Guardian op-ed refers to Ahed Tamimi as a “political prisoner”

The Guardian published an op-ed on March 9th, about the arrest of Palestinian activist Munther Amira, which included the following characterisation of another ‘activist’ – Ahed Tamimi (aka, Shirley Temper):

Amira was protesting against the detention and alleged mistreatment of Palestinian child political prisoners, including 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi

The suggestion that Tamimi, who was arrested for assaulting an Israeli soldier and for incitement, by endorsing (on video) armed “resistance”, is a “political prisoner” is beyond absurd.  The term “political prisoner” is codified as pertaining only to those detained in violation of “freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of expression and information, freedom of assembly and association”.

Tamimi wasn’t arrested because she expressed an anti-Israel view, but because she engaged in violence and encouraged others to launch lethal attacks on civilians.

Note that in May 2013, UK Media Watch prompted a correction to a Guardian article by Harriet Sherwood which similarly mischaracterised 100 Palestinians prisoners convicted for terror offenses as “political prisoners”.

We’ve complained to editors about this latest op-ed, but haven’t yet received a reply.

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  1. Oh that’s right Farmer gangs of Palestinian thugs who attack Israel soldiers should be able to do so at will and the Israeli soldiers shouldn’t defend themselves, unlike any other soldiers in the world. That is the type of anti-Semitic response typical of an individual like you.

  2. the guardian article is 100% correct. Ahed is a political prisoner being treated with cruelty and barbarism. One of hundreds of children thrown into inhuman prisons by the state of israel.

    • Oh that’s right Palestinians have the right to punch, throw rocks, and attack others. Why don’t you go punch a soldier in your country and see what happens. Go whine about your barbaric country then.

    • Joel why do you believe that Ahed Tamimi is a ‘political prisoner’?
      Is there a verifiable basis in law for your opinion, or is it just that you believe she is?

    • Joel,
      I read the headline and couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes. Then I read your comment and laughed for another 10.
      Double standards much?

    • Sorcey! We haven’t missed you. Good to have the Electronic Intifada perspective, as it drives home just how pathetic and deliriously phony your side is. Keep up the work, smegma.

    • Lovely example of brainwashing. Absolute comviction on no basis at all.

      Well done. You must be proud of this specimen

      • Sadly, Margie, the Voice of Ramallah (aka BBC) broadcasts such brainwashing antisemitic propaganda all the time, and stupid people buy it.

  3. “The term “political prisoner” is codified as pertaining only to those detained in violation of “freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of expression and information, freedom of assembly and association”.”

    And ‘everyone knows’ that the West Bank Palestinians have complete freedom of thought, conscience, expression and information, freedom of assembly and association, hence she has absolutely nothing to protest against ……..

    • Her parents are using her, playing her as a pawn.

      Her parents would want nothing better than for their daughter do die because there is a monetary payoff, and family Fame.

      “palestinianism” is a Death Cult. They even proclaim that they crave death while infidels fear death.