UKMW prompts Telegraph correction to claim ‘it’s forbidden to fly Palestinian flags in Jerusalem’

The Telegraph published an article by their photo editor which focused on Ahmad Gharabli, an AFP photographer who won an Arab Journalism Award in the photojournalism category for a photo he took of a Palestinian protest in Jerusalem last year. 

The piece (Behind the Shutter: Palestinian photographer Ahmad Gharabli on documenting protests in Jerusalem, May 12) quoted Gharabli talking about his work, and the particular challenges of covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and included the following claim about the legality of waving a Palestinian flag:

The claim that it’s “totally forbidden” to carry or display a Palestinian flag in Jerusalem is simply false. We confirmed this during a conversation with Israeli Police Foreign Press Spokesperson Mickey Rosenfeld.  Further, as we tweeted yesterday, the photographer himself has published photos depicting Palestinians with Palestinian flags.

Following our complaint to Telegraph editors, the quote by Gharabli was revised, reflecting, it seems, his acknowledgment that his original claim wasn’t accurate.  

Here’s the new sentence:

We commend editors on the prompt correction.

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  1. “acknowledgment that his original claim wasn’t accurate” – yes, just as claiming that Israel is committing ‘genocide’ on the ‘Palestinians’ is ‘inaccurate’.