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Financial Times profile of MK Tibi omits his support for terror

A March 19th Financial Times article focusing on MK Ahmed Tibi of the largely Arab Joint List party (“Tibi vs Bibi: the Arab politician planning to topple Netanyahu”), by Jerusalem correspondent Mehul Srivastava, includes the following:

For nearly two decades the Arab politician Ahmad Tibi has been the bogeyman of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s race-baiting political campaigns. As chairman of the Joint List Faction of Arab Parties, Mr Tibi was presented by Mr Netanyahu as a danger to Israel’s Jews: a symbolic threat used by the four-time premier to get rightwing Israelis to keep voting him in.

“All these posters on the street, they were a horrible incitement against me, and an attempt to delegitimise Arab voters,” Mr Tibi told the Financial Times, describing Mr Netanyahu’s various election campaigns since the 1990s. “He was saying look, ‘this is Ahmad, the Arab, who will take over the government unless you, a rightwinger, vote for me.’”


The Joint List’s support for Mr Gantz has enraged Mr Netanyahu, who regularly describes Israel’s Arab politicians, that represent some 20 per cent of the population, as supporters of terrorism.

There wasn’t one critical word about Tibi, or any other Joint List MK, in the article.

Let’s be clear: Though the prime minister has at times engaged in race baiting in reference to Arabs, it is also undeniably true that, as we’ve posted about previously, many Joint List MPs, such as Ahmed Tibi, are extremists who have explicitly supported terrorism.

Tibi, previously an adviser to Yassar Arafat, has claimed that there were never two Jewish Temples in Jerusalem, and has praised terror attacks on Israelis.  The best example is in 2011, when he gave a speech in Ramallah to celebrate International Day of Martyrs praising Palestinian ‘martyrs’ who commit deadly acts of terror – even inside the green line (Israel’s pre-67 boundaries).

The reasons why even centrist Israeli parties are hesitant to sit in a government with Tibi’s Joint List isn’t because they’re hostile to Arabs. It’s because they’re naturally hostile to any politician who supports attacks against their own citizens – parliamentarians who, while being sworn in as MKs, pledged that they would be “faithful to the State of Israel”.

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    • No one person, and no nation, sect, religion, philosophy, ethical teaching, text ( including perhaps especially allegedly “sacred” texts), agnostic theory, or those advocating any other imaginable viewpoint whatsoever, in any possible just and fair universe, should be expected to “tolerate terrorism,” and those individual persons or sects, groups, religions — you name it — explicitly singled out, that is, explicitly targeted and demonized by the terrorists or their close allies, arguably have a kind of duty to both denounce the terrorists and warn others about them, to the best of their ability.
      Which is exactly what this blog does, correct?
      “We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.” — Karl Popper

  1. reading is a Remarkable Wakening for myself.
    USA msm and even Right Side/MAGA media nearly Fail Completely to provide intell re Brit/EU/ Palestinian Terrorists direct Connection.
    May God Further your Works. 🙏

  2. Tibi is a disgrace to the medical profession. He was fired from the Hadassah Hospital for assaulting a security guard just trying to do the job, leaving his victim requiring 4 stitches to close the wound.

    • Useful information to know Tibi is a medical professional, thanks. It makes his views and actions, as described above, all the more pathetic and concerning.

  3. Lets start off with the known facts
    1. The FT has never been pro Israel and I have been a reader for over four decades. It always has had a pro Arab slant
    2. The so called reporter Mehul Srivastava is reporting from Jaffa – exactly where were all the comments obtained during a lock down. He came to Israel , via Istanbul, London, Delhi, Sacramento, Dayton and Calcutta. Enthusiast hoarder of frequent flier miles. Was previous FT man in Turkey – if he would have said the same type of thing there he would have been imprisoned.
    3. Why state the views ” Aida Touma-Suleiman, a parliamentarian since 2015 with Hadash, the communist faction of the Joint List” who is a nobody in Israel – we dont need the views of the Communists
    4.Nowhere in the report does it state that Tibi was an advised to Arafat when Jews were being killed and maimed by Arafat’s PLO- as such advising the arch terrorist – is this not a salient fact and treasonable offence in the West?
    5.There were a total of 4.553 million votes cast. The right wing of Likud, Yamina, Shas and Agudut had a total of 2.218 million votes. Blue and white had 1.22 million and the Joint “Arab” Party had 0.58 million. Taking away the “Arab” vote from the overall gives the right 56.4% of the Jewish vote. Of the overall total vote the right had 49.2%. As such the President of Israel made the wrong decision in giving the Mandate to Gantz – this was not mentioned why not?.
    As such it is clear the reporter exhibited his bias – seeking our for a newspaper of repute irrelevant material and not reporting the real truth about Tibi.
    The so called demands ” reducing crime in Arab neighbourhoods; the construction of a hospital and a university in northern Israel, which has a heavy Arab population; and the cancellation of a law that criminalises illegal construction and is widely seen as discriminatory for Arab citizens, who have historically faced difficulties getting building permits” are without foundation, Dont the Arabs know how to behave – what percentage are the occupants of the jails, there are hospital and universities in Northern Israel – or do the Arabs want their own( if so they can go to the surrounding countries who have such institutions). Is not illegal construction a criminal or civil act in Western countries – one would thing so. As for building permits they are no worse of than the average Israeli.

    • Jaffa being the last hold out of Israel’s hard left. There they live amongst an Arab population after being gentryfied out of TLV. In Jaffa they can still meet in some cafes and wallow in their antizionism . Most foreign journalists live in Jaffa. It is also close to the Haaretz HQ.

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