Roger Waters kicks off Barclaycard British Summer Time music festival with hate concert.

By Richard Millett

Waters swearing in public and in front of young children. at Barclaycard concert on Friday.

Waters swearing in public and in front of young children at Barclaycard concert on Friday.

Roger Waters headlined Barclaycard’s British Summer Time music festival at London’s Hyde Park last Friday and six activists headed down there to politely protest his putting a Jewish Star of David on an inflatable pig at one of his past concerts and this statement he mad: 

“there were many people that pretended that the oppression of the Jews was not going on. From 1933 until 1946. So this is not a new scenario. Except that this time it’s the Palestinian people being murdered.”

Inflatable pig with the Jewish Star of David flying at a Waters concert.

We entered Hyde Park and made our way to one of the entrances into the concert and started handing out our leaflets containing a photo of that Star of David on the inflatable pig. Concert goers were taking the leaflets and some were disgusted but security and the police pounced forcing us out of Hyde Park on the premise that “political protest within a royal park is illegal”.

Eventually, with four free tickets available to us, four of us went into the Waters concert after a rather more than extensive bag check by security. We were immediately confronted by political slogans put up on screens by Waters showing support for Putin, Russia, Iran and Julian Assange. Israel was repeatedly demonised. Also demonised were western politicians, the “militarized” police and CIA nominee Gina Haspel who was told she “should be in prison”.

There were very young children in the audience (see photos of the audience) and on stage but that didn’t stop Waters from holding up a placard with the slogan “Fuck The Pigs”. The schoolchildren on stage were there for We Don’t Need No Education. They looked about 12 years old and stood there menacingly in orange jump suits and black hoods.

Here are the photos I took at the concert.  Apparently, there was also an addition to these after we left (it was coming up on Shabbat) with Waters putting up the slogan “Resist Israeli Anti-Semitism”.


On the way out we asked the police to arrest Waters for political protest inside a royal park and for swearing in public. The police just laughed it off.

Schoolchildren on stage at Waters' concert in Hyde Park on Friday.

Schoolchildren on stage at Waters’ concert in Hyde Park on Friday.


Note the question mark.

Note the question mark.







“Resist the attempted silencing of Julian Assange”

At least no Jewish Star of David on this pig.

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  1. Royal Park regulations forbid banners. I’ve asked the CEO how Waters was allowed to project an antisemitic slide “Resist Israeli Anti-Semitism”.

    • Every time I see or hear of this looney tune Waters I am reminded of the novel 1984.
      I hate that he uses his music to indoctrinate people to his nutcake views. I never cared much for his overrought productions and even less for him.
      Like so many of his generation he has a poor grasp on facts and is willing to misinform at the top of his voice.
      He is disgusting.

  2. If that wasn’t political, I don’t know wat is. Surely there’s enough evidence for a formal complaint to the police?

  3. All the usual garbage indoctrination of the masses by Waters, why the UK allowed him a visa is beyond me as his own political protest made on stage must also surely be illegal in a Royal Park.

  4. You have to wonder if someone had floated a pig balloon with a Muslim cresant on it. Would the Guardian have had a few comment disabled articles describing this a ‘hateful’ and Islamophobic.

    Perhaps Jews should demand an apology from Barclays.

  5. ” the police pounced forcing us out of Hyde Park on the premise that “political protest within a royal park is illegal””

    Did anyone ask these over-zealous policemen or women exactly which piece of legislation made it illegal, and what constitutes “political protest”? I should have thought that the very existence of the spot known as Speakers Corner in Hyde Park made a mockery of that. This should be followed up and, if it’s rue that political protest is not allowed, then certainly Waters should have been shut down immediately. Or prosecuted now under the same legislation.

    It’s about time we stood up for ourselves here!

  6. The Nazis used Wagner as theme music for their political hate rallies. Waters one ups them by using his own. Same stench however. And suddenly trendy elites are no longer crying about a danger to their cherished so-called “social cohesion.”

    • Sure they’ver got better things to do with their Conservative diminished police force.