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In praise of Richard Millett!

In 2012, blogger Richard Millett was attending a SOAS Palestine Society event in London and was called “a typical Israeli” by a pro-Palestinian attendee who objected to his filming of the event. 

Millett is not Israeli. He’s a British Jew whose family has been in the UK for nearly 150 years. He also routinely defends Jews and Israel with first person reports published at his blog – posts which include audio and video recorded while monitoring events featuring activists (and sometimes even MPs) hostile to Israel’s existence and, at times, openly hostile to Jews.

Moreover, If you’re wondering whether the pejorative use of the word “Israeli” hurled at Richard was racist, simply replace “Israeli” with any other identity and repeat the charge.  “You’re a typical Arab.” “You’re at typical Black,” etc.

Or, how about if someone said to the Jewish blogger, “You’re a typical Zionist”?  

Well, one MP in particular, Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of the British Labour Party, said something akin to this in a reference to Millett at a 2013 event, as revealed in a Daily Mail story last week.  

Here’s a clip of Corbyn’s speech at the conference, which included prominent British extremists and, tellingly, was actually promoted by the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

Corbyn was referring to a previous event in parliament he had hosted that featured a talk by Palestinian envoy Manuel Hassassian.  One of the “British Zionist” criticized by Corbyn was Richard Millett, who attended and blogged about the event with Hassassian.

“British Zionists” such as Millett, according to Corbyn, lack both an understanding of history and appreciation of English irony, ‘despite having lived in the UK all their lives’.  Though he used the euphemism “Zionists”, it seems clear (based on a broader transcript of the remarks) that British Jews were the object of his ire, depicting them as an alien group that are not fully British.

The accusation by Corbyn about “British Zionists” triggered a formal complaint by Campaign Against Antisemitism, and prompted Millett to demand an apology from the Labour leader.  

Here’s Millett’s response to Corbyn, in a video published by the Daily Mail.

Of course, the real ‘irony’ in all of this is that Corbyn’s own words vindicate the work of Millett, and others, such as David Collier, which is premised upon the understanding – based on sound empirical evidence and their first person reports – that there’s a strong correlation between antisemitic and anti-Israel attitudes in the UK.

Corbyn’s attack on Millett also vindicates those of us who have believed that defences of Corbyn along the lines of “though he frequently associates with and champions the causes of anti-Semites, there’s no evidence he’s personally antisemitic” strained credulity.  As Times of London argued in a leader published yesterday, representing an increasing consensus on Corbyn, even among the British left, in “singling out Jews on the basis of their ethnicity as problematic and in need of ‘lessons‘”, the Labour leader “is revealed as straightforwardly antisemitic”.

Millett is a both a long-time contributor to UK Media Watch and a friend, and we’re thrilled his unique brand of citizen journalism is finally getting the attention and credit it deserves.

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  1. Richard – the very model of a modern British gentleman smiles ironically at the camera!

    If there is anyone who seems less British these days, its J. Corbyn, a relic of the 1930’s.

  2. Jeremy Corbyn is the model Klan Grand Wizard that Britain has always demanded. He and David Duke share a lot in common, not the least of which is how a poop stained sheet can readily improve their looks.

  3. Kol hakovod Richard. I met with you and we all went to Gaby’s after the Ahava counter-demo. moons ago.
    Professional and kindhearted.


    ‘And Mr Corbyn, what was ‘progressive’ in 1917 about opposing the idea of a ‘national home for the Jewish people’? Had Israel been created ten years before 1948, millions of Jewish lives might have been saved!

    With the benefit of history – which Corbyn had when he made that comment – only the most twisted antisemite could possibly use the word ‘progressive’ to describe the opponents of a Jewish homeland in 1917.’

    • The Laboor Party, “Progressive”????

      That’s an Oxymoron like saying that Islam is “the Religion of Peace”.

      See 9/11, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice, Boston Marathon, Orlando, beheading of Lee Rigby and journalist Daniel Pearl, Pan Am 103, car ramming on London and Westminster bridges, …


  5. 30 second newsreel of national SOCIALIST hitler meeting and sitting down with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

  6. What an extraordinarily brave man Richard is – videoing alone amidst a bunch of hostile people who had no compunction to intimidate, hector and push him, and finally remove his belongings. I have nothing but the utmost admiration for him. As to Bellamy’s comment about gatecrashing a film for a holocaust survivor, I doubt very much that the survivor was anything other than used to promote an anti Jewish, anti Israel agenda, as was Hajo Meyer back in 2010. Why should he not attend and film if everyone else was? The real question is, what did they have to hide if they didn’t want it recorded?