UKMW prompts correction to Financial Times claim that Gazans are rarely granted medical exit visas

A Financial Times article published on June 20th focusing on Israel’s battle with kite bombs launched from Gaza included the erroneous claim that Israel has prevented Palestinians in the strip from leaving “except for a few medical emergencies”.

In fact, tens of thousands of Gazans each year are issued permits to cross the border to receive medical care in Israel and PA hospitals – not to mention the thousands of permits issued to Gazans to cross the border for other humanitarian and economic reasons.

We immediately tweeted the journalist, Mehul Srivastava, alerting him to the error and providing statistics that UK Media Watch had received previously from COGAT, the Israeli authority responsible for coordinating humanitarian crossings from the Palestinian territories into Israel.

We followed up with an email to the journalist, forwarding him the email from COGAT confirming the statistics on medical permits that we tweeted.  To his credit, Mr. Srivastava agreed to consult with his editors and ultimately amended the sentence to the following:

The new wording “except for medical purposes” is far from perfect, but nonetheless represents a significant improvement over the original “except for a few medical emergencies”.

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  1. One nice thing about this is that the journalist doesn’t blame Israel for Gazans’ inability to enter Israel. That’s all in Hamas’ lap.

  2. “Israel has fought at least three full-scale wars with Hamas,”
    So the author is not sure how many wars Israel fought Hamas, but is sure that they were full-scale? It is my feeling that if Israel were involved in a full-scale war with Hamas, that the Hamas regime would have ended.
    The author might also note that Gaza also shares a border with Egypt. Israel extends its hand in helping Gazans with medical problems because Israel is humanitarian rather than from some legal obligation or because of slanderous anti-Zionist agitprop.