UKMW prompts Times of London correction to claim Arab boycott began in 1967

A Times of London article by Miriam Berger (Bahrain’s King Al Khalifa seeks to end Arab boycott of Israel, Sept. 23) included the following claim:

The Arab boycott of Israel has been in effect since the 1967 Six Day War. Egypt and Jordan, key members of the Arab League, have since signed peace treaties with Israel.

However, as we pointed out to the journalist in a tweet yesterday morning, the Arab boycott began prior to statehood, in 1945, and was in effect the day Israel declared independence in 1948.

We contacted Times of London editors to point out the error, and they upheld our complaint, issuing the following correction in the print edition of today’s paper:

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  1. The Times correction is literally accurate but intentionally misleading. The Arab boycott against the Jews began while the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine was still in effect and three years before the creation of the State of Israel.
    The Times “correction” makes it appear that the Arab boycott was a reaction to Israel’s independence rather than an attack on Jews. If any additional proof of this obvious fact were needed, consider that when Jordan violated its Armistice obligation to make Jewish holy places accessible, they did not simply ban Israeli Jews but all Jews.

  2. The actual date of the Arab boycott began in December of 1945. The Arab League didn’t even wait for the existence of Israel to start it’s fascist boycott, just like the Nazis that they supported

  3. Still banging the drum I see Adam. I hope you are well. I have joined Labour and become mainstream and boring. I recommend it. Extremism exhausts you . Are you not done in defending the fairly indefensible? 🙂 P

    • You completely misunderstood the situation Berchmans. This is not you who became mainstream, hating Jews became mainstream in the UK Labour Party with the help of comrade Corbyn and your joining to this collection of antisemites is logical. The Labour Party now is your natural home together with other Holocaust deniers and final solution dreamers.

      • peter I left the Labour Party 5 years ago because the leadership was weak, (Ed Milliband) and had just lost a by-election in Bradford to the repulsive Galloway and had re-adopted Livingstone as the candidate for Mayor of London coupled with the support Livingstone had for the National Executive Committee from members of the Party it was obvious that it was time for me, after many years of membership and service to the Labour Party, to fold up my tent and move on.

        That decision was obviously correct because on this thread we have Berchmans, “I have joined Labour and become mainstream and boring.”, (You have always been boring you odious little creep), and Stephen Bellamy writing on his own blog, link above, “Even a died in the wool cynic like me was moved to join a political party for the first time in his life.”

        I was right 5 years ago and the poison of anti-Semitism has got worse with these two clowns joining.

        • ” you odious little creep ”

          Im big. Always with the personal insults . But you wouldnt to my face Gerald old pal. When you can communicate decently we can continue the discussion

          • Berchmans not a personal insult a statement of fact, if you find facts insulting that says a lot about you and your narcissism.
            I am not your pal old or otherwise.
            Believe me I would have no problem in saying to your face everything I write about you, that is if I could stop laughing while you stand there trembling and wetting yourself.
            I have no wish to continue any discussion in any form with an odious, cowardly, little anti-Semitic creep such as you.

      • ” The Labour Party now is your natural home together with other Holocaust deniers”

        Now that we have seen the true face of AS in the US we fighters against anti semitism should stick together Like Cable Street . We should be like brothers ….you and me Peter against the bad guys ! 🙂

      • Have you converted to Islam yet Paul? It would seem a natural for you. Almost every other Muslim that you meet would be an active antisemite. Or a naturally potential one at least. And. You can have four wives. Although that’s probably a little late for you.

  4. Thank you Stephen . I find it amusing that you think such nonsense would in any way shift my opinion. When I was a kid an antisemite hated and killed Jews. Now they are people who
    notice when schools filled with children explode .Funny old world.

        • Oh look, Bellamy v Berchmans. A handbags at dawn duel between two narcissistic old divas.
          Pass the popcorn.

          I’m taking bets on Stephen to beat Berchmans.

      • ” if you think I am remotely interested in shifting your opinion ”

        You should be. Adam listens to you. You should be saying “Time for Adam to write an article tackling the recent upsurge in right wing AS in the states . Without sneering at the lefties and religious leaders who were beaten and one killed.

        Then you would change my opinion and I might become a Israeli firster kind of guy!

