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New video again shows that Corbyn’s hatred of Israel has no bounds

Jeremy Corbyn’s record of defending, embracing and expressing support for extreme anti-Semites is extremely well-documented, and goes back decades.  Whilst it would be hard to determine which example mostly aptly demonstrates his visceral contempt for Israel and hostility towards Jews qua Jews, a new video surfaced from 2013 which certainly would belong on any short list.

Before commenting on Corbyn’s words, we should point the insidious lie by the preceding speaker in claiming (in response to a question) that no Arab country carried out an expulsion of Jews, which Corbyn of course fails to challenge.

The fact is that there is no historical debate over the fact that, from the 1940s through the 1960s, over 800,000 Jews (almost the entire population) were ethnically  cleansed from Arab lands.  Though policies in individual Arab countries varied, the ethnic cleansing largely consisted of (Nuremberg style) antisemitic laws limiting Jews’ social and economic rights, and often stripping Jews of their citizenship, Jewish assets being confiscated, mass arrests and (often state sanctioned) pogroms erupting in Arab capitals.

By contrast, the claim that Palestinians were “ethnically cleansed” is both a historical and moral inversion. Historical accounts demonstrate that, though hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced by the 1948 war, there was no plan by the Israeli leadership to ethnically cleans these inhabitants.  Moreover, such a false narrative also hides a more important truth: that three short years after one out of every three Jews on the planet were systematically murdered, Arab states launched another attempted genocide, not a war to adjust the borders, but a war of annihilation against the nascent Jewish state.

Corbyn’s reply itself is dripping with contempt for the very idea of Zionism, and the moral imperative for a historically oppressed, displaced, and ethnically cleansed people representing 2/10 of 1% of the global population, to have one safe-haven in the world.  It also shows once again that he’s not merely opposed to Israeli policies regarding the disputed territories, but is hostile to existence of a Jewish state within any borders.

As he has demonsrated previously, Corbyn clearly believes that ‘Israel is a racist endeavor’, which means that, by implication, he must believe that British Jews (93% of whom see Israel as part of their identity) are intrinsically racist.

Videos such as these help explain why 87% of British Jews believe the leader of the Labour Party is personally antisemitic, and why many of them would view his arrival at 10 Downing Street as nothing less than an existential threat to their community.

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  1. I am not sure why everyone is so shocked and overly busy with England and British hatred towards us. Churchill lost an election because he was regarded as Jews friend. Their hatred goes back to the crusaders and is only getting stronger over the centuries.

    They HATE us, period.

    And the better Israel does, the more we show higher moral grounds and the more successful Israel becomes, the more they will hate us. It used to bother me but that’s the way the world is and has been for millennia.

    • Because it’s becoming more overt. Because a mainstream party is now openly displaying it. You can hazard a guess as to the reason.

    • Don’t the British, and French, hate EVERYBODY?

      Especially people who don’t submit to British sense of entitlement – like America, Israel. I read that even leading up to WW2 there were Americans who didn’t like the British – residual anger from the Revolutionary and !812 war.

  2. So a refugee from Libya who has no connection to Israel crosses the whole of Egypt, a Muslim Arab speaking country and is unable or unwilling to obtain refuge there, somehow gets into Israel has his secondary refugee status rejected and… ? But Egypt gets off the hook? And whereas he may have had a “good case” Corbyn rejects outright that his case might not have been good enough. He’s applying a standard to Israel that he doesn’t apply to another country, in this case Egypt. That’s one example of antisemitism.

    He then asserts (falsely) that Jews have no connection to Israel. That’s definitely antisemitic and strike number two.

    Strike number 3 – this is whataboutery. In response to a question about Jewish refugees from Arab countries he completely ignores the question and makes a decision to attack Israel.

    I agree with the Margaret Hodge definition of Jeremy Corbyn, and as such not only is he unfit for #10, he’s unfit to lead Labour or hold public office.

  3. Corbyn sounds like a Nazi, which makes sense since his brain was pickled in Soviet anti-Zionist/antisemitic propaganda which used sources such as the Protocols and even Main Kampf for its defamations. He is obviously comfortable in his ignorance and bigotry and sees it as a real plus for “saving the world.” It seems that these types just happen by every so often to subvert and reek havoc on reasonably well-functioning societies peddling pipe dreams of utopias to suck in the rubes. It’s just snake oil.

    The questioner has obviously had his brain pickled in anti-Israel/anti-Jewish propaganda, because he so perfectly inverted historical events.
    These men are not modern or “advanced” in any way. Just the same old same old parading around right now rather than before.

    The hypocrisy belongs not to Israel, but to the Jew haters, as usual, Mr. Corbyn. The bigotry coming from this horses’ butt hole is so out in the open and outlandish that I can’t believe that anyone but the glassy-eyed would vote for him. But we’ve seen this before with Herr Hitler, Stalin and the other totalitarians and creepy crawly Jew haters.

    To see Mr. Corbyn sitting there so arrogantly fixed in his belief that he represents enlightened and liberal thought is really too much to bear.

  4. Oh, but all those presumed millions of “Palestinian refugees” (artifically created by UNWRA) have a “Right of Return” to place that THEY have never seen or ever been to–even though the vast majority are not even distant relations to any “trans-Jordanian who actually rsided in the region in 1948? Right, Jeremy.

    • Allyn, the antisemitic UN created these fake ‘refugees’ who have special fake ‘entitlements’ not given to anyone else.

  5. .. your article is in Strong Position regardless of Global msm denials of Veracity.
    i am sharing the ‘fake’ intelligence propaganda you are Targeting brightly.
    in the US .. Deep State issues rising from Impeachment hearings is To Potent a linkage in Globalist Commie Strategy to ignore truth in your article.

    fundraising operations.

    • its just fortunate that we have access to history records. And.. we have access to Expert field tested Opinion.
      from..Al J. Venter… War Dog ..a book (nonfiction) written by a former South African investigative journalist. His record of British invlvmnt in African Civil War/ Terror Campaigns clearly describes british ‘labor’ party historic dogma as Weak..Cowardly..anti Freedom..anti Lawful Living.. See. War Dog.. wtf? Labor..they are Godless globalists.