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Sky News Arabia falsely labels murdered Israeli teen ‘a settler’

The murder of Rina Shnerb in a Palestinian terror attack as she was hiking with her family received only limited coverage in Arabic-speaking media outlets in the west, not unlike the case of the Guardian that was already discussed at this blog.

For example, Sky News Arabia – a venture between UK-based Sky News and UAE-based Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corp – did not address the attack directly at all. However, after three days, in a report entitled “Israel avenges the ‘Dolev attack’ with 300 houses in the settlements”, it chose to describe the innocent victim of the attack as “a settler”, without even including her name. Schnerb, it should be noted, was not a settler at all, as she lived in the city of Lod – inside Israel’s internationally recognized boundaries.

Research and writing by CAMERA Arabic.  Edited by UK Media Watch.

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  1. To the Islamofascist Empire – all Jews are ‘settlers’. The true settlers are the Islamofascist invaders from Arabia

  2. I’m not Jewish, I’m American, but I STAND WITH ISRAEL! Jewish people have had it bad for a lot of years, and IT’S TIME FOR IT TO STOP!!!
    The islamofascist empire needs to be blown to hell, ANNIHILATED!
    The muslim need to be ordered OUT of OUR COUNTRY, the people with sense don’t want you in America