General Antisemitism

CST 2016 Antisemitic Discourse Report calls out Daily Telegraph for “Shylock” smear.

CST’s 2016 Antisemitic Discourse report included an example of antisemitism in the mainstream British media.  The article in question, published in February 2016 and written by Daily Telegraph assistant editor Jeremy Warner, was critical of Paul Singer, a well-known Jew who’s the founder of Elliott Management Hedge Fund, for refusing to accept a deal on debt relief.  

The original Daily Telegraph article opened thusly:

Latter day Shylocks at Elliott Management allowing, Argentina will soon have renewed access to international capital markets.”

Near the end of the article, Warner again evoked Shylock:

“Debt restructuring provides a fourth option, yet as both Argentina and Greece have discovered, the trouble with borrowed money is that adjusting its value takes difficult negotiation, frequently obstructed by aggressively litigious hedgies such as Mr Singer demanding their pound of flesh.”

The use of ’Shylocks‘ and ’pound of flesh‘ is of course a reference to the antisemitic caricature of Shylock from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Shylock caricature in Greek political cartoon, 2015

Both Shylock references were removed after complaints from CST.  However, no apology, addendum or explanation of any kind was offered by Daily Telegraph editors.

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    • It would be nice if it was as straightforward as implied at the end of the first sentence.
      I am an unashamed admirer of many of the things achieved by Cromwell during the Protectorate, although my sympathies are more with the Levellers.
      But it really is a myth about Cromwell inviting back the Jews. The situation was far more nuanced and complex than that.
      As usual it had more to do with trade and politics.

      Even then there was a lot of truth in the sentiment that Britain does not have eternal friends or allies only perpetual interests.

        • Stephen do you try really hard to make a complete fool of yourself, or does it just come naturally to you?
          There was not any Irish Holocaust, to use the term Holocaust in such a fashion spits in the faces of the victims and their families of the Holocaust for which you should hang your head in shame..
          If you had bothered to read my post you would have noticed that I wrote my sympathies are more with the Levellers. Your ignorance about the Civil War period in British history is only surpassed by your ignorance about Israel.

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