Guardian misleads on bill in response to Arab MKs meeting with terrorists’ families

A Guardian report by Peter Beaumont about new Israeli legislation to allow for the ouster of MKs accused of racial incitement, or supporting terror, included the following background information:

Pressure to pass the law had been mounting following anger when three MPs – Jamal Zahalka, Haneen Zoabi and Basel Ghattas – met the families of several Palestinians killed during a recent surge in street attacks on Israelis. The MPs said they were attending a meeting about the repatriation of the Palestinians’ bodies to their families.

This vague language obscures the fact that the Arab MKs in question (Basel Ghattas, Jamal Zahalka and Hanin Zuabi) met relatives of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces after carrying out deadly (i.e., “successful”) attacks.

Body of victim removed from scene of terror attack on bus in Jerusalem

Body of victim removed from scene of terror attack on bus in Jerusalem (Copyright: GPO/Kobi Gideon)

Specifically, they met last February with the father of Bahaa Alyan, one of the terrorists who carried out the Oct. 13 attack on an Egged bus in the East Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem.  The shooting and stabbing of passengers resulted in the death of Haviv Haim, Alon Govberg and Richard Lakin.

Additionally, the MK’s didn’t merely “meet” with the families of Palestinian terrorists. As Palestinian Media Watch reported, they ‘honored’ the terrorists themselves with a moment of silence, and referred to them as martyrs.

Back in February, when the MK’s visit with families of terrorists was first revealed, we noted that the Guardian similarly misled on the nature of the terrorists’ crimes and the degree of sympathy for the terrorists shown by Arab MKs.

Indeed, details regarding the viciousness of the Jerusalem attack (which created pressure to pass the legislation) is crucial to understanding the issue.  

Whatever the actual merits of the bill (which Beaumont acknowledges is largely symbolic), it’s important for journalists to convey to their readers the very real anger over the fact that elected representatives chose to honor men who walked onto a bus with the sole objective of murdering as many Jews as possible. 

Demanding that legislators avoid expressing support for such terrorists who possess such contempt for human life doesn’t seem like an unreasonable expectation.

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  1. Let’s suppose for a moment that three Labour MPs from Northern constituencies with a significant Muslim population – let’s say Rotherham, Blackburn, etc, just as examples – went to visit the parents of Michael Adebolajo, who stabbed Lee Rigby. Let’s further suppose that they called Michael a martyr, as many in the community actually viewed him at the time, according to contemporary press reports.

    What do you suppose the reaction of the Government would have been? Would there have been demands for the MPs’ constituency parties to de-select them, or fire them as their representatives? What, if it had even reported it, would the Guardian have said ? How would they have reported it?

    Just wondering about a little bit of “walk in my shoes” here…

      • so if everyone is so concerned about “double standards”, why aren’t the houses of Jewish terrorists who kill Palestinians demolished ?

        • Maybe that’ll happen when Palestinian terrorists are sentenced to “Life +20 yrs” rather than have statues built in their honor.

          Of course, I can’t think of anything better to do with my financial aid money than to spend it on a bust of a man who murdered 15 people with a booby trap refrigerator 40 years ago.

          Ain’t nothing like Palestinian Culture.

        • External so you accept the principle of house demolition being a suitable punishment for those that carry out acts of terrorism your only problem is that you claim that the policy is carried out using “double standards”?

          • The government says that house demolitions are a “deterrence”, not a “punishment”. Don’t you think that Jewish terrorism should be deterred (the government has officially declared it to be “terrorism”) ?

              • I answered the question: official Israeli govt policy is that house demolition is a DETERRENT, not a punishment. I accept that. Now answer my question: will the save method deter Jewish terrorists and why isn’t it being applied to Jews that the govt has officially declared to be terrorists?

                • External No clearly you did not.
                  You attempted to substitute the question with a different one and avoid answering it for yourself. Rest assured if I wanted to get clarification about Israeli Government policy I would ask them.

                  My question was to you, that is why it starts off with the name you post under, “External so you accept the principle of house demolition being a suitable punishment for those that carry out acts of terrorism your only problem is that you claim that the policy is carried out using “double standards”?”

                  Let us try one more time, in the hope that this time you might answer the question asked and not attempt to replace it with a different question.
                  External do YOU, (not Uncle Tom Cobleigh or what you imagine to be the policy of the Government of Israel), accept that house demolitions are a suitable punishment for those that carry out acts of terrorism?

            • This may be difficult for a bona fide dipshit to understand, but you really don’t have a point so much as you have a hole that you continue to dig.

              • I think you are being very obtuse here in your argument. “External” said; “I accept that” in referring to demolition. What did you think he was accepting, if not house demolitions??.

                • Les perhaps if you had bothered to read the whole of External’s ‘answer’ you would not need to ask your question or make suggestions of people ‘being very obtuse’.
                  External wrote, ” official Israeli govt policy is that house demolition is a DETERRENT, not a punishment. I accept that.”

                  Perhaps in future you might like to quote ALL the relevant section of the ‘answer’ and not just a few words taken out of context.
                  Now what was that again about people ‘being very obtuse’?

                  My question to External still stands and still awaits an answer, which so far he has failed completely to do.

            • Excellent question!. May I suggest and answer?
              Every Palestinian who kills and Israeli, gets a stipend from the Palestinian Authority from $364 a month for three years imprisonment to over $3,000 a month for 30 years or more. Iran setup a fund that will pay $7,000 to a family of a terrorist killed, or $30,000 if their home is destroyed.
              Israel’s demolition of their homes, an action first instituted by the British Mandate, is merely a proven financial disincentive to carry out terrorist activities. The Arab families, whose homes are demolished, also have a previously history of terrorist activity and have usually lost brothers, uncles and fathers in terrorist actions against Israel.
              Jewish homes are not destroyed because Jewish society, unlike the Arab, does not encourage or celebrate people who commit acts of terrorism. It actively discourages it. Jewish terrorists, and there have been a few going back to the Mandate period has many Israelis and Jews, just ask the readers of the Guardian, who strongly disagree with such activity. Me being one of them.

