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UK study: those with strong anti-Israel views are dramatically more antisemitic than the general population

Though it’s often asked if some anti-Israel positions (such as support for BDS) are inherently antisemitic, it always seemed to us more relevant to determine whether the people holding such anti-Israel views also hold explicitly antisemitic views.  In other words: what is the correlation between antisemitic and anti-Israel attitudes in the UK?

Whilst there have been recent efforts to answer this question as it relates to the members of one specific anti-Israel group, CST and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) have produced a major study on antisemitism in Great Britain, including “the first robust empirical documentation” on the link between antisemitic and anti-Israel attitudes in the country as a whole.

The report demonstrates a dramatic disparity between the percentage of the general population who hold antisemitic views and the percentage of those with strong anti-Israel views who hold antisemitic views.

In short, we find that, in the population as a whole, there is a three in ten chance that an individual selected at random would hold some level of antisemitic sentiment. Among those who hold no antipathy towards Israel, that would drop to just over one in ten. However, among those holding the strongest level of anti-Israel views…that possibility climbs to over seven in ten.

To cite one example of this stark disparity, whilst only 8% of the general population in the UK agree with the statement “Jews have too much power in Britain”, the number jumps to 41% among those with strong anti-Israel attitudes.  Additionally, whilst 4% of the general population believe the Holocaust has been “exaggerated”, the number rises to 23% among those who hold strongly anti-Israel views.

This graph illustrates the rest of the results.

As much as anti-Israel activists – and their allies in the media, NGOs and Parliament – like to deny it, this new report by CST and JPR persuasively demonstrates what most Jews in the UK know intuitively: that there is in fact a strong correlation between the obsessive criticism of Israel and hostility towards Jews.

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  1. And the Pope’s Catholic. Tell us something new. The separation of anti-Israel and antisemitic is plain treacherous and leads to the ridiculous conclusion that the far Left is no more antisemitic than the population in general.

    Which pulls the rug from under the feet of all of us in the trenches.

    Is it pure coincidence that JPR is funded by Pears – whose Director of the Antisemitism Institute rubbishes the IHRA Definition?

    Here are the statements the paper says are AI but which are not considered AS:

    Israel is committing mass murder in Palestine = AS
    Israel is deliberately trying to wipe out the Palestinian population =AS
    Israel is an apartheid state = AS
    The interests of Israelis are at odds with the interests of the rest of the world = AS
    Israel has too much control over global affairs = AS
    Israel exploits Holocaust victimhood for its own purposes =AS
    Israel is the cause of all the troubles in the Middle East =AS
    People should boycott Israeli goods and products = Not AS; the only one not AS

    • I think you’re missing the point, Jonathan. As David Collier has shown with his study on PSC, it’s extremely relevant to determine if anti-Israel activists are themselves antisemitic. Whilst Collier showed that PSC members are disproportionately antisemitic, this study, whatever its other flaws, is the first comprehensive study that I know of to show that this is true within the general UK population as well. Proving the correlation is important for our work – as we’ve continually made the point that most who advocate against Israel are motivated by antisemitism. The fact that they chose not to characterize those anti-Israel attitudes you cited as inherently antisemitic is brilliant in a way, as it enabled them to prove that, contrary to the claim by many that you can despise Israel and love Jews, those who hold the most virulent anti-Israel views are indeed antisemitic. That’s the point.

      • It’s you who is missing the point, and Jonathan is 100% correct. Virulent hate of Israel is antisemitic. How many people are virulently anti-China? anti-Finland? anti-Bolivia?/

      • I agree with Jonathan.Only he and me grasped the implications immediately. First we have there is no more antisemiism on the left than in the general population. That means given that the Labour Party spans virtually the whole of the left and some way into the right, there is not a particular AS problem in the LP.

        But it gets better, or worse from Jonathan’s point of view. If you concur with, or make, anti virulent anti Israel statements you are STATISTICALLYmore likely to be antisemitic than you would be if you were Joe general population. That is you are STATISTICALLY more likely to make or concur with, or make anti semitic statements.

        The anti Israel staements/attitudes are not antisemitic and if you want to fairly make this very serious charge against someone making them you are going to have to find some corroborating evidence. You can’t rely on the anti Israel statements because that hopeless fails the circularity test.

        In other words the author/s of the report agree with me. There is NOTHING you can say about The State of Israel that is antisemitic.

