For 2nd time in 3 weeks, Times of London, Telegraph and Indy ignore deadly Palestinian terror attack

Times of London

Since the Palestinian terror attack at the Barkan Industrial Park on Sunday that killed two Israelis, Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, the mother of an infant, and Ziv Hajbi, a father of three, Times of London’s Jerusalem correspondent Anshel Pfeffer published two articles: both concerning fraud charges against Sara Netanyahu. 

Times of London articles by Anshel Pfeffer, Oct. 7th and Oct. 8th.

But, neither Pfeffer nor any of the paper’s other regional correspondents published anything on the deadly West Bank terror attack.

Barkan terror attack victims: Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hagbi

The Telegraph

The Telegraph’s Jerusalem correspondent, Raf Sanchez, published an article this morning on the row between Turkey and Saudi Arabia over the missing Saudi journalist, and another regional correspondent published an Israel related story – regarding Netanyahu’s scheduled meeting with Vladimir Putin.  

However, as with Times of London, nothing has been published by any of the Telegraph’s reporters about the Barkan terror attack.

The Independent

The Independent published an article on the day of the attack about new Israeli restrictions on Gaza’s fishing zone, but nothing on the Palestinian terror attack, despite the fact that the Indy has a Middle East correspondent, Bel Trew, who covers Israel and the Palestinian territories quite extensively.

Independent, Oct. 9

In addition to ignoring Sunday’s deadly attack, by 23-year-old Walid Suleiman Na’alowa, a colleague of the victims at the Barkan plant, Times of London, The Telegraph and Independent have something else in common: they all similarly ignored the Palestinian terror attack on Sept. 16th at Gush Etzion Junction that killed Ari Fuld, a father of four from Efrat.

Other major outlets:

The Guardian published an AFP article on Sunday about the Barkan Industrial Park attack – though nothing on the murder of Ari Fuld.  In contrast, the Daily Mail – as with the BBC – eventually covered both terror attacks.

Beyond the question of journalistic priorities on the day of, and first few days following, the attack, it’s telling that all of the media outlets cited have, over the course of the past six months, more often than not, devoted coverage to Palestinian injuries and deaths related to the weekly violent border riots – many which included highly evocative photos from the scene.

Times of London


The Telegraph

The journalistic axiom ‘if it bleeds it leads’ isn’t entirely true when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where selective concern for the suffering of one side is the norm – indicative of a broader pattern of double standards which continues to slant British media coverage of the region.

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  1. Probably because they think it pales into insignificance in comparison to the deaths from IDF firing squads at the border!

    • Doubt whether you know anything about the pals daily demos on the borders of the khaz strip, the balloons, grenades and live fire they use against Israel. Probable you are far too busy write this type of drivel on any web site that you can find that lets you comment

    • The fifth picture from the top, from the Telegraph, with a caption of:

      “Private grief mixes with political spectacle as Gaza buries a baby”

      Show several people, some >SMILINGSMILING<, someone waving what appears to be a BIRTHDAY CARD.

      Is that GRIEF???? WTF is wrong with the Telegraph????

  2. There is nothing insignificant about the wholesale stupidity of terrorism apologists who turn a blind eye to hoards throwing bombs, burning acres of Israeli farmland, admitted Hamas operatives posing as journalists and hiding in ambulances and putting children in harms way for the sake of murderous PR encouraged by the plethora of useful fools. ^ ^ ^ How stupid do some people have to be to ignore the words of Palestinian leaders themselves admitting to the violent intent of these staged riots?

  3. Anshel has a lot to answer for. Besides these papers he also files for the London Jewish Chronicle. We should ask him to publicly state if he filed copy on Barkan to the Times etc and at what date and time. This will clearly enable us to see who holds the keys

  4. It seems there are impure leftists in charge of some UK newspapers. Truth means nothing to them.

      • This site doesn’t attack “Lefitsts”. The people on this site like to generalize and lose their minds over folks who belong to Labor and the Democratic Party, but the editor of this page does not pick out Leftists. He picks at UK newspapers. The rest of the chaos is Crazy Eddie and the Drunk Hag losing their collective minds.

        • “the editor of this page does not pick out Leftists.”
          No he does not. He is concerned with anti-Israel bias in the British media. But, as it turns out, a good deal of this biased coverage and support for it comes from the left. That is truly unfortunate, but it is also obvious. The former name of this site was CiFWatch.

          • CiFWatch stood for Comment Is Free Watch, where Comment Is Free was the message board system at the Guardian.

            Again, the only people screaming about Leftists on this site are the right wing lunatics incapable of dealing with the notion that left wingers such as myself can both be for a responsible government (i.e. more health care for general public, less tax fraud and delinquency for the rich) and for a strong, independent Israel.

