UK Media Watch prompts Guardian to admit that Palestinians triggered latest conflict

An article by the Guardian’s former Mid-East editor Ian Black included the claim that the latest round of violence between Israel and terrorists in Gaza was triggered by the Israeli shooting of Palestinian protesters on Friday.

“The immediate trigger for this round of violence was the now routine shooting of Palestinians on the border with Israel…”

However, as we noted in a May 8th post responding to the claim by Black, every British media outlet we reviewed – including the Guardian’s own Jerusalem correspondent – was clear in their coverage that the mini-war was started by the shooting of an Israeli soldier by an Islamic Jihad terrorist in Gaza.

We contacted the Guardian’s readers’ editor, who upheld our complaint and amended the article accordingly.

It now reads:

“The immediate trigger for this round of violence was the wounding of two Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border…”

The following addendum now appears at the bottom:

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  1. “the immediate trigger”.

    Israel’s firing-squads have been shooting Palestinians with gusto for ovwer a year now. When a Gazan retaliates and shoots back, that’s a trigger is it? Ludicrous.

    • Farmer’s typical anti-Semitic “Israel fires back first” mentality. Terrorists send airbone IEDs into Israel and fire on Israeli troops, as has been well documented. If Israelis fire back, then vile anti-Semites like Farmer complain about Israeli snipers.

      • “and fire on Israeli troops”…. whereas Israeli troops fire on Gazan civilians.

        They’re at war aren’t they? Can’t they fire at Israeli troops?

        • Most of the world averages about 100 civilians to 1 combat (except for NATO in Kosovo which was more than 1,000 to 1). The forces in Iraq and Afghanistan was about 10 to 1, US forces got down to 3 to 1. Israel more like 0.25 to 1.

          So when the rest of the world gets somewhere near Israel’s ratio – you can talk. Otherwise shut the fuck up moron

      • Well Mikey, up to your usual blood libels – you have a pathological hatred of Jews – it sickens the brain – & what is “Ludicrous” is you!

        700 rockets over May Day Week-end – any comment Mikey?

        Hamas kills a pregnant woman & her 14 month child – any comment Mikey?

        Hamas orders children, women, elderly onnto coaches & puts them in the front line! Any comment Mikey?

        Hamas’ summer school takes children & trains them to be terrorists & shaheeds – any comment Mikey?

        There are more millionaires per capita in Gaza than anywhere else in the world – care to comment Mikey?

        Israel has saved the lives of Palestinians – including family of Hamas & Abbas in Israeli hospitals. Care to comment Mikey?

        Israel saved over 5000 Syrians in Israel hospitals – any comment Mikey?

        Where were you Mike when thousands of Syrian-Palestinians were starving to death & then barrel bombed by Assad in the Yarmouk refugee camp? Care to comment?

        You are a fake & an antisemite Mikey! No need to comment!