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Private Eye imagines pre-67 Palestinian sovereignty

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An article in the latest issue of Private Eye critical of the Palestinian Authority also manages to take a brief, and entirely dishonest, swipe at Israel.

The writer’s claim that the new US peace plan grants Palestinians “half the land” they had “before the 1967 occupation” is a lie, due to the simple fact that, prior to the 1967 war, Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt controlled Gaza. (Before that, of course, the land was controlled by the British – and before that, the Ottomans.)

Much like the maps recently being paraded by Palestinian leaders purporting to show how much of “Palestine” their leaders have been willing to compromise, Private Eye has peddled a historical fiction, obfuscating the simple fact that there has never been – at any time in history – a sovereign Palestinian state.

Indeed, PA self-rule in areas A (military and administrative) and B (administrative) in the West Bank granted by Israel since the 90s, has been the only time Palestinians have ever enjoyed real political autonomy.  Further, the US plan would actually greatly increase the amount of land they control, not decrease it.

We’ve complained to editors about this gross distortion.

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  1. You are being very picky – prior to 1967, Palestinians could live and work and buy property anywhere on the West Bank and Gaza and in East Jerusalem – they may not have had political rights but they had more human rights than they have now, or will have under the Trump scheme. The article just talks about ‘the land we had’ without making any statement about what rights they had in that land, so I am sure Lord Gnome at the Eye will have a good laugh and throw your complaint into the bin.

    • Could the pre-1967 Palestinians of Gaza become citizens of Egypt? Were the pre-1967 Palestinians of the misnomered West Bank (historical lands of Judea and Samaria, purged of most of its indigenous Jews in the early 20th century) citizens of Jordan? Whose fault was that?

      Can Palestinians of Gaza today vote as a Palestinian and buy land after every single Israeli was vacated of the region in the early 2000s? Can Palestinian vote as a Palestinian today and buy land in the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, making up the vast majority of the West Bank?

      What these Palestinians don’t have and never had are a slew of basic human rights that has nothing to do with Israel and never had.

      So, no, Palestine was never a sovereign country, and everything in this article is obviously correct.

    • Maybe pick your nose with this: The Palestinians didn’t self-define as such until after 1967. Furthermore, these same Palestinians started and lost a war of annihilation in 1948. Never mind how their goals were to kill all the Jews in the area and then take all their property. Never mind that this attempt to do so was repeated in the ’50s, as well. And never mind how the ’67 borders gives Israel natural boundaries.

      Never mind any of that because the bottom line is, Michaels on this board are genuinely dumbfuck Nazis looking for fight with the Jews.

      The jokes write themselves when it’s all about you, Nazi Mike.

    • Palestinians could live and work in Israel until the First Intifada. There were no crossings inspections. Buses went straight through borders without stopping. Somehow Israel objects to its citizens being killed. They’re funny that way, regarding self defense as a human right

  2. With Private Eye you never know. I receive the publication regularly and perhaps its saving grace is that it is anti everybody. This particular column purports to come from a Palestinian ‘correspondent’ and expresses itself as if it were the thoughts of that correspondent. It does not purport to be the view of the publishers. Apart from the sideswipes at Israel the main thrust of the column is to focus on the utter corruption of the Palestinian leadership. The ‘correspondent’ is stating that effectively with the leadership they have they can never aspire to becoming an independent state. What the writer of this piece is saying is that whatever the situation was pre 1967 it is far worse now because the Palestinians themselves have leaders who have no interest in much except looking after themselves.