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Evening Standard omits fact that “acclaimed Palestinian writer” was also a PFLP terrorist

The Evening Standard published a review of a play being performed at Finborough Theatre in London called Returning to Haifa.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the state of Israel, and with it the tumult of the end of the British Mandate for Palestine and the uprooting of so many Palestinians. This elegiac new play, adapted from the 1969 novella by acclaimed Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani (killed in 1972 by a Mossad car bomb) traces the impact of that time and its aftermath on one Palestinian family. It’s worth noting that this adaptation was originally commissioned by New York’s Public Theater, who subsequently abandoned the planned production after political pressure.

As we noted in a tweet earlier to the journalist, in addition to being an “acclaimed Palestinian writer”, Ghassan Kanafi was also a high-ranking member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group. Kanafi was the right hand man to the group’s leader George Habash and met with members of the Japanese Red Army who murdered 26 people in the Lod Airport Massacre in 1972. 

PFLP was responsible for a number of terror attacks, including hijackings, suicide bombings and the murder of Israel’s tourism minister in 2001.

This element of Kanafi’s background would of course explain why he was “killed in 1972 by a Mossad car bomb”, and likely why New York’s Public Theater “abandoned” their planned production of the play.

We’ve lodge a complaint with editors over this omission.

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  1. It all omits context and smears as it goes along. While reading, I wondered whether the “allocation” of their house to a Polish Jew was the fantasy of the writer of the script or of the writer of the article.

  2. If the Evening Standard follows the same practices as Biased Bollocks Confabulation, The Guardian of Propaganda, The Independent of Truth,and The Daily Malediction, no doubt that if revised, the new text will read include “an activist in Palestinian resistance.”

  3. What fine revisionists we have. The playwright, the critic, and the Nazi all seem to believe that the Jews of modern day Israel were shipped into modern day Israel as a result of World War II. Yet there is more than ample evidence that Jews had been living in modern day Israel continuously for more than 3000 years. Also forgotten is how the British Mandate of Palestine just happened to include all of modern day Jordan and slices of modern day Syria and Iraq. Further forgotten (but let’s call it ignored) was the original British split of Palestine that created a Jew-free Palestine (Transjordan) along with the continued (soon to be broken) promise of Jewish homeland Israel.

    But alas… this is the computer age. Knowledge is nothing, and spilled blood banks more cash. Yeehaw!

  4. You talking about facts? Hahahaha! Tell me, can you compare anything with the British terrorist atrocities in Amristar or partnering in Dresden?

    • Daniel the answer is that a number of posts have been deleted.
      One of the reasons I rarely respond to a post by ‘Michael Farmer’ is that his/her posts and any replies to them get deleted.
      But the counter will show how many posts have been on the thread without subtracting for any deletions.

        • Daniel I’m not sure if it is Adam, or someone else, who deletes ‘Farmers’ posts and associated replies.
          Watch the next time there are a lot of ‘Farmers’ posts they disappear, night time seems to be the time for them to vanish. I did ask ‘Farmer’ why he posts when he knows that his posts are very likely to be deleted, his reply was that he wants to give everyone the opportunity to read his posts even if those afraid of the truth then delete them. I don’t know if ‘Farmer’ was being serious when he made that reply.

          • @Gerald, do you know the really funny thing about this? Every post, even if deleted, increases the popularity of this site and that in turn, increases the likelihood that others will see it on internet searches. I believe that most people don’t read through dozens of comments, but they can all see the original posts by Adam or guest posters, and they certainly can’t read the ones that have been deleted. Therefore, very few will see Farmer’s inane blathering, but all can see Adam’s reasoned analyses. As this is a pro-Israel site,Farmer thus provides a service to Israel. Hahaha!

            • Michael you are right.
              Clowns such as ‘Farmer’ seem blissfully unaware of the result of their incoherent ramblings. I hope the Zionist Federation sends them a present every year as a token of appreciation for all they do for the Zionist cause.

  5. Like the Rachel Corrie play this too is some sort of agitprop by Britians creative class. Slowly chipping away at Israel’s legitimicy by flooding the narrative with fake news. When you look back over the past say ten years you realize that the Arab BS line has been translated into English and other Western languages and is now being perormed on stage or published in the NYT or Germany’s SZ. Never mind Al Jazeera and AJ+.

    • It’s a real sickness. But why is it happening? That’s no small question. Israel is small, but the obsession is so large. The focus ought to be on the obsession and not it’s object, because the obsession is the true source of the problem.

      • Jeff, this is a pertinent question. My take is that the Muslims have understood that the nationalistic narrative of the 60s to 90s never caught on. When you reframe the war against israel through the lens of “human rights” you have large parts of the left wing spectrum jumping on board. Not only does the granny down the street start writing letters to her MP, but Amnesty, HRW and all the other clowns get on board. This is a game changer.
        Along comes the Western press in all its languages and writes about the “human rights” of the Arabs aka Palestinians. What is important to understand at this stage is that up until the late 60s they were called Arabs, not Palestinians. But the Soviet Union understood that if you weaponize the freedom struggle against the israeli imperialist outpost of the West you could get the secular Arabs on board. this then bled into the western student movement who’s terrorists were all trained by the Arabs ( IRA, ETA, AD, RAF, BR, Corsicans, Japanese etc ) Western terrorists had sympathisers in media/academia .
        The struggle happens on many levels one is “art” and “journalism”. The good thing is that you have more content to write about thus covering more basis, theatre, film, documentary, books, fiction, poetry. “Academia” is terribly important. The Arabs have bought influence across many universities. Such us Exeter, SOAS, Columbia, UCL, KCL, LSE, Oxford, GM etc. In the spirit of Gramsci you flood the system and indeed generations with a never ending stream of the “narrative”. This enables the process to eventually become a self starter as the regressive left needs causes to masturbate about. in the 70s/80s they masturbated about Central America. Today they fondle themselves over “Palestine”. Fuel on this fire is of course Al Jazeera and AJ+ who broadcast lies 24/7/365 globally. You have the perfect storm. Further, if you look at the ( academic ) biographies of the players at The Guardian, Amnesty, OXFAM, UN, Adala, ACLU etc you will be surspised at how many intersections there are.

        • A firm analysis. I would add that ignoring all context and comparisons “in the name of human rights” and instead focusing only on vilifying their target helps moves things along nicely. And then of course there’s all that plain old lying to create what Dr. Richard Landes calls “lethal narratives.”

          • I had the great pleasure of meeting RIchard Landes in Berlin last year at the SPME conference. He is a great man. Very intelligent, funny, witty. The sort of person who enriches ones life. And yes, I second your points above.

      • Do you need to ask? Daniel has analysed the process very well, but the cause is Jew-hatred + the need of cretins and psychopaths to hate – and the Jews are readymade for that.

  6. The Evening Standard didn’t mention that the “acclaimed Palestinian writer” was a PFLP terrorist because the Evening Standard doesn’t want you to know it.