In Guardian op-ed, Roger Waters denies he’s antisemitic

Roger Waters’ op-ed in the Guardian yesterday (If you believe in human rights, Madonna, don’t play Tel Aviv, April 18th) included the following passage:

 …because I support human rights and criticise the Israeli government for its violations, I am routinely accused of being antisemitic. That accusation can be used as a smokescreen to divert attention and discredit those who shine a light on Israel’s crimes against humanity.

First, note how Waters employs what’s known as the Livingstone Formulation in suggesting that Jews cynically use the false charge of antisemitism to stifle criticism of Israel.

Moreover, the record shows that Waters does in fact have a history of evoking antisemitic tropes. During an interview in Counterpunch in 2013, he not only compared Israel to Nazi Germany, but also suggested that the “Jewish lobby” controls “the music industry and rock ‘n roll”.

The blog Israellycool posted a reply to Waters’ Guardian op-ed which includes a good compilation video of his comments:

The question that’s routinely asked is whether someone is antisemitic, which is not really the right question, because we can never see into someone’s soul.  Antisemitism isn’t an immutable trait. It’s a habit of mind.  Antisemitism is a conspiratorial way of understanding how the world works, premised on the belief that the system is rigged by an “elite using its control of the mechanisms of society” for nefarious purposes – and which of course imagines Jews as the “elite” at the center of this cabal. 

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  1. When a person uses the words ‘Israel’s crime against humanity’ you know it’s an hateful bigot, who like many Christians simpletons throughout the centuries, rather than look at the facts, uses life long hatred and bigotry to cultivate more hate.

    If this scum had real interest in the welfare of the so-called-palestinians, he would visit their leaders and demand a better treatment for their people instead of encouraging them to go kill others.

    But you see, his kind are interested in one thing only, the demise of Israel and it’s existence as a Jewish state. What better way than to spread lies and hatred towards the Jewish people (an easy task if there was one) and hope for a regime like Iran to go on a suicide mission to wipe Israel from the map. The Arab’ natural hatred towards Israel is cynically used by his kind to further their agenda. .

    His kind are a dime a thousand, nothing original. Just a simpleton full of bitterness and hatred.

    • Waters is not just an Anti-Semite, he’s a misogynist and a hypocrite of the first order. He’s been married and divorced four times. For all his ranting about Israel’s “walls”, he, himself, has been involved for years in a lawsuit that he filed against his neighbors in the Hamptons of New York (because he’s such a committed Socialist) for their DARING to use what HE claims is a private road leading up to his estate. He can’t even get along with his band members for more than a few months at a time. he’s famous fr getting involved in lawsuits with them as well. He blames Jews (Jews, not the more politically correct “Zionists”) for not getting what he feels is his due from the music industry. The guy is a narcissistic nut-case who uses the his “world savior” image as a therapy tool to serve as a balm for his own fractured ego–at the expense of others. And no group is more selectively “other” than “Jews-excuse-me-Zionists.”

      • The intent of the Palestinians who are bussed in by Hamas to the borders everyday is to provide cover to the militants who are acting as snipers and booby-trapping the fences right behind them, using the thousands of tires that they burn as cover which is literally poisoning the air and the ecology right around them as well as for everyone else in the region (in addition to the afre-mentioned Kite and balloon bombs.) The Palestinians have managed to blow up their gas and fuel lines in their “peaceful demonstrations.” Their rock, grenade and other IEDevices are a matter of public record as are their attempts to use pliers to disable the fences while they shout their intentions to “tear out the hearts and livers of the Jews” they might encounter on the other side. Their cries of “from the river to the sea, all of Palestine will be free!” and Abbas’s own words about how the Palestinian goal is to rid of Israel of every Israeli are also a matter of record. Their rocket launching is also not part of any internationally-approved “non-violent” protesting tactics that I know of.

  2. Exactly, except there is no “natural hatred” —- “you’ve got to be carefully taught to hate and fear, it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear…before it’s too late: to hate all the people your relatives hate,” as the lyric from South Pacific phrased it.

    • Is the US a Christian state? of course it is. Is England an Anglican state? Absolutely. You do not seem to have a problem with that (surprise, surprise). So it’s good for you but not for Jews, right?

      Your comments shows your transparent wish that Israel should not be a land for the People of Israel.. The State of Israel is based on the Bible and its laws and moral standards. Standards that are, partially, shared by most of the world. If Israel was anything else but Jewish it would have been run over by Islam, and that is exactly what many wish.

      It should never be Christian state or Muslim state. Ever!

  3. News Flash – Dateline Vatican City

    The Pope has announced that he’s not really Catholic, but has been pretending because, well, it was just too hard to tell the truth.

  4. In more routinely sophisticated times, say the 1960’s out of which Roger began his climb to fame, his statement would have been seen as the hilarious comedy it is. Ironic.
    How does Roger Waters support human rights again?
    I support human rights too! How come I think he’s an antisemitic narcissist?

  5. Asking Roger Waters whether he is anti Semitic is like asking the Guardian whether they are anti Zionist. A pox on both their houses!