UKMW prompts correction to Indy claim over Arab population from ‘the river to the sea’

An April 6th article by Patrick Cockburn at The Independent reported that an Israeli Knesset committee found that the Arab population in Israel and the Palestinian territories has reached 6.5 million, but that this figure does “not count those in East Jerusalem and Gaza“. 

The article contextualises the ‘6.5 million Arabs’ number as significant because it’s similar to the total number of Israeli Jews, thus leaving the impression that, if you do include east Jerusalem and Gaza, Jews are far outnumbered by Arabs in the lands constituting Israel and the Palestinian territories.

However, as every other media outlet which reported on the Knesset hearings made clear, the 6.5 million number cited does in fact include those living in  east Jerusalem and Gaza – that is, it includes all the Palestinian Arabs living between “the river and the sea”.

Our complaint to Indy editors was upheld, and the new language reflects the correct information.
Additionally, the following addendum was added:
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