    • Anyway that is a bit of a misquote is it not ? Surely you meant ” When I was a kid an antisemite was someone who hated and killed Jews now an antisemite is someone that Jews hate” Don’t shoot the messenger we are just discussing quotations here. Paul I mean this entirely benignly ……. You sound awfully tired. Is there not a local ferret fanciers club you could join ?

      • You’re here in bad faith and have been the entire time you’ve been posting. That’s your problem and not anyone else’s. Well, your lack of intelligence is a bigger problem, but you’re more than welcome to exercise your rights and alternate stupid postings with being either screamed at or calmly told you’re a loser (I do the latter, BTW, I’ve never had a yelling moment replaying to your bilge).

        • Stephen , you are a polite person I like that. So is Adam …we have sparred for 10 years but never an angry word. I started posting to the Guardian in 06 as the IDF was attacking Lebanon from memory and I appealed for peace in my very first post but was told I wanted to destroy Israel. In my innocence I thought that I had been misunderstood. I tried to explain that this wasnt the case but literally had a dozen posters call me an antisemite by the end of play. It was then that I first saw the power of the Israeli faction. .

          Hence when someone calls out Corbyn I know it is totally fabricated. On a side issue it is funny in the US to see that right wingers are the real anti semites. Quite satisfying really. You take care. P

        • An attempt to identify me…I expected no less. On CIF people used my name to try to silence me as well including using my facebook photo. The thing I respect Adam for is that he made no effort to disguise his identity . This is brave and I do not do this . You and I are not so far apart eh no?

          He is also an accurate, if slightly pedantic writer who has to find tinier and tinier scraps of evidence for his contention that critics of Israel are motivated by AS .

          The new proof that Jews in America are under attack from the right should bind us and I fear Adam has missed an opportunity .. Instead we get an article moaning that the Anti fa at Charlottesville were hypocritical.

          This obsession with promoting the ” cause ” at the expense of a decent article is what Adam does best.

          None the less I respect him a lot for his bravery

          • On CIF people used my name to try to silence me as well including using my facebook photo.

            Yes. CiF people are just so horrid. Horrid. Some called you Titterton. Paul Titterton. You see. I remember you.

  5. for his contention that critics of Israel are motivated by AS .

    No Hamish! Obsessive critics of Israel are motivated by antisemitism. (Simply hatred of Jews or following Sharia directives). That’s quite different.

  6. ” Obsessive critics of Israel are motivated by antisemitism.”

    But many only criticise Israel eg as the bombs take out schools then go on to some other injustice.. At this moment I am obsessed by Puerto Rico where Americans are dying and Trump is on the third hole at some luxury hotel. . Do you see how it works?

    • Can you link me to where you have expressed your disgust with ISIS? With Assad? With Russia? Or any of the ‘darling’ anti-imperialist’ terror organisations. Who, incidentally, seem to kill far more other Muslims than horrid, horrid, ‘white people’.

    • Berchmans, It’s almost funny how the only way you can respond to Jezza Bella is by attributing slanderous accusations of barbaric intent to Jews. And you make these accusations against a state and its military that have shown again and again that their ability and record of avoiding civilian casualties against their declared enemies is unparalleled by any military in the world. Paul, that makes you sound kind of ignorant. Keep voting for Corbyn, and get those Venezuelan policies in place. It’s an economic miracle.

  7. ” Can you link me to where you have expressed your disgust with ISIS? ”

    I condemn the violence of the British army as way way more horrendous than anything Israel has perpetrated . Since 2003 we have been responsible for many tens of thousands of deaths far far more than Israel. I have made this specific point on CIF possibly a hundred times.I did it to make a point .So that such accusation could be shown to be nonsense.

    As for Russia the attack on Grosny was a putrid act of slaughter.Again maybe 20 times on CIF

    ISIS I have never condemned publicly as they were not important when I was on CIF. But I will do so now . Ghastly murderous ghouls. I do wonder though why Israel never seems to attack them indeed attacks their enemies.

    • In other words, you haven’t condemned ISIS. You have not condemned Russia/Putin for the slaughter of civilians in Syria. And you haven’t condemned Assad for using poison gas, (Sarin), against his own citizens.

      You are a truly demented radical extreme alt left winger pervert. Without asking, I am sure that you support Jeremy Corbyn and all the other lying antisemites gathered around him.

  8. That’s right, the Arab boycott was much closer in time to the Nazi boycott of Jews. Birds of a feather.