Guardian photo caption misleads in claim Israel attacked Gaza office for disabled

This is one of the ‘Photos of the Week published in the Guardian on May 11th:

Here’s the Guardian caption:

However, as blogger Elder of Ziyon wrote in his fisking of the photo, the Guardian’s claim is highly misleading. The “Confederation of Disabled People’s” organisation was not the target, but only a single office in the multi-story building.  The target appeared to be terrorists operating out of the building, and, in fact, all of the three people killed in that IDF attack were Fatah operatives.

Read Elder’s full post here:

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  1. In the words of Obama, “This is a learning moment”. Never share a building with terrorists who commit war crimes by hiding amongst the populous. I realize that disabled people are not playing with a full deck of cards. But maybe the UN can have a word?

  2. @Daniel, you are under a false assumption that the UN has any control in Gaza. You also really being terribly rude, regarding disabled folks, really? You also assume they knew or even had a choice. You would have to almost be an American to be that ignorant!