Guardian contributor suggests that Israel supporters are morally sub human

No, our headline is not an exaggeration. 

Jeff Sparrow, a columnist for Guardian Australia, leveled this accusation in a May 21st op-ed titled “There is no justification for firing into crowds of protesters”.  Of course, the headline itself is a lie.  Characterizing thousands of violent rioters attempting, at the behest of a proscribed terror group, to breach the border of a sovereign democratic state as placard-waving “protesters” is the height of dishonesty.  But, despite this and numerous other canards, distortions and smears throughout his piece, we’ll narrow our discussion to the ‘subhuman’ comment.

After beginning his piece by noting that only Australia and the US voted against a UN investigation into Israel’s actions during the border riots, Sparrow expressed outrage over his country’s putative moral abdication thusly:

There really isn’t much wiggle room here.  If you defend Israel’s actions in Gaza, your ethical impulses are, according to the Guardian columnist, not those of an ordinary human being.  It would be difficult to find a better illustration of why so many Jews believe that media coverage of Israel often incites antisemitism than a column suggesting that they, by virtue of their pro-Israeli political views, are morally deranged, even sub-human. 

Let’s remember also that such self-described ‘progressive’ voices, such as Sparrow, typically warn against dehumanising ‘marginalised’ groups – such as the LGBT community, people of color, migrants, Muslims, etc – seen as unfairly vilified by the privileged and powerful.  Indeed, we’d argue that the Guardian brand is in large measure dedicated to the principle – articulated by their longtime cartoonist Martin Rowson – of ‘comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable’. But, with regard to Jews, a group which – by any historical standard – has been among the most oppressed groups in history, and today represent a mere two tenths of one percent of the world population, there appears to be an entirely different standard of what constitutes the maligning of an ethnic and religious minority.  

We’ve contacted the Guardian Readers’ Editor and asked if such vitriolic rhetoric is consistent with their editorial standards.

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  1. Publications like the Guardian act as defacto media shill for Terrorist Groups like Hamas by undermining Israel’s right to defend its self against a paid mob, who will even bring their dead children to this paid riot, that is promoted and financed by Hamas. It is unfortunate that the Guardian goes to great lengths to ignore the facts because it does not fit their biased narrative.

    Fortunately, there are those of us who can see through the Guardian slander, and wonder why Western Media like the Guardian encourages and promote the Hamas actions of ” Child Sacrifice ” for Western Media consumption. Hamas understands that the more ” Dead Babies ” can be photographed the more publications like the Guardian can profit in the form of Advertising Dollars Profits.

    In brief publications like the Guardian promote a fictitious narrative but really profit from their advertising sales, in brief, I would call this ” Blood Money Profits”. The more pictures of more Hamas Dead Children the greater their circulation. It is unfortunate that Guardians ” Blood Money Advertising ” is the main factor in the way Israel is slandered, but maybe if readers wrote directly to the advertisers who promote their goods in this newspaper maybe that would have a bigger influence then the promoters and shill for Global Terrorists like Hamas.

  2. Your remarks are misleading on several levels including:
    1 The implication that reference is being made to Jews when it is clear that it is to those who question whether firing bullets at protesters is immoral.
    2 It is not people with “pro-Israeli political views” that are said to lack normal ethical impulses but those who defend killing and maiming of the defenceless. I assume that many pro-Israelis would question the military tactics of Netanyahu and his IDF generals.
    3 Empathising with marginalised groups who bear no responsibility for the way they were born is obviously quite different to feeling for those who choose to support grossly disproportionate violence.

    • The notion that Israel fired indiscriminately at protestors is laughable in two glaring ways. One is the remarkable ability of just happen to killing so many Hamas members. The second is your belief that a terror organization whose charter is centered around the destruction of the Israeli state is conducting some kind of protest.

      Your biased idiocy works great brainless anti-Semitic boobs. Your problem, Sencar, is delivering it to Jews. I guess with the goal of equating your brain with ours? That our struggle is your understanding?

      What is grossly disproportionate is your need for utilizing utter fallacy in the face of bold, hard facts.

      • Anybody that supports Islamofascist terrorists like you do is not only sub-human, but an active war criminal as well

    • Hundreds of Millions of Arabs are hardly “marginalised”. Unless you count the self segregation of radical violent Muslims as such.

