BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire should read this A-Z thread on Labour antisemitism

As followers of our sister site BBC Watch no doubt recall, on Aug. 15th, BBC Two presenter Victoria Derbyshire interviewed two British Jews, Mark Lewis and his partner Mandy Blumenthal, to discuss their view that antisemitism in the UK has become so bad that they no longer felt safe living there, and had decided to emigrate to Israel.

As BBC Watch noted at the time, the interview was so biased – and at times hostile – that the BBC presenter could have been mistaken for a Jeremy Corbyn spokesperson, as she spouted off meaningless Labour talking points, used misleading statistics attempting to downplay antisemitism and seemed convinced that the couple was grossly exaggerating their concerns – despite death threats and other forms of abuse they’ve experienced.  

Derbyshire even at one point – in an attempt to discredit their claims – accused Lewis and Blumenthal of belonging to a non-existent Zionist political party in the UK.

Yesterday, @GasherJew, a twitter account that’s been doing extremely important work exposing antisemitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, tweeted the following thread containing an A-Z of examples of Labour antisemitism.

The list is especially useful for journalists and pro-Corbyn activists who deny that antisemitism is a serious issue in the party, or suggest that the problem has been greatly exaggerated by the British Jewish community. (See web version of the twitter thread here)

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  1. It is strange that antisemites are allowed to decide what is antisemitic. The BBC has become no better the Der Stürmer

  2. Dear oh dear. I’m afraid the once great Labour Party, standing up for those discriminated against, is now no more. It has sunk to a new low and has some members more suited to the National Socialists of pre-war Germany. I know there are Labour members who find this far left infiltration abhorrent. It’s racism. Stand up and be counted. Get rid of Corbyn to start with and then kick out the rest.

    • So what would an Ultra Zionist be? Someone who really really thinks that Jews deserve a state of their own as opposed to someone who really thinks that Jews deserve a state of their own?

      • Why do one group ‘deserve’ a state of their own?

        Do red-haired people deserve a state of their own?

      • Margie, maybe you should think before writing. There are obviously degrees of Zionism across several dimensions. To take just the issue of territory, some Zionists would happily withdraw to 1967 boundaries, others seek massive extension of Israeli territory and further ethnic cleansing of Arab populations.

        • And some don’t want to go back to those indefensible ‘1967 boundaries’, i.e., 1949 armistice lines between Israel and H.M. Jordan, but have been seeking a middle ground since the (failed) Oslo Accords that ‘palestinians’ didn’t seem interested in, and which Euro-jerks don’t even recognize because they are such Pavlovian antisemites. Give the Arabs credit for knowing you better than you know your own preening selves.

        • sencrap, I’m all for 1967 borders. July 1967 borders.

          Happy Nakba you pathetic sack of Socialist SHlTler!

  3. Where is the A -Z guide, Adam? … this is a numbered list of possibles.

    Read the American Camera blurb … laughable.

    • Davy wakes up and says, “I’m gonna attack some Jews on the Internet today, Mum, so you’ll have to shave your own back.” And downstairs to the basement he went with his package of 12 Ding Dongs.

      A Davy day done good this is going to be!

    • Are Ala Qada, ISIS, Hamass, Hezbola, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabab ethnic races now, Dumb Davy?

      If not, what are they?

  4. The pair interviewed kept quiet about their zionism … something of course to be ashamed as for its racism.

    • Where Arab women were given the right to vote before Belgian women could vote…in Belgium. Isn’t Brussels the seat of the EU, Dabydoo? I also understand it has bit of a problem in certain neighborhoods of a non-assimilating Islamic nature. Strange, I thought Europe was so good at everything. Everyday they show Israel and the world what democracy ‘european style’ looks like. It ain’t what it’s cracked up to be, eh?

      • Europe won’t be around much longer. Islamist culture is taking over bit by bit. The No-Go zones for Non-Muslims are sprouting up like dandelions after a heavy rain in Eurabia.