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Financial Times Mid-East editor retweets Palestinian propaganda

Longtime Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi took to Twitter on June 22 to express her rejection of Jared Kushner’s $50 billion plan to help the Palestinian economy as part of the US “Peace To Prosperity” Middle East peace plan.

That of course isn’t the least bit surprising.

However, what did pique our interest was the person who decided to retweet it:

Andrew England is the Mid-East editor at the Financial Times.

Though we considered the possibility that the retweet didn’t necessarily signify endorsement, but merely the belief that Ashrawi’s tweet was newsworthy, our review of England’s Twitter feed revealed that he’s not prone to this style of tweeting.

As we noted in our own tweet, if indeed England was in fact signifying his support of Ashrawi, it raises serious questions about his objectivity.  Financial Times is an influential international business and news publication based in London which, as they put it, is “recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy”.

It’s hard to see how we can trust the Financial Times “integrity” and “accuracy” when reporting on Israel and the Palestinians if their Mid-East editor openly sides with one side in the conflict. 

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  1. Your spin of a proposed plan to invest in a much more robust, prosperous economy that would benefit several million
    Palestinians directly and millions of others in the region indirectly as an “attempt to buy the Palestinians off” is what’s neurotic, not the questions in this post about the retweet.

  2. Just imagine, Hanan, if you and the other Palestinian leaders had accepted the peace deal agreed to by Israel as a result of the Oslo Accords. You would have had your Gaza. You would have had your resources, your funds, your waters. You would have had one of the most valuable ports in all the world, BUT YOU JUST HAD TO BLOW UP THE PIZZA JOINT. YOU JUST HAD TO BLOW UP THE DANCE CLUB. YOU JUST HAD TO BLOW UP THE HOTEL BALLROOM DURING A SEDER.

    Difficult decisions like those lead to you being a whiny, petulant, pathetic hag of shit.

    Maybe the next generation of Palestinian leadership will choose better.