    • sencar,
      Don’t you think that for once you should get the facts straight before you start defending those who don’t? You look silly.

      • Before you accuse anyone of being silly I suggest you address the argument they are making. If you think my facts are wrong why not present some of your own?

        • sencar,
          They are not so much making an argument, as they are attempting to turn a slander into a meme. The so-called argument is a ruse or cover for the slander. The use of the term “protestor” when applied to the facts on the ground is vague at best, i.e., it could be anyone doing anything, yet they want it interpreted in the most benign way. It’s the same technique they have used to make terrorists into “militants,” and aggressive, and even lethal, violence into “peaceful protest.” They are not being factual but ideological and biased. There is simply no two buts about it.

    • Palestinians could have the most advanced military technology in the world and you would still deem them “defenseless.” Admitting that they’re armed simply eviscerates your “argument.”

  3. Disproportionate war involves taking out a neighborhood when one building will do. But Nazis like Sencar think that if 60 Hamas members die in another losing battle of destroying the Israeli state, that they have a right to take out another pizza joint at lunch time.

    • Forget the dead ‘Hamas members’ for a moment koufaxmitzvah, and consider the many hundreds of those maimed by live bullets. Were they all Hamas members too?

      • Sencar: When anybody shows up at a riot where there is shooting, all safety bets are off. Why you can’t figure that one out is a mystery.

        • The Heroic Hamas leadership itself nor any of their pampered children were anywhere in sight when they sent women and children to the fence…..They must have been relaxing in their Jacuzzi’s…..

      • If Hamas comes clean we will know if they are Hamas members. until then we will assume Hamas uses civilians as shields.

      • Now I’m supposed to forget the “dead Hamas members” and focus on the cherry you picked. Gosh, I can’t wonder why you’re never respected around here.

        Could it be that of the many thousands injured and maimed (both categories determined by the Gaza Health Ministry, which happens to Hamas) were also members of Hamas? I’m sure there is going to be an investigation. Not that you necessarily want one.

        There are always reasons for you to be a slick sack of shit, Sencar. No one will stop you.

        • I’d welcome an independent international investigation, as called for by the UN and the majority of civilised countries, but this has already been ruled out by Israel. Israel believes in marking its own homework and always seems to get full marks.

            • Of course I’m not. All countries facing similar accusations should accept independent investigation – and many are as bad as Israel in refusing to do so. I was simply responding to koufaxmitzvah’s assurance that there would be an investigation. Unfortunately the history of IDF investigations of its own behaviour is not encouraging.

              • Oh. Has there ever been an independent investigation of Europe’s looting of the rest of the world? Was the UK subject to an independent investigation of the Amristar Massacre or the Dresden Bombing? Was the US ever subject to an independent investigation concerning Sand Island?

                • Were any Arab countries the subject of independent investigations for attacking Israel at birth in contravention of the UN Charter or ethnically cleansing most of the Jews from Arab countries?

          • The question is will the “independent investigation” investigate Hamas?

            I notice you never question Hamas. That’s because you like Hamas, vis-v-vis vs Israel. That means you side with Fascists.

            None of this surprises me. I’m used to the double talking of rabid anti-Semites.

      • sencar,
        Perhaps they should have thought to get their asses out of harms way during a Hamas instigated riot/infiltration/martydom operation. Then again, maybe Hamas wouldn’t allow that.
        Perhaps Hamas could have put the millions of dollars spent staging this event to better use rather than contravening the Geneva Conventions. For instance, they could have had their members wear clearly marked uniforms, as is called for to prevent civilian casualties in times of war, rather than mixing in with civilian populations. Sure, the media and you and your friends have this appetite for pornography, but those are the rules.

      • It doesn’t matter if they were wearing identifying badges or not, once they are engaged in violence at the behest of the governing power (hamas). Israel is merely defending its border from those violently trying to breach it. It is a border action. The number of injured by live fire is proportionate to the number involved in that illegal, aggressive act.

  4. 1) Correction all people who showed up to the fence line were all bussed and paid for by Hamas.
    2) Hamas also admitted that 53 of the 60 people killed were of their military wing, who were trained as terrorist operatives.
    3) If you believe in improving the lives of the people in Gaza, then the only real solution is to take out Hamas leaders who are the real problem. In fact, the EU publicly stated that the EU would rebuild 100% of Gaza and improve the daily lives of all people their but Only if Hamas Disarms.
    4) Israel did not discriminately fire into the crowd because of the low death count.
    5) The only disproportionate violence is the promoter Hamas who play up the ” Child Sacrifice” thyme for western media who can then sell higher fees for their advertising space for the uninformed and the gullible.
    6) The Guardian promotes their higher moral ground but in truth, the Guardian Profits from the Death of all people from Gaza especially from the children.

  5. I think the correct psychological term for this type of accusation is projection; they are accusing their enemies of the very things of which they are guilty.

  6. So when will Martin Rowson and other Guardian “contributors” start inflicting themselves. It’s long overdue.

  7. The sentence, “If you retain the ethical impulses of an ordinary human being, you might wonder why anyone needs to inquire into the rights and wrongs of firing live bullets into crowds of protesters” couldn’t be more correct. Only those with a truly twisted point of view would disagree with it. Firing into crowds of protestors is just wrong, period.

    Which is precisely why the IDF did NOT fire into crowds of protestors. It defended against a bloodthirsty rabble hellbent on the destruction of Israel.

    • Unfortunately, working at the Guardian are people with extraordinarily unethical impulses where the defense of Israel and its civilian population from genocidal maniacs with extraordinary unethical impulses is concerned.

  8. Of course it’s consistent with their ‘editorial standards’, which are those of a hate-dripping spittle-flecked bunch of revolting little shits.

  9. When your life is in Danger from murderous terrorists who are hell bent on killing you….You use live ammunition…

      • Of course, Nazis like MFer think blowing up a Jerusalem pizza joint is fair game because all those dead and maimed Israeli babies were only going to grow up to be members of IDF.

        Nazi Farmer quacKKKing like the shiteating Jew hating douchecanoe he was born to be.

    • I would love to see you at the receiving of these peaceful demonstrations….Just make sure that you take some spare underwear just in case mess your pants….

      • Or a spare tire. He can light it just like his pets do and get high off the fumes. Burning tires, molotov cocktails, meat cleavers and wire cutters are all just a part of the good natured hijinks of a peaceful demonstration.
        What are they demonstrating for? The annihilation of the hated Jews. Now that’s something Farmer can get on board with.

  10. Hamas Leader claims that “When we decided to embark on these marches,we decided to turn that which is dearest to us…The bodies of our women and children into a dam” I would love to know how many of the wives and children of these heroic Hamas Leaders were in that dam…..

    • They were probably in with their ‘brave’ husbands at the military headquarters in the hospital basement.

  11. Firing into a crowd of Hamas bearing fence cutter, machete, guns and firearms headed for the closest homes in order to tear the hearts out of Jews, as they say. Why is the media so hostile to Jews.? Why cannot the media accept threats of genocide? Does the media believe that a country should not protect its civiians?

  12. Use of the word “sub-human” in the title of this article highlights everything that is wrong with certain Hasbara. As odious as Sparrow’s article may be, this kind of overreaction just serves to push people further away from supporting Israel. Sub-human is a term that is closely associated with the Holocaust and used as a precursor for genocide by dehumanizing an “enemy.” I really don’t think that Sparrow is suggesting the genocide of Israel supporters. No one, not even anti-Zionists, are going to think that is what Sparrow is proposing. Supporters of Israel don’t need this kind of Hasbara. We need facts. We need to know that Israel is not actually behaving like marauding murderers. We want to know what Hamas is saying. People who are anti-Israel, or on the fence, are going to cry – “there go the Jews again, crying about the Holocaust.” Stop crying wolf over articles like this. It makes Hasbara look bad and makes it harder for real Hasbara to work. To paraphrase my remarks, I think such characterizations play in the hands of the anti-Israel camp and actually do harm to Israel.

  13. A New York PBS (Public Broadcasting System) reporter in Gaza reported that most of those wounded by snipers at the Gaza fence were shot below the knees. That says a lot about the determination of the Israeli military to minimize loss of life.

  14. I wouldn’t like to bet on Yahya Sinwar’s life expectancy…This guy is a marked man….