Indy corrects false claim that Gazans get only 3 hours of electricity a day

On Nov. 4th, we posted about an article in the Independent, written by their deputy international editor, Gemma Fox, which included the following claim:

“[The} enclave’s two million residents [are] forced to try to survive on roughly 3 hours of electricity since Israel imposed a blockade in 2016 [sic]”.

We complained to editors, citing a detailed report and graph by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) demonstrating that Gazans now receive around 12 hours of electricity a day. (Further, most hospitals received 22 hours of electricity per day).

After a series of emails with editors, they finally upheld our complaint, and revised the sentence, which now only narrowly claims that Gaza “residents [are] forced to try to survive on reduced hours of electricity.

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  1. Strange how the Independent always deliberately distorts such information. Perhaps instead of firing back at those who launched rockets from Gaza Israel would cut off all utilities to Gaza until it ceased would have a bigger impact. Of course Netanyahu would not do such a thing due to fear of the likes of the Independent, Guardian etc would castigate this as inhuman, but firing of 400 rockets in two days at Israeli civilian targets is totally acceptable. You need to remind this media scum that in 1956 Israel launched the Sinai Campaign because 256 Jews had been murdered by terrorists from Gaza (unter control of Egypt) who infiltrated the country from Gaza.

  2. Isn’t if interesting that when they think that have Israel to rights, they get specific on numbers and when they have to admit their error, it becomes considerably vaguer?

  3. Why don’t they try and find someplace where people do actually have to “survive” with 3 hours of electricity a day, and cry about that?
    Answer: Because that is not their true concern over at the Independent.