            Being a liberal who supports Israel doesn’t make me strange or weird or out of place. The right wing rage stirred by Crazy Eddie and the Drunk Hag on this site is an embarrassment and will only hold general public image of Israel back.

            That has been my point for the roughly 7 years I’ve been here. The only leftists this site likes to rumble with are their own.

        • Hey comrade, How many times do you need to shitted on by “socialists/leftists/progressives/SJWs” until you realize that your kind of socialism is NO MORE?

          comrade, YOU are the dumb turtle giving a ride to the scorpion to cross the river.

          You are SO STUPID.

          • Poor Crazy Eddie. He needs to capitalize his frustrations.

            Israel is the most left wing nation on that side of the planet.

            Suck on that one, Crazy Eddie. Long and hard.

            • krackhead, Which left wing organizations support Israel over islamofascist pal-e-stine????

              UK Laboor party? keith xcrement ellison’s democrat party? socialist workers? a.n.s.w.e.r.? bernie sanders?

              Tell us, you socialist imbecile.

                • krackheadmoron,

                  Your words…

                  > Israel is the most left wing nation on that side of the planet.

                  So left wing media, like the Guardian, the Independent and the rest back “left wing Israel”

                  Does left wing the Guardian support “left wing” Israel or pal-e-stine???

                  Let’s see if you are honest or a sick socialist geezer.

                  • Crazy Eddie-

                    Your love for fascism emanates like a shitspewer’s fart. You and Drunk Hag make a great tag team. Losing your collective shit over the notion that a liberal supports Israel…. Sure, you’re Jewish. And my dog is a cat.

                    Today’s GOP: Drunk. Stupid. Insipid. But they love Israel.

                    • prozacmitzvah,

                      Above you wrote

                      > Israel is the most left wing nation on that side of the planet.

                      So why doesn’t the left wing media support Israel?????????????????????????

            • crackhead socialist said:

              > Israel is the most left wing nation on that side of the planet.

              Is the Guardian/Independent Left or Right wing???

              If the Guardian/Independent is Left wing then they would support Israel.

              So…. do the Guardian/Independent support Israel??????????????????????

              • Crazy Eddie, your dictator loving President has blamed Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and George Soros for the social unrest caused by his absolutely idiotic choice for Supreme Court. What do those people have in common, Der Eddie?

                No one is a bigger racist than your Republican i.e. Right Wing Nutbag president.

                Now go suck on a tail pipe from your used car lot.

                • Koufa Eddie isn’t crazy. I am proud that Trump cares enough to do the right thing as a patriot, uphold law and order, address those who are anti American, like your buddies, Schumer, Di-Fi, Soros, the money man behind the protesters and turmoil he enjoys creating, not to mention I bet you love Farrakhan, and crazy Maxine Latrine Waters. The dems are proving to be off their rocker and dangerous. Better get guns. There is a race war a coming, no thanks to Barry Osama.

                  • Schumer and Di-Fi are not anti-American, but they are both looking warily over their left shoulders at the most radical part of the base. They fear them and are attempting to ride it out to stay in power to keep some semblance of sanity and moderation in policy making for the future. And they need some of those votes unfortunately and are lowering themselves. Dianne Feinstein is certainly no radical ‘progressive’ (regressive). The tail is now wagging the dog and that’s never a good thing. But each is at risk of losing power and being replaced with candidates more of the mindset of an Alexandria Occasional-Cortex (as one acquaintance refers to her). That’s my take at least. Politics is often a nasty business and these are truly nasty times.

                  • Lou, Don’t forget Nancy Pelosi, Andrew (America Was Never Great) Cuomo, Eric Garcetti, Kristine Gilabrand, Hillary Clinton, Bill DeBlasio – All “progressive” democrats.

                    • The only ones I see in there that I would describe that way would be DeBlasio and maybe Pelosi (I don’t know who Eric Garcetti is).
                      Hillary and Kirstin Gillebrand are simply opportunistic weather vanes. Cuomo is sadly just a schmuck in my estimation. Politics.

                    • Crazy Eddie has his list of Democratic politicians to lock up for some nefarious crime or other.

                      It’s all batshit dog whistling anti-Semitic jingoism, and here we have an “Israel supporter” spewing it out his ass himself. Good stuff!

              • Crazy Eddie is so crazy…..

                HOW CRAZY IS HE?

                Crazy Eddie is so crazy that he thinks 2 newspapers speak for all of the liberals on this planet.

                (Audience laughs)

        • More unhinged screeching from the deranged alphabet soup who drips bile at anyone who dares to disagree with his lunatic politics.