UK Media Watch prompts correction to Daily Mirror omission on Israeli casualties

Last week, we complained to the Daily Mirror over an article in their May 7th print edition on the recent violence between Israel and terrorists in Gaza.  The piece provided an estimated number of Gaza civilians killed during the short conflict, but omitted the fact that all four Israelis killed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets were civilians.

DEADLY violence on the border of Israel and the Gaza Strip has petered out after Egypt and the United Nations reportedly mediated a ceasefire yesterday. Twenty-one Palestinians, more than half of them civilians, and four Israelis have been killed in three days of clashes.  

Shortly after contacting editors, our complaint was upheld, and the following correction appeared in the May 8th print edition.

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  1. Human beings should not have to be reminded that most Israelis are civilians. Then again, too many of the presstitutes that work in the joke of journalism known as the British media disregard that.

  2. …and the correction is still wrong: 17 of the 21 Palestinians who died were members of Hamas (per Hamas own declaration), so 4 Palestinian civilians and 4 Israeli civilians were killed.

  3. Additionally, since we know that 2 of the Palestinian civilian victims (the pregnant woman and the toddler) were killed by an Islamic Jihad rocket, there is no way to know whether the 2 other Palestinian civilian victims were killed by Israel or by one of the 90 Islamic Jihad rockets which exploded within Gaza.