UKMW prompts Times of London correction to claim E. Jerusalem Palestinians have ‘no political rights’.

An article in Times of London on US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (“Jerusalem was a sweetener squandered. So much for the ‘art of the deal'”, Dec. 10th) alleged that east Jerusalem Palestinians, who are permanent residents but not citizens, have “no political rights”.

This is not true.

As even pro-Palestinian NGOs such as B’tselem acknowledge, in addition to the civil and economic rights accorded to them, east Jerusalem Palestinians with permanent residency have the right to vote in local elections and run for city council.

Permanent residency confers fewer rights than citizenship. It entitles the holder to live and work in Israel and to receive social benefits under the National Insurance Law, as well as health insurance. But, permanent residents cannot participate in national elections…and cannot run for the office of mayor, although they are entitled to vote in local elections and to run for city council.

We immediately tweeted the writer, Lawrence Freedman, to point out that his claim isn’t accurate and, as you can see in the screenshot of the tweet below, he replied, agreeing with our argument.

We then contacted Times of London editors, who agreed to amend the passage accordingly.

Here’s the new sentence:

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  1. No, it shouldn’t have said limited rights. It should say they have far more political rights than, for example, New Yorkers residing in London, who have no right to run for public office. Where are their rights? Do they get a 3 days of rage freebie to throw rocks at British motorists?
    London is ours. And to prove it we changing our name to the Londonian People. The British have no history there. We celebrate each martyr who gives their life to purify London of the British with their dirty feet. It’s peaceful protest. And it’s not racist, I swear. – signed, the LLO