No BBC reporting on arrest of Bahrain workshop participant

While BBC coverage of last week’s economic workshop in Bahrain (see ‘related articles’ below) made much of the Palestinian Authority’s boycott of the event, audiences were not informed that a number of Palestinian businessmen did attend the conference. Neither, of course, did audiences learn what happened once those participants returned home.

“Palestinian Authority security forces released Hebron businessman Saleh Abu Mayaleh late on Saturday night, after he had been detained upon his return from the economic conference in Bahrain.

According to Palestinian reports, the decision to release the businessman at 10:45 p.m. followed a threatening letter from the US Embassy. […]

Palestinian sources said that the businessman, identified as 49-year-old Saleh Abu Mayaleh from Hebron, was arrested by the PA General Intelligence Service headed by Gen. Majed Faraj.

Ashraf Jabari, another businessman from Hebron who attended the workshop as a representative of The Palestinian Business Network, told The Jerusalem Post that Abu Mayaleh was arrested near his home on Friday, a day after he and the other Palestinians who attended the workshop returned home. According to 45-year-old Jabari, a total of 15 Palestinian businessmen attended.

Jabari told the Post that PA security forces raided the homes of three other Palestinian businessmen in an attempt to arrest them as well.

“The Palestinian security forces did not find them,” Jabari said. “They searched their homes and confiscated security cameras and documents. They told the families of the businessmen that they are wanted for participating in the Bahrain workshop.” Sources in Hebron said that PA intelligence officers raided and searched the home of businessman Ashraf Ghanmen, but he fled his home shortly before officers arrived.”

Mr Ghanmen told of his experiences in an interview (Hebrew and Arabic) with an Israeli radio station and also (in English) with the Jerusalem Post.

“I’m afraid for my life,” Ghanem said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. “I can’t go back to my home.” […]

“I’m now staying in a safe place,” Ghanem said. “I didn’t flee to Israel. I can’t move around because the Palestinian security forces took all my documents. I don’t have any money because they also took my credit cards. They even confiscated the security cameras from my home and searched the homes of my brothers.” 

Ghanem said he had received threats from the PA security forces and Fatah officials in Hebron before he went to Bahrain. 
“They told me I would be killed if I went to the economic conference in Bahrain,” he added. “In spite of the threats, I decided to go because I didn’t do anything wrong. Palestinian law does not ban anyone from participating in a conference.” 

Obviously that story does not fit into the BBC’s framing of the Bahrain conference and neither does another one that was reported by MEMRI.

“A video posted online on June 26, 2019, features a statement made by a group of armed and masked Fatah members from the town of Yamoun, in the West Bank. The men warn against “interacting and cooperating with the leaders of the Zionist entity” especially in its “economic enterprises”. They continued to say that they will strike with “an iron fist the necks of anyone” who sells out the Palestinian rights and anyone who participates in the Bahrain workshop. Those who attend the workshop have “opened the gates of Hell on themselves.” The Fatah members evoke the memory of the Black September organization and pledge that “Fatah’s gun is certainly capable of roaming the capitals of the world once again, in order to hunt down every single traitor and collaborator, and those engaged in normalization [of relations with Israel].” The Fatah members warn the “treacherous scoundrels among the Arab rulers” from cooperation with Israel as well.”

While the BBC gave generous coverage to Palestinian Authority and PLO talking points throughout its coverage of the Bahrain conference – and not least their claim to aspire to a ‘two-state solution’ – it has to date completely ignored those threats of violence and the PA’s intimidation of Palestinian citizens.

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  1. Because that would not sit well with their (not so hidden) agenda :-). Isn’t it about time we agree that the Brits absolutely HATE us :-). Look what they achieved in the last 7 decades, nothing! A few music bands, that’s it. Israel, on the other hand, is world superpower of innovation and technology. Not to mention medicine, agriculture, and science in general.

    All that under the constant threat of war in a region that would love to wipe us out from the face of the earth.

    Do you know what was the only country where colonial Brits could not get what they wanted (looting art effect and draining the place from its heritage)? Yup, Israel. In Israel when Brits entered a restaurant they would not be served, they would not let them into many cinemas or stop the projection of a movie. Not like all their other colonies where they treated the locals in such disrespect, in Israel they were the ones who were treated as a colonial unwanted persona. They still absolutely hate us for that.

    Israel is the only none Anglosaxon country they could not destroy by their colonial conquer and divide mentality.

  2. The Sharmuta AKA “Mike Farmer” forgot that…

    London’s 7/7 2005 Underground and bus bomb attack AND

    ISIS, Al Qada, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Boko Haram, London’s 7/7 attack, beheading of Lee Rigby, murder of Yvonne Fletcher, Rotherham rape gangs, Manchester arena bombing, Sharia No-Go Zones,

    brought “The Religion of Peace” into disrepute.

    Did you know that for several years the most popular name for a new born baby boy is London is…. (including various spellings) Muhammed. What could go wrong????

  3. And as an Israeli citizen, he will enjoy the full benefits of society. Outstanding example: Muhammed Zoabi, a wonderful person in contrast to obsessively anti-Semitic Brits.

  4. I am also very happy that I have experienced the interaction of Jews, Arabs, and people of African descent in Israel. It’s non-racism is too much for your limited “mind” to comprehend.