        In other words the IHRA definition is dead in the water. This is great protection for the victims of the coming Newmark / JLM witch hunt and others..

        I tip my hat to you Jonathan. Maybe we should meet for a mutual congratulatory pint

    • Hoffman, I won’t be as courteous as Adam, I find your somewhat egotistical put down of this article shameful.
      It puts more light on the subject, and that should be applauded.
      It takes NOTHING away from your efforts, or of any of us “IN THE TRENCHES”
      (Rolling my eyes)

  2. Adam re your headline. That is a lie. It clearly states that this is at a population level, not an individual level. I bet Gerald Ronson is spitting blood. Like those phughers took my money and came up with this.

  3. The confusion between Jews and Israel. All Jews need Israel whose people are governed by Jewish law. Jews not in Israel pray towards Israel and regularly pray that he returns to Jerusalem and Zion. You are not Jewish if you don’t! Whilst technically you are Jewish if your mother is or through conversion. Those who see a difference between Jews of Israel and in the diaspora are usually antisemitic.

    Quran permits Muslim to use lies, deceit and illusion when performing jihad against the infidels and Jews. Quran 3.28 and Hadiths. It is called Taqquiya. That is why so many lies and blood libels and hatred is evident. The problem is Islam 9.29 where the world must become Islam only. All others put to the sword and only Jews who convert with “sincerity ” will survive. As Israel is within what they call the Islamic Caliphate it must be destroyed. No Jews no Christians and any other religion apart from Islam. So no apartheid as they cannot live or exist within. When this is achieved, they will go for places like Spain and Italy and India as these countries were once part of the Caliphate. All countries previously part of their Caliphate need to be ethnically cleansed to achieve their goal. No such thing as peaceful Islam except if you are Muslim!

  4. As night follows day, the demonisation of Israel is bound to whip up anti-Jewish sentiment. Just as demonising China will whip up anti-Chinese feelings.

    People will accept the second (about the Chinese). Why is only the first (involving the Jews) controversial?

  5. Well, duh! Of course the obsession with attacking Israel is rooted in anti-Semitism. Does a single reader here believe that Israel would be under the same global microscope, if the dispute was between Shiites and Sunnis? Or Muslims vs. Christians? Sunnis vs. Kurds? It’s no coincidence that this tiny state, the world’s one and only Jewish state, gets as much attention as the countries on any two continents, combined.

    • “Well, duh! Of course the obsession with attacking Israel is rooted in anti-Semitism”

      Gary the most detailed, comprehensive, professional, objective survey ever, by an organisation as professional and Zionist as it gets, disagrees with you.

      • Anchovies, your obsession with Zionism somehow fails to address what it is. Zionism is merely the belief and action of Judaic autonomy. One is not more of a Zionist than another. One is either Zionist or not.

        Most people are Zionists. By definition.

        And you’re a Nazi. By definition: Prancing around the Internet in virtual thigh high boots, goosestepping to the beat of denying Jews their right to living a life not under constant threat.

        Nazis are a hoot.

  6. The impression I always get is,if you are left of centre…like the now leader of the Labour Party and his followers, you are most certainly Anti- Israel and hide your anti-Semitism behind it….the far Left, only kind of gave the Jewish people the time of day when victims. That today now going by the board, by Holocaust deniers among them. The Far right, have always been far more “up front ” and just admit they are antisemitic!

    • Well you got one Harv. . Not to your liking is it ? I mean the ” International Definition” and the myth that there is a particular problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party, both consigned to the trash can where they belong.

      • “…consigned to the trash can where they belong.”

        Stephen would that be the same rubbish bin that you have been consigned to, or is there no more room with your outsize ego and overblown sense of your own wit and intelligence already in there?

          • “Does it really matter which one ?”

            Stephen it does not matter which dustbin of history you and your vile anti-Semitic fantasies and lies are consigned to.

              • “Gerald if you think I care about history..”

                Stephen of course you do not care about history, that is glaringly obvious from the content of your posts and that risible blog you used to write. It is also obvious that you do not care about truth or logic or morality. Obviously the only thing you care about is your self, the evidence for this is your blatant narcissism which fuels your twisted conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic fantasies.

              • Nope. You’re the same dipshit we’ve read here for over 5 years.

                1500 days of bashing Jews. How has your life improved?

                Do we constitute all your friends, Anchovies? I mean, Shit Stain?