        • You need to work on your trolling, hextornball. Sencar and Miranda Basner were stupid but made much better arguments than this and sparked lots of solid material to counter with. Up your game, son, I come here to learn not laugh.

    • What, if it had even reported it, would the Guardian have said ?

      Probably, ‘the right of elected representatives to freedom of expression is sacrosanct’. Of course, if a ‘white’ MP had uttered racist bigotry about Muslims, Islam or Sharia, all hell would have broken loose in The Guardian building. Sick bowls would be in high demand and the toilets would have to be locked.

  2. We are so anti-democracy to pass such a bill! Oh wait in the UK it merely takes a majority of the House to do the exact same thing, whereas we need a super majority.

    The pot is calling yet again

  3. The Guardian NEVER lies- it just spins an alternate reality only concussed fools and leftists can believe

  4. So it turns out that the people who run this site are capable of moderating the comments, but apparently only after they are personally attacked. Meanwhile, years of offensive and idiotic comments have driven away every reader who tries to engage in an intelligent discussion. I can’t see how that enhances the popularity of the site, but what do I know? I don’t make a living pointing out how everyone else is stupid. As to the comments, I think that I can paraphrase Ms Obama: “When they go low, we go even lower”.

    • @External, I agree. I had sent a similar response but it was attached to the thread that seems to have been deleted. As I said, when certain names start to appear in the comments list, I just know the conversation is about to go straight into the toilet, which is very sad. Like you, I can’t understand what the comments that some people leave can add to the debate, and they probably don’t enhance the credibility of what Adam and the gang are doing here. Maybe there is something to be said for pre-moderation…

      • Obviously those running this site don’t want a debate, just people telling them how wonderful they are. They said soewhere several years ago that they don’t have the “resources” to police the site. That’s a pathetic excuse considering that so few people now post here, and, as we saw yesterday, they instantly find the resources when they are attacked personally. This site has become a mirror of the odious Richard Silverstein site, “Tikkun Olam”. A few years ago I posted some comments pointing out errors and bias in his articles and I was immediately attacked not only by Mr Silverstein, but also his baying pack of sycophants who use language similar to what we see here. So again to paraphrase Ms Obama: “When they go low, we go even lower” seems to be the policy here.

        • What’s the debate? Islam is the Religion of Peace? Socialism is the answer?

          First World patriotism is BAD – but Third World Patriotism is GOOD?

          Make demands on the First World but the Third World is above criticism?

        • I see that you hit on a method to avoid answering Gerald’s question. Complain about the site.

          Your complaint about the way people behave at this site is justified, but your fantasy that you can at the same time say that it allows too much freedom and that it behaves like Silverstein’s cutting critics off at the knees, can’t be reconciled in this universe.

          Get back to the debate. Answer the question now that we see that the site does respond.

          • I answered the question TWICE. The question was whether I accept in principle the use of house demolitions as a PUNISHMENT. But as I pointed out, the Israel government uses these demolitions as a
            DETERRENT, not a punishment. That’s a big difference so the question is irrelevant. He is obviously too dense to understand this point and resorts to vile personal attacks instead of simply rephrasing his question. But all this avoids the real question: why isn’t the law applied equally to all?

            • External clearly you have NOT answered the question that was addressed, and put, to you.
              I have already pointed out to you that if I want to query the policy of the Government of Israel, I will ask them directly and not through you.

              Whether I am dense or not is a matter of opinion, but it does not change the fact that you have on several occasions refused, or been unable, to answer a question that was put to you.
              Try not to keep on repeating ad nauseam that the Government of Israel, so you claim, regards it as a deterrent.

              Where on this thread have I resorted to ‘vile personal attacks’ on you?

              There is no need for me to rephrase my question it is clear enough, you are the on who has a problem in answering it.
              Now try answering the question that was clearly put to you and stop trying to deflect by bringing in erroneous matters such as the policy of the Government of Israel, or making silly attacks on the people who run this website, or FALSE accusations that I have resorted to ‘vile personal attacks’ against you on this thread. The last two actions of yours are both so obviously false and infantile that you are making yourself look very silly.

              • No, you DUCKED the question twice, and in effect you are even admitting it (but I suspect you are far too thick to realise that).

        • Dear sad fellow,
          First off, this isn’t a debate forum and the people who agree with this site’s general mission of detailing the unbelievably shitty coverage of Israel by the British press (I’m one of them) are not going to spend endless amounts of time chasing down the Hard Left line that people like you push. I don’t like being insulting towards anyone but rude jerks earn their condescension, and since the rate of accuracy from the CiF writers and researchers is incredibly high, it leaves little room to see the troll’s mission as anything but obstructionism and empty criticism.
          Second, the “just people telling them how wonderful they are” line was frankly pathetic. I don’t need to be told I’m great to comment on and support (FACTUALLY) the articles here, I’m doing this because it’s interesting and I like it. Also, a lot of people do post here (check the different names) so that’s another invention of yours that’s genuinely laughable.
          I don’t think anyone should scream obscenities at you and you shouldn’t be banned. But you’re here in bad faith and you’re not going to get a good response, and beyond the weasel-word definition of “resources” I don’t see any reason that this site needs to spend any of them making you feel comfortable. This is a great website, and that has, and will have, nothing to do with your offerings.

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