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Private Eye: blind in Palestine

Here’s an article published in the Jan. 9th print edition of the British magazine Private Eye:

The reference to the execution of Jesus Christ by Roman “occupiers” has a clear editorial objective: to evoke a moral and historical comparison between the persecution of Christ and the persecution of Palestinians.  Though not going as far as some anti-Israel activists do in explicitly framing Christ, a Jew from Judea, as ‘Palestinian’, readers would likely come away with the idea that, just as Christ, 2000 years ago in ‘Palestine’, was oppressed and killed for advocating on behalf of “human rights”, Israelis today are committing similar crimes against (putatively ‘human rights seeking’) Palestinians in the Hamas ruled enclave.

To Private Eye, the Jewish state, unique among the family of nations, is failing to uphold basic norms of human rights and dignity that it “took 2000 years” to achieve.

The logic is warped in so many ways, the least of which its absence of any mention of the human rights abuses of Hamas, a proscribed terror group whose leaders openly call for the mass murder of Jews, fire rockets at civilian populations, persecute and murder gays, and arrest and torture political opponents. 

Moreover, note how the writer evokes Christ, Christianity and Christmas, yet ignores the Islamist regime’s oppression of Christians in the Strip, the numbers of whom have decreased dramatically since they took control of the territory.  Their suggestion, in the last line of the article, that families of Palestinian Muslims killed during border riots, many of whom were supporters of Islamist extremist terror groups such as Hamas, want anything “for Christmas” may cynically serve its rhetorical ends, but is dishonest to the point of journalistic malice.

It’s of course also telling that the writer professes anger for those who violate the dignity of the dead, yet doesn’t mention the that Hamas refuses to return the bodies of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, Israeli soldiers who were killed in Gaza in 2014 – in clear breach of international law. Let’s also recall that, in 2012, Gaza gunmen were filmed on motorcycles dragged the body of a Palestinian man who was killed as a suspected collaborator with Israel.

Dignity for the dead, or respect for their surviving family members, clearly isn’t a priority for Hamas, and certainly is not an issue likely to be debated by their ‘courts’.

Elsewhere in the article, Private Eye seems skeptical that Rami Awartani was actually a terrorist, writing that he was shot and killed after the IDF “claims” he drew a knife.

However, Hamas in Nablus issued a death notice (below) after he was killed, describing him as a “heroic shaheed son“, thus admitting he was a member.  The death notice, per a translation by CAMERA’s Arabic researchers, goes on to say: “Rami al-‘Awartani, who became a martyr…as the Occupation opened fire towards him after his attempt to commit a stabbing attack near the Hawar checkpoint south of Nablus”.

In short, if we were to conceive of the Private Eye article as a person, we’d be justified in saying that he doesn’t have a honest bone in his body.

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  1. All they want for Xmas is a funeral for their son? How has the Private Eye determined that Abu Jazar is Xtian?

  2. The UK media seem to live in an alternative universe where the Palestinians are concerned. To them, the blatant terrorism and the lack of moral norms of the Palestinians do not exist. These people who pay terrorists or their families and heirs a stipend in perpetuity are in the eyes of the media, pathetic refugees, deprived of their homeland and innocent of all evil.

    The heavy barrages of rockets aimed at civilian areas, centring around schools, do not get a mention, neither do the balloons and kites adorned with explosive devices that burn down crops and forestland. That they deprive women of rights and drive out Christians from their territories are similarly not talked of

    So why should the public doubt that Israel is uniquely guilty of the crimes that Dr Grim ascribes to her?

  3. In the following edition of Private Eye (#1513, p.20) ‘Dr Grim’ actually moans about the angry letters he has received over this.

    Yeah, all those whining Jews and Zionists, fed up of lies and distortions like his.

  4. To the families the return of bodies may be a significant issue. Far more important to my mind is the murder of hundreds of demonstrators and others by IDF sharpshooters, including clearly marked medics and journalists, as well as children.
    Gaza is occupied. Its people have a right to resist, forcibly or otherwise. Comparison with the brutalities of historical occupying armies is entirely justified.

    • Yeah using the human shields is murder, on the part of Palestinians. Has it occurred to you why there would be children there? Yes and Gaza is occupied by terrorists. The people in the neighboring communities have a right to resist including its army to protect them. Comparison with the brutalities of occupying armies is not justified. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are worse.

    • When it comes to Israel and the People of Israel, it seems anyone is better in the eyes of the Brits. You can be a creature of the lowest form of life and you are still better than Jews.

      They do not live in an alternate reality, it is done with full knowledge of what reality is. Their hatred towards us is what motivates them. It what motivated Christians for centuries to invent stories and lies to justify the countless murders and rapes and looting of Jews and Jewish properties.

      The hatred is genetic and imprinted in their DNA, nothing will ever erase it.

      We in Israel need to focus on our own future and our continued strength and the hell with all the haters.

    • Sencar, you’re as delusional as Trump. And you’re a perpetual victim like him, too. You both know so many things that others are afraid or to dumb to know. You two are amazeballs.

      Sencar, I hate to tell you, but you’re rank and file GOP, Buddy. That’s practically a Nazi these days.

      Mazel tov.

    • sencar,
      The only significant issue in any of your posts is how you can be the thick and sick antisemite you are. I guess it’s a question for historians, anthropologists and psychiatrists.
      IDF sharpshooters are not emplaced in order to shoot “clearly marked medics and journalists, as well as children.” Only morons and bigots, often the same people, believe such things. The militaries of western powers, the most advanced, know that the IDF has the most restrictive rules on firing its weapons, i.e., its methods are of the most benign in terms of humanitarian law.
      But there is another narrative – the one put out by Hamas, a virulently, genocidally antisemitic group who put their civilian population at risk, a war crime, who treat the lives of their civilians and children as cheap and a totalitarian opportunity for sympathetic press from simpletons and actual Jew haters. That’s the side you believe.

      Your final sentence sums up quite nicely your willful ignorance of history, the present day situation, and your completely unjustified animus toward Israelis and Jews.

    • It’s always good to get a wide range of opinions, and Sencar provides the absolute lowest level analysis and sub-0 IQ factual deserts. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. “In Roman-occupied Palestine in around 33 AD…”
    There was no Palestine in 33 AD, and the young man mentioned would not even have been familiar with the term.

    My work here is done.