elections, or do you disagree and believe that it is Ok that Abbas was elected 12 years ago and not bothered to stand for election since? Noticeable as well that you are attempting to obfuscate Hamas’s actions against those that oppose them.

                  • By the way Farmer, as you appear to have a very short attention span and an even shorter amount of knowledge, you should remind yourself that it was Human Rights Watch who stated that Hamas had committed ‘War Crimes’ against Fatah supporters in Gaza.

        • If you can’t give a serious or accurate answer, then why answer at all? Oh, that’s right, you hate Jews, and are happy to rewrite history, law, and to misrepresent at every opportunity in order to satisfy your obsession.
          But don’t worry, Farmer, the Arabs are such a democratic lot they’ll get around to holding another election within a decades, I’m sure. Who knows, sometime in the future they might even establish authentic democratic institutions, such as a free press, an independent court and the like, and give up their totalitarian, racist aspirations of judenrein “Palestine” for which you and your friends keep chanting in the name of “anti-racist” antisemitism.
          Maybe they’ll even discover a name and identity that actually belongs exclusively to them rather than usurping a name like Palestinian and pretending to be descendants of australopithecus palestinicus. Know what I mean?
          Go tend your crops.

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