UKMW prompts Indy correction to article on election cameras bill

At 2:50 pm Israeli time, the Independent published an article with the following headline:

Here was the opening sentence:

Israel’s cabinet has approved a controversial bill to allow cameras at polling stations during national elections, a move critics have suggested is aimed at lowering Arab turnout.

However, as we pointed out in a tweet to the journalist, and in a complaint to editors, that story was not accurate.  More than an hour before the Indy published this piece, the Israeli media was reporting that the bill had been defeated in committee. In fact, Israeli journalists were tweeting about this fact two hours before the Indy piece went live.


Shortly after our complaint, the Indy updated the article to accurately reflect he status of the legislation:

Here’s the new opening sentence:

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed in a bid to allow cameras at polling stations during national elections, a move critics suggested was aimed at lowering Arab turnout. 

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  1. How can they claim it is “racist”? The cameras were not only for the minority sector!
    Typical of UK papers to accuse Jews of racists without mentioning that most Arab countries from Saudi Arabia, etc will not permit Jews even into their countries! Once again the “even handed” UK press exhibits hypocrisy – perhaps its time to remind them in the UK and Europe there are no go areas where the police and officials dont go because of the racist attitude of the areas inhabitants

  2. It’s still propaganda. The casual observer reading this might conclude that the purpose of the cameras is to record how people vote and that is false.

    The Independent article also includes this unnecessary and gratuitous remark:

    “Mr Netanyahu is currently facing three charges of corruption for allegedly accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen and using his position to negotiate better media coverage. He denies any wrongdoing.”

    What is the relevance?

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