UKMW prompts Telegraph correction to false Amnesty claim on ‘settler-only roads’

Earlier today, an article in The Telegraph on Prince William’s upcoming trip to the region (Prince William’s Middle East tour to include trips to family grave, Kate Middleton’s former home, and meetings with Netanyahu and Abbas, June 11) included this gratuitous and misleading quote from Amnesty International.

Leaving aside the question of why precisely an article by the newspaper’s Royal correspondent felt the need to contextualise the piece by throwing in such anti-Israel agitprop, it’s clear that the “exclusive settler roads” claim violates the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code.

As we’ve demonstrated previously, there are not currently, nor have there ever been, “Jewish-only” or “settler-only” roads anywhere in Israel or the West Bank.  There are a small number of roads in the West Bank which are restricted to Palestinian traffic, but Israeli citizens of any religious background, and all foreign nationals, can use them.  So, it’s not accurate to claim that there are any such roads “which are for the exclusive use” of settlers.

We tweeted the journalist, who, to her credit, asked us to email her and present our information. After a series of emails, she conferred with editors and agreed to amend the sentence to remove the part of the quote which falsely claimed the existence of roads ‘exclusively for settlers’. 

Though the quote is still highly problematic, we’re glad that we were again successful in convincing editors that such claims about ‘racist roads’, which of course serve to amplify dishonest ‘Apartheid Israel’ smears, are completely counter-factual. 

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  1. Ah, yes, ‘Amnesty’, that shitty Israel-hating sewer with the utterly lunatic fabrication about ‘illegal settlements’. It’s really high time that someone took legal action against ‘charities’ and other bigotry-infested scum who make this claim.

    • Somebody’s already drunk on a Wednesday. I guess there’s a lot to party about now that Saint Donnie has exchanged our old chums for the newest, neatest chum of all.

      Glug-glug gulag.

      • So, your problem with her comment is that “Saint Donnie has exchanged our old chums for the newest….”?
        Has Saint Marie exchanged Nutrasystem for Jennie Craig?
        What does any of that have to do with AI’s anti-Israel animus?

  2. Jews have endured years of discriminatory treatment from ‘palestinians’ as well as others. This news may come as a surprise to Kerry Moscogiuri and AI.