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Sky News Arabia headline on Palestinian terror attack: ‘Palestinian injured by settler’

This is an English translation of a post first published at CAMERA Arabic.

On April 8th 2018, Sky News Arabia published an article with the headline: “A Palestinian injured by a settler in the West Bank“.

The strapline added: “The Israeli police announced on Sunday that there was shooting at a Palestinian who tried to stab an Israeli near a West Bank settlement”.

CAMERA Arabic researchers noted that the headline was inaccurate, as it creates the impression that the injured Palestinian was an innocent man who was shot by a settler without justification. The truth is completely different, and the best proof for that is the item itself, which quotes an Israeli police spokesperson:

“The Palestinian was armed with a long screw, and said that he tried to stab the Israeli near Mishor Adumim Settlement, while another Israeli citizen pulled out his weapon and shot the Palestinian”.

As a result, CAMERA Arabic staff contacted Sky News Arabic and asked them to correct the headline. Unfortunately, Sky News Arabic has not responded.  

In addition, it should be mentioned that there was a mistake in the item: Mishor Adumim, which is mentioned in it, is not a settlement – as the report claims – but an  industrial park located near Ma’ale Adumim.

(For more examples of misleading or erroneous headlines accompanying news reports on Palestinian terror attacks, see this post at CAMERA.) 

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  1. It should also be noted that if he’s listed as injured, then he isn’t dead. Since the Israeli was armed with a gun, he could have been killed. Those who read British media should question why he isn’t then.