Following UKMW tweet, Indy corrects claim that Iranian drone was shot down over ‘Syria’

Hostilities over the weekend on both sides of the Syrian-Israeli border began early Saturday morning when an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace and was then shot down by an IDF Apache attack helicopter.  On this point – the location of the UAV when it was shot down – there’s been no serious disagreement in mainstream media reports on the incident.

Yet, a report in the Independent by Daniel Khalili-Tari (Russia urges restraint after Israeli air strikes target Iranian forces in Syria, Feb. 11th) managed to get this crucial detail wrong, claiming that the drone was shot down over Syria, despite prior reports at the same publication noting that it was shot down only after it crossed the northern border into Israel.

We alerted the journalist to the error in a tweet shortly after the article was published.

Soon thereafter, the article was amended and the sentence now makes it clear that Israel “shot down an Iranian drone after it entered Israeli airspace”.

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  1. What would the media do without watchdog blogs?
    Their staff seem to be remarkably slapdash when not being deliberately malicious

  2. The Independent of Truth hasn’t wasted much time in burying the facts. The link now goes to an article titled the following: “Russia urges restraint after Israeli air strikes target Iranian forces in Syria.” Readers will, of course, read that as Israeli “aggression.”