UKMW prompts Irish Examiner to correct bizarre suggestion that there are Israeli settlements in Gaza

It took several days of communication between UK Media Watch and editors at the Irish Examiner, but we finally secured a correction to a sentence in a July 23rd op-ed which bizarrely suggested that there were still Israeli settlements in Gaza.

Here’s the original sentence.

Here’s the revised sentence:

Editors added an addendum at the bottom of the piece noting the change.

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  1. Did you point out to them that the Israeli ‘settlements’ are actually towns and villages and have been built only in Area C in keeping with the terms and conditions of the Oslo Accords and the Camp David Agreement?

  2. Is it just one ignorant person, or an entire editorial board? For people who write so much about Israel, they know few basic facts.

  3. I blame the education system for abandoning geography in preference for social studies and so forth.

  4. Something that I find very interesting is that the Op-Ed admits that democracy and equality are core principles in the founding of the State. The author then can’t backtrack and say that Israel was founded on the basis of “apartheid.” It does, of course, use the fashionably leftist term of “resistance organization” in referring to Hamas. I don’t see any reference to the author.

    • “resistance organization” Just what this messed up world needs, i.e., one more euphemism for genocidal and racist terrorists.

  5. Somehow the facts never seem to alter the conclusions the anti-Israel crowd wants to reach. If only they actually cared about Palestinian Arabs to do something that would actually ameliorate their day-to-day (albeit largely self-imposed) plight, things might be different.
    This latest episode, however, reminds me of Bernie Sanders who, when speaking to a US newspaper editorial board, accused Israel of using disproportionate force against Hamas in 2014 backing up his argument with the claim that 15,000 Gazans were killed. When told that number was inaccurate, Sanders admitted he didn’t know the actual casualty figures (if I recall, he said “help me out here”). When told the figure was closer to 1,200 with a large percentage being Hamas and other “fighters”, he nevertheless stuck to his position that Israel had used